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I saw this on tik tok and I think it is a good read.
06 August 2021 (11:56) 

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Manifest Now
A step-by-step guide with tools, techniques, and
proven strategies to raise your
frequency and create the reality you want.


Copyright © 2018 by Idil Ahmed
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or
used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the
publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
Cover Art: J Slattum
Printed in the United States of America
First Printing, 2018
ISBN Print 978-1-7323885-0-5
Instagram: Idillionaire
Twitter: Idillionaire
Facebook: Idillionaire
Book Club: Idillionairebookclub
Idil Ahmed
San Diego, CA 92037


I dedicate this book to all the readers whose lives are about to change forever.


Table of Contents
1. Manifest Now
2. Mental - It All Starts in Your Mind
3. Guiding Your Mental Energy
4. Use Your Mental Energy to Your Advantage
5. The Love Flow
6. Letting Go - Allowing - Trusting Phase
7. Physical - Optimize Your Physical Body for More Energy
8. Five Ways to Raise Your Vibration During the Manifestation Process
9. Spirit - You Are Beyond the Physical
10. Welcome New Energy
11. Manifest Now Technique
12. Release It
13. Think It
14. Affirm It
Own Your Greatness Affirmations
I Feel Good About Myself/I Love Myself Affirmations
I AM Manifesting What I Want Affirmations
I AM Manifesting Financial Freedom
I TRUST That the Universe Will Provide for Me Affirmations
I AM GRATEFUL for All I Have Manifested Affirmations
Affirmations to Optimize Your Physical Body
I BELIEVE in Myself Affirmations
15. Magnetic Money Mindset
16. Start Manifesting Now - All Things Are Possible


Congratulations on taking the first step toward changing your life and manifesting
your dreams. For the longest time, I have been writing about the power of the mind to
help inspire millions all over the world to believe in themselves.
I have finally decided to put all the tools, techniques, wisdom, and insights that
have helped m; e create the life I want into this book, so it can also help you get started
on manifesting your dreams. What I am going to share in this book will guide you to
remove any limitations, blocks, or beliefs that hinder you from creating the abundance
you deserve. When I first discovered that I could create my reality, everything in my
life changed. I started to see how my thoughts were influencing my life. I learned that
we are either unconsciously creating or actively conscious of everything we create.
There was a time in my life when I was unconsciously creating my reality, and
wondering why certain things were happening that I wasn’t happy about. Like most
people, I thought things were out of my control until I discovered how to guide my
mental energy to manifest, create, and materialize exactly what I wanted. Once I
decided that I was going to be doing the self-work and investing in myself, I began to
notice how powerful I am.
Everything can easily change for you, too. You need to focus and concentrate
upon the fact that all is possible. I believe we all have the power to completely
transform our lives. You need to have a vision, and believe in that vision so deeply that
it has no choice but to show up. This is exactly what I did. I focused, created healthier
habits, and learned how to harness my mental energy.
This book is very special to me, because I know the positive impact it will have
on you as you also begin to discover your own light and tap into hidden possibilities.
You are here to remember your innate, God-given powers and experience the
abundance that naturally belongs to you. There is no shortage. There is no lack. Once
you realize this, things will instantly change for you, because you will now be aware
of what your mind can do. In this book, I will walk you through the mental, physical,
and spiritual aspects of manifesting. I’ll also teach you how to raise your frequency so
you can be aligned with what you want to receive.

What You’ll Get in This Book
This book will explain to you everything you need to know on the mental,
physical, and spiritual level about manifesting, and teach you how to raise your
vibration and align yourself with everything your heart desires. The goal here is to
help you remember that you are a natural-born manifestor. Everything you think and
feel is constantly attracting your reality.
Throughout this book, you will receive guidance to help shed old patterns that no
longer serve you, so you can make room for new energy to enter your life. There will
be many aha moments when you’ll remember your innate truth and natural powers.
This book will also help you go deeper, so you can release any mental limitations,
blocks, and/or negative self-talk that could be in the way of your dreams and visions.

