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The Five Minute Writer: Exercise and Inspiration in Creative Writing in Five Minutes a Day

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This book will inspire you to write, even if you have only a few minutes to spare. It may also change the way you think about writing. Drawing on a mix of disciplines, including psychology, art, linguistics, and advertising, each chapter offers you a writing-related discussion, followed by a five-minute exercise. Whether you are a beginner writer, an experienced writer looking for new ideas, or you simply want to use writing to gain self-awareness, the book will help you to: * Access your inner self, the personal memories that reflect universal patterns of the total human narrative. * Gain fresh insight into the nature of stories and storytelling. * Recognise your own life as an inexhaustible source of story ideas. * Stimulate creative thought, including right-brain techniques for 'stepping outside the box'. * Escape writing blocks. * Establish an enjoyable writing routine. Just pick a page and begin your writer's journey.
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Yi Yongyi
The good book is good for everyone. Thanks a lot.
17 May 2020 (06:33) 
Nabateesa Hafiswa
These inspered me to do alot in life ❣️
01 December 2020 (22:47) 
Definitely will go through the exercises once more. Very exciting tasks, time-efficient and opens up your creative vibes.
23 December 2020 (19:00) 

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