Once you realize what is holding you back, you can begin the transformation process
by using the tools, tips, and techniques offered here.
I’ll be guiding you to create a healthier mental space, recognize your divine love
flow, optimize your physical energy, and tap into your spiritual powers. You will also
learn how to let go, surrender, allow, and take action when necessary. What you’ll
receive here will change how you think, feel, and look at your life. You’ll start to
understand that you are a powerful, magnetic being with the potential to attract
unlimited abundance, happiness, love, and solutions in order to be at peace with
yourself, no matter what the circumstances. It’s time to reprogram your mind to
wealth, beauty, and unlimited resources. There is plenty for everyone to succeed and
do what they love. Get ready to manifest your wildest dreams.
Manifest Now starts by guiding you through the mental, physical, and spiritual
aspects of manifesting and creating what you want. You’ll learn how to start removing
mental and emotional blocks so you can rediscover your natural birthright. You’ll feel
more confident, reconnected, and powerful when you read this book. Everything in
your life will start to shift as you begin to realize that you are a conscious creator.
This book also features four sections that will assist you in manifesting your
dreams. The first section, “Release It,” contains 10 powerful techniques you can use on
a daily basis to release any mental, physical, or emotional blocks that hinder your
manifesting powers. The second section, “Think It,” contains 35 powerful thoughts to
keep you energized, focused, and excited to manifest. I offer words to read on a daily
basis to keep your frequency high, so you can manifest instantly. The third section,
“Affirm It,” contains 100 affirmations that will help you start speaking, feeling, and
commanding greatness, abundance, happiness, and financial freedom into your life
right now. The last section, “Magnetic Money Mindset,” focuses on finding your
purpose, doing what you love, and attracting financial freedom along the way. This
section contains all of my mental hacks, secrets, tips, insights, and wisdom for
manifesting money. Also included are day-to-day money-manifesting techniques to
help you remove any limiting beliefs about money, so you can feel extremely
abundant, manifest your greatest visions, and live the life you truly want and deserve.
Dare to dream.
The goal of this book is for you to completely shift how you live your life. It’s
time to dedicate yourself to this transformation by changing your habits, behaviors,
thought patterns, and attitude so you can start attracting things instantly. The more you
increase your vibration and feel good about yourself, the more you’ll begin to attract
that which matches your frequency. I’ll also be teaching you how to trust the process
and let go of the need to know “how” things will happen. Nothing is stopping you
from having what you want but the things you tell yourself. It’s time to boost your
energy, change your mindset, and manifest your reality.
Enjoy manifesting!
Idil Ahmed


Manifest Now
What is manifestation?
Manifestation is the ability to attract, create, and turn any vision you have into
reality. You can speak, think, feel, and create anything into existence by simply being
aware that everything starts with you. You are a powerful being. Your mind is
powerful. You are capable of creating the reality you want. The only things that stand
in the way of manifesting your dreams are limiting beliefs, ideas, and lack of
understanding of what you’re capable of doing. This book is going to help you get as
clear as possible through learning about your inner powers. It will teach you how to
guide them to create the reality you want. Manifesting is not a complicated thing.
Once you learn how to remove what is standing in your way, you’ll notice that things
just begin to flow into your life effortlessly.
One of the things I have discovered during the learning process of manifesting
what I want is the importance of now. For so many years, I have heard people say live
in the moment or all things happen in the now . I didn’t understand it until I really took
a deep look within my own mind and discovered that I would always think of my
manifestations as if they were in the future. I had that “one day” mindset trap that we
all fall into when we don’t analyze our own thought patterns and beliefs. This was an
honest, reflective moment for me. I had to be real with myself and declare that I was
going to change my mind about the future and focus my mental energy on the moment
so I could Manifest Now.
Manifesting now has to do with seeing yourself in the desired state now . If you
think of it in the future, you won’t use the intense emotion of the now, which is the fire
that fuels the vision to come to life. You will just hope that it happens instead of
knowing that it is happening. Once you make the declaration that you are going to
Manifest Now, everything in the universe begins to shift to align to your inner state.
So…feel healthy now. Feel abundant now. Feel successful now. Feel beautiful and
loved now. Don’t wait for it. Feel it into existence. Fully connect your emotion to the
vision. Let the joy of it happening now fill your mind and body.
To be able to start manifesting now, you have to set the intention that you will
manifest everything you want by believing in it. Just being here and reading this is
already enough to get the process started. Believe in yourself by taking this step and
making the commitment to know what you’re capable of. During the process of
reading this book, you’ll suddenly experience unexpected miracles and blessings.
Things will start to happen for you. You will have a lot of clarity and aha moments, and
everything will start to make sense. There will even be times when you’ll be so
present, you’ll notice the manifestation process and how it all comes together. The
wisdom and insight offered in this book will completely change your life.
Begin, at this moment, to feel the energy of endless possibilities. Feel yourself
receiving everything your heart desires. This is the energy state you should feel and

exist within while reading this book. The possibilities are endless.
Be prepared to change your life. You will need to make the commitment to
yourself that you will invest your mental, physical, and spiritual energy into
understanding yourself and what you’re capable of. This experience is going to require
you to be ready to shed old energy patterns, limiting belief systems, negative thinking,
and habits that no longer serve you. You have to begin to take control of your life. The
things that distract you are only keeping you from realizing the magical results that
can occur when you focus your mind and concentrate your thoughts. Make a
declaration to yourself right now that you are ready to take back your power and use it
to create the life you want. It’s time to begin manifesting your greatest dreams. You
are powerful!


Mental - It All Starts in the Mind
In order to understand your ability to manifest, you must first step back and begin
to accept that EVERYTHING starts in your mind. Take a moment to look around
yourself, and notice that everything surrounding you was once a thought in your mind.
You envisioned yourself having that item before you even went to purchase it. Now,
take it a step further, and think about how the items around you were once an idea in
someone else’s mind to create and bring to life. Everything we do and experience
stems from a single thought. The vision comes before the physical manifestation. All
things in the unseen materialize into the physical realm. It keeps me inspired to
remember that everything starts in the mind. If all that surrounds me was once a
vision, what can I do with the same mental power to materialize exactly what I want
into the physical?
Begin to realize that if everything starts in the mind, then manifesting is your
natural birthright. Every single moment, you see images in your mind before you take
any kind of action. Sometimes, this happens extremely quickly, and you forget to even
be conscious of it. Take a step back for a moment, and notice that when you intend to
do something, no matter what it is, you see yourself doing it in your mind first. You
play out the whole scene and outcome in your mind before you experience the
physical result. Once you agree on a mental scene or image, your physical body goes
and performs it. This goes back to the way everything starts in the mind. Be present
enough to notice this, and it will further empower you to believe that manifesting is
your natural birthright. No matter what you do, you can’t do it without imagining it
Now that you understand what natural visualization (and experiencing the vision
you’ve imagined) is like on a daily basis, let’s take it a step further and discuss the
difference between day-to-day manifestations and the big visions you want to attract
into your life. When you imagine yourself going to the store to make a purchase, the
first thing you do is see yourself getting the items or things you need in your mind.
You see the vision, process, and result. You easily get it done without overthinking
whether or not it can even happen for you, because you are the one actually doing it.
You might not realize it, but this is also considered manifesting. You see the image
first, then acquire the physical experience.
When you start to do the same thing with your big dreams, you may start to
worry, because you assume the vision isn’t attainable since it’s not as easy as getting
up and driving to the store. Well, let me tell you something: it is as easy as that. This is
where you need to realize how to surrender to the universe to make the delivery and
alignments happen for you, which will require trust. I am sure you’ve noticed that the
things you don’t worry about too much manifest faster. You might have a quick
thought about it, and then it suddenly happens. This is a glimpse of what is possible
for you, and what the universe can do when we don’t overthink, worry, or stress about
the how . We will get into that more in later sections. The whole point is to remember

that you are visualizing and imagining what you want to manifest all day long .

Are you consciously or unconsciously creating your reality?
Every single day, whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating your reality.
The goal is to start acting as the conscious creator of your reality. When you are
unconsciously creating your reality, you assume everything that is happening to you is
out of your hands. You think life is random and unpredictable. You assume the
challenges affecting your life can’t be changed. To unconsciously create your reality is
to remain unaware that you have the power to imagine, visualize, speak, and create
your experience.
Most people who unconsciously create their reality assume the victim role and the
poor me mindset. They believe that other people are lucky, and their life is hard. They
create a negative mental image and narrative that keeps them in that cycle of lack.
Most of their conversations will be very pessimistic, because they have forgotten their
innate power as creators of their reality. This attitude of blaming external
circumstances and other people is very limiting, and makes people feel like they can’t
change their lives.
Everything that is happening in your life is in your hands. You can change things
right now, and never look back. You aren’t tied to the past. All those stories and
experiences are gone. Who you are today is brand new. The only person who was
repeating habits, behaviors, and thought patterns was you. Staying stuck in past could
haves , should haves , and would haves only takes away your power and leeches away
your life force, which you can use to invest in change today. You have to remember
that at each moment, you decide how you’ll spend your mental, physical, and
emotional energy. What are you giving your attention to?
Nothing in life is random. People can even experience positive results from
unconsciously creating their reality, and just calling it luck or coincidence. They don’t
know that they are co-creating with the universe daily. The point is to start consciously
creating and setting your intentions about what you want to manifest.
Being conscious of creating your reality also means taking responsibility for what
is happening in your life. In order to attract more effectively, you must pay attention to
your actions, habits, and thoughts as well as what you speak into the universe. This
new way of thinking and being present will make you feel empowered, inspired, and
motivated, no matter what is happening. Those who are consciously creating their
reality know that what they intend will manifest. They also know the power of
attention, which helps them stay focused on solutions and answers instead of problems
and hardship. Conscious creators know exactly how to turn anything that seems
negative into a positive opportunity.
As a conscious creator, you have the choice to take full control of your life. As
you continue to read this book, you’ll start making great changes, and manifesting
what you desire. I want you to start noticing how present, involved, and alive your
mind is. Your mental energy is waiting for directions. Your mind wants to be guided
by you, so it can help you manifest what you want. Don’t let external reality and

people outside of yourself decide for you what to do with your mind. You are either
creating your reality yourself, or other people are doing it for you via influence and
suggestion. Being a conscious creator is going to give the power back to you, so you
aren’t influenced by the limiting thoughts and ideas of others. You’ll start to realize
who you are and what you can do. Acceptance of this truth right now is already
causing immense changes in the way you think and view things. It is not a matter of
one day, but rather right in this moment that you start to take ownership of your life.
As humans, we have the ability to observe our thoughts as they come into our
minds. This is called metacognition : the ability to think about thinking. This ability
allows you to step back and go within so you can notice your predominant thoughts.
You can analyze yourself—and create better for yourself. Being a conscious creator
means that you are present enough to analyze yourself. This is the first step in the
manifestation process. You have to begin to be more present with yourself, so you can
guide your mind to where you would like it to go. After dealing with negative thoughts
and a pessimistic attitude, you might feel like you don’t know how to tame your mind.
However, with daily practice and self-awareness, you can begin to turn things around
for yourself.
The more present you become, the more you’ll notice which thoughts, habits, and
behaviors you need to change. Be honest with yourself about what needs to change.
Don’t ever say that’s just who I am when it comes to what isn’t serving you or helping
you evolve. You are not defined by anything, or limited by past experiences. You can
turn things around and change for the better. You can completely recreate your whole
life right now. That is the power you have. Don’t let the idea of change make you feel
uncomfortable. You have to understand that you are starting to completely reprogram
how you think, feel, and experience life. Inner work produces the greatest results, and
you’ll feel more in control of your life by choosing how to respond to things instead of
reacting to everything. You’ll become more mindful and conscious about everything
you say and do.
Now that you are beginning to understand that you are a natural-born manifestor,
you can begin to create what you want. At this point, you’ll start to consciously think
of something you want to manifest and feel that energy entering your life at that
moment. In a later section, I’ll discuss with you how to visualize and invoke the
emotion of what your heart desires.
Before you begin to understand your mental energy, you need to know that your
thoughts are a powerful frequency that’s constantly being projected into the universe.
While you are thinking, you might not see it physically, but your thoughts are present
and ready to be directed toward what you want. Just because you can’t see something
doesn’t mean it’s not real.
It’s also good to notice the kinds of thoughts you predominantly entertain. When
you ponder this, you’ll notice that these thoughts are the ones you have been
manifesting. If you constantly think negatively, you’ll notice things always going
wrong. If you have a negative view of money and success, you’ll create negative
experiences that prove to you what you think is real. If you think love is hard to find,
that is what you will manifest. Your mind isn’t going to create a reality that you don’t

think about or believe in. Its duty is to show you more of what you think, feel, and say
all the time. You are a magnet to your predominant thoughts and habits .

Each time you think something negative, ask yourself: Is this what I want
to manifest?
Always remember that your thoughts are powerful, and are constantly being
projected into the universe. The more repetitive the thought, the stronger the ability to
manifest it becomes; and when thoughts are charged with emotion, they manifest more
quickly. Emotions are a powerful energy field, since they are centered in the heart.
Research conducted by the HeartMath Institute has shown that the electromagnetic
field of the heart expands further than the mind. When you think about something and
have an intense emotion behind it, things begin to happen more quickly.
When you really come to see that all begins with the mind, the next step is
learning how to focus your mental energy. With all the distractions going on, it is
imperative that you train yourself to focus on a single thought for more than 17
seconds. Each day, you can add 10 seconds. You’ll gradually gain the ability to stay
focused on the vision you want to manifest. The goal in this section is not only to
make you more aware of your thoughts and mind power, but also to get you in training
mode to exercise your mind’s abilities. If you wanted to get fit right now, you would
be eating better and consistently working out every day to get the results you want.
The mental field is the same. You have to start training yourself to focus on a single
thought without distraction. The more you build on this, the better you will become at
creating your reality. You will notice yourself ceasing to waste time on frivolous things
that once took so much of your energy .
A lot of your energy is wasted daily on things that don’t help you create the
reality you want. This can include browsing social media all day, texting, watching
TV, or doing things that simply don’t contribute toward your goal. When you declare
something, you must understand how to concentrate on it and get the work done. This
is where the majority of your power lies. Each moment, you have a choice about how
you use your energy and where to place your attention. Make sure it is benefiting you
and serving your greatest vision.


Guiding Your Mental Energy
Now that you have learned the power of your mind, you can take the important
step of beginning to guide your mental energy toward the reality you want. You will
begin the manifestation process by keeping a consistent train of thought through a
repetition process. The first step in guiding your mental energy is to recognize what
your predominant thoughts are. Are you constantly negative? Do you have a
pessimistic attitude about what you can accomplish? Do you believe in yourself?
The goal is to start paying attention to the thoughts you have been giving your
mental energy to. Some of these thoughts are only there because you have accepted
them as reality, when realistically, they don’t belong to you. People assume that
thoughts are something they can’t change. They feel like they are stuck, because they
give more power to the thought than their ability to change it. You can change what
you think. You no longer have to be a victim to negative thoughts that don’t serve you.
Now that you have become aware of the fact that you are in control of the thoughts
you allow to stay, you can start changing them into the ones you want.
Be patient with yourself during this process. You are learning new things and
taking action to literally create the best life for yourself. To really make lasting
changes, one must learn to master the mind in order to guide mental energy toward the
desired results. You are about to do just that. You are no longer going to just live life
without being aware of who you really are and the powers you have. This is a time for
great change, and the discovery of your abilities represents the start of creating
abundance, happiness, and freedom. To be free, one must have an open mind. You are
becoming more aware of what you can do, and how you can start guiding your mental
energy to be more optimistic, positive, and excited about what you’re creating.

Take the same energy you use to doubt yourself and invest it in faith.
After you have recognized your predominant thoughts, analyze the results they
have gotten you. How has negative thinking or doubting yourself served your life?
What has fear created for you? How many of your dreams and ideas have been cut
short by worry or lack of faith? These are the kinds of thoughts that stop many people
from creating the life they truly want. It’s not that something great can’t happen for
you; it’s that you talk yourself out of it, because your thoughts become more real than
your vision.
If you have never worked on your mindset, then this will come as a challenge at
first. It is a process of reprogramming yourself from limiting beliefs to thoughts of
abundance. You have to dedicate yourself to investing in your mind so you can do
something you have never done before. Dedicating your time and energy to this will
give you the life you want. The reason why many people aren’t living the lives they
want or manifesting their greatest dreams is because they don’t understand that life is a
mental game. Everything is about how you think and feel—and what you believe .

Not many people want to invest in change, because it requires them to shed old
ways of thinking and living. You have to be okay with being uncomfortable, and face
the illusion of what holds you back. When you get your mental state in check, you will
notice that things aren’t as bad or scary as they seem. You have dared to face yourself,
and with that risk comes great rewards. It is up to you, at this moment, to begin to
reprogram your mind to thoughts that actually serve you.
If a negative thought comes into your mind, you don’t have to identify with it and
own it as yours. Simply release it, and replace it with a thought you want. You must do
this consistently as you learn how to change your thought patterns. Thoughts are
similar to habits. The thoughts you think daily can become dominant if you have been
thinking them for a long time. This is why you have to be consistent in using repetition
to change your mental habits and create healthier ones. Don’t feel discouraged during
this transformation process if you are going against limiting beliefs. Your drive to push
through is what is going to help you during this manifestation process.
You can recreate yourself and change your life. I did it, and I learned that not
giving up or giving in to fear was what got me through. Don’t talk yourself out of your
change. It is easy to go back to old patterns and be comfortable, just like many people.
You’re here to own your powers and live life exactly how you want. You are the
creator of your universe. You have the power to manifest easily. Once you begin to
remove and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start to notice how
effortlessly everything starts to come together. You might even be surprised to notice
how quickly your thoughts manifest. You’ll be thinking of something, and suddenly,
you’ll hear someone else talking about it, or you’ll start to see it all around you. The
more your thoughts and intentions become clarified, the easier they become to
Remember, manifesting is your natural birthright. This is something you have
always been doing, but down the line, you may have picked up on other people’s
beliefs about life and felt like good things couldn’t happen for you. This is an illusion.
Those who feel like something is not possible simply don’t believe in themselves.
Most people learn these limiting beliefs during childhood, when they hear their parents
or others talk about lack. Abundance isn’t a daily conversation for many people,
because they don’t know what they are truly capable of. That’s what this book is here
to teach you: how to remember your natural manifesting abilities and create the best
reality for yourself.
Each day, create a mental economy for yourself. How many of your thoughts are
actually giving you a return on investment? Your mental energy is an investment in
what you want to receive back from the universe. Are you investing in positive
thoughts to get positive results? Also, pay close attention to the feelings the thoughts
produce. Do you feel good or bad? Do you feel happy or sad? How are your thoughts
making you feel? Your emotions are a good indicator of what’s happening in your
mind. Don’t get caught in a negative thought/negative emotion cycle. Know when to
snap out of it, and break the cycle by reminding yourself that you decide which thoughts
you emotionalize and devote your energy to. Invest in positive thoughts daily. Remain
hopeful during challenges, even in moments when you feel like doubting yourself .

With all the changes you’ll be experiencing, now is the time to share with you
how important it is not to be hard on yourself during the process. When you are
shifting mentally, a lot of changes can happen on an energetic level. The clearing of
old thought patterns and old ways of thinking can take a lot of energy, which is why I
recommend getting rest when you need to, and taking care of your physical wellness.
You don’t always have to be on the go doing something.

Take some time to rest and recover. You don’t always have to be so busy,
or pushing yourself so hard. Step back and take care of yourself. These
moments of self-care will add value, energy, purpose, and creativity to
everything you do. Find a healthy balance, and enjoy your life.
There needs to be balance. Take time to nurture your mental, physical, and
spiritual wellness. When you start to change negative thoughts to positive ones, you’ll
realize that the old thought patterns might come back to test you and make you doubt
yourself. The test is to see if you actually have succeeded in your transformation. This
is when you will have to be firm and face fear head on. The illusion is only in the
mind. Thoughts that try to talk you out of your changes are your past negative thinking
trying to find a space to live and survive again. You must not fall for that trap or return
to that draining cycle of doubt. You must step outside of your comfort zone, and walk
your path with an inner faith that all is going to happen for you .
Even when things seem to be falling apart, you must still have unwavering faith
that everything is working in your favor. This is an important tip to remember when
guiding your mental energy. When it comes to manifesting what you want, your vision
is more important than your reality. When you keep believing, visualizing, and
thinking positively, all things will begin to align for you. Your faith is in the unseen.
Remember, everything in life starts in the mind as a vision. Stay strong during the
process, and keep reminding yourself that all is mental.


Use Your Mental Energy to Your Advantage
Since you have learned how to guide your mental energy toward the things you
want and the way you want to feel, it’s now time to actually start using your mental
energy to create your reality. What do you want to manifest? Ask yourself that
question. If I could have anything I wanted in this universe, and it could show up in my
life right now, what would I want? When you think about this question, be completely
free. Do you want to manifest financial freedom? A relationship? A job? Better
connections? Better opportunities? A vacation? More blessings? All of this is possible
for you. What you want already exists, and it is waiting for you to align with it.
You must declare that you are ready to receive. The reason I ask you to think
about what you want is because most people have no clue what they really want out of
life. Even if they do, they think it’s not possible. These limiting thoughts are what hold
people back. If someone else on this earth can have the things you want, then that is an
example that it’s possible for you to have them, too. What did they do to get them?
They aren’t any different from you. They just applied the manifesting tools and
believed in themselves until they manifested what they wanted. Most successful
people will tell you to believe in yourself and be consistent. You have to start trusting
in your vision to create the reality you want .
I have read some powerful books, and they all have one thing in common: what
you believe in matters more than what you’re experiencing. You can start the process
by creating a manifestation journal. This is your personal journal in which you will
write exactly what you want to manifest. I don’t want you to think about how this will
happen for you. I don’t even want you to worry about when it will happen. I just want
you to freely write exactly what it is that you want to create in your reality.
When you are writing in your manifestation journal, charge your writing with the
energy that it is about to happen for you right now. Write Manifest Now in big letters at
the top of each page. I remember I did that in my manifestation journal, and quickly
started seeing results. I have always believed in the power of writing down my visions.
I usually write mine in the style of a letter to the universe, commanding all the things I
want to come find me quickly, easily, and effortlessly. When you are writing in your
manifestation journal, invoke emotions. How would you feel if everything you wrote
down manifested for you? Feel that feeling as you are writing your visions and goals.
Smile while you’re doing it. This is a great way to energize your manifestation journal
so you’ll believe and know that everything you have written is about to happen for
you. I always like to think, feel, and celebrate as if I have already manifested what I
want. This is a great way to raise your vibration so you can start the aligning process.
Another great way to manifest what you want is by visualizing it. Images are a
powerful way to create what you want, because we are imaginative creatures. We
don’t think in words; we see images in our minds. Visualization is a great tool to use,
because you already do it anyway. You either think about the past or go into the future

with your mind .
I want you to combine your manifestation journal with visualizations. Each day,
look at the things you want to manifest and create a vision for them. See yourself in
your mind’s eye actually having the experience you’ve written down. Say that you
want to manifest money, and see yourself getting unexpected payments into your bank
account. Feel the energy of money surrounding you. Visualize yourself holding a large
amount (I’ll be going further into money manifestation in the Magnetic Money
Mindset section.) If you want to manifest your dream home, see yourself walking
through the home.
When it comes to visualizing, be as detailed as possible. Have fun with it. See
your furniture, your interior design, and yourself living there. Another thing that can
help you get clear in your vision is to go look at your dream home. Search homes that
are for sale, and print images of the ones you like. Keep the design of the house and
the experience of living there fully present within your mind. When you are
visualizing, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and create a mental
movie of what you want. If you want to manifest a healthy relationship, see yourself in
your mental movie with someone with all the traits you like. Feel happy, as if all of
this is actually happening for you. If you feel funny and silly doing this, remind
yourself that you are a powerful being who is already visualizing and creating mental
movies. All you’re doing is creating what you want consciously.
Keep watching your mental movies until they become clear and easy to walk
through. Imagine your mental movies like a virtual reality of the life you want to live.
Your mind doesn’t know if what you are imagining is actually happening or if you are
just pretending. This is why, when you see something that looks like an insect or
snake, you might freak out; and later, when you know it is not, you calm down. If your
mind knew it was a false alarm, it would not have overreacted out of fear. However,
you could have made yourself believe that it was an insect or a snake when it was just
a piece of stick. This is why what you believe and envision matters more than reality.
Your mind will believe what you tell it, and create that experience for you. So keep
visualizing what you want to manifest.
If you have a hard time initially focusing on your mental movie, you can use a
vision board to help you see the images more clearly. A vision board is a tool used to
help clarify, concentrate, and maintain your focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a
vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever
you want to be, do, or have in your life. This allows your brain to capture the images
and words to trigger a mood and a feeling. Image + emotion = creation of an
experience. Seeing your vision board daily will shift your mind and start aligning you
with these experiences in ways you can’t even imagine. This is why you shouldn’t be
too concerned with “how” it will happen. Trying to use your conscious mind will only
limit you to what you already know, but allowing your subconscious mind to guide
you in the right direction will bring you unlimited opportunities. You just have to trust
the process. You might suddenly meet someone, or go someplace that aligns you with
a connection you need to reach your goal.
I remember after I started working on my manifestation journal and creating

mental movies daily, I got results in ways I can’t even put into words. The universe and
the power of the source is something I don’t think we can fully grasp. I like to not
know how, because this allows the universe to deliver more quickly and efficiently. If I
thought about it too much, I would limit it based upon whom I know and what I know.
However, when I decide to surrender to the universe, I start tuning into a greater
frequency that aligns and connects everyone and everything. I meet the perfect person
at the right time. I show up somewhere at the exact moment to find the answer to
something I need to know.
It’s like you are being guided to receive what you want. Manifesting is no joke.
The power of your mind is no joke. I realized this when I looked back at my
manifestation journal and saw that I had literally manifested everything I had written
there. I even looked at my vision board, and was blown away by the results.
Sometimes, we get so busy creating the next thing, we forget we have already
manifested almost everything we have yearned for. I like to look back at my older
manifestation journals and use them as inspiration for my next vision and goal.
Remember to stay focused and consistent. The reason most people don’t
accomplish their goals is because they’re not a primary focus; they look at it as a “one
day” scenario. However, every moment is a chance to impress upon your mind exactly
what you want. The vision board allows you to maintain focus, and acts as a constant
reminder to your mind’s eye. This can be a great tool for you to add into your life to
bring clarity, focus, and purpose to the achievement of your greatest desires. Also, the
more specific you are about what you want, the higher your chances of receiving
exactly what you asked for. Saying something like, “I want a better life!” is not
enough. What does a better life mean to you? What would you be doing? Where
would you be? Who would you be with? How would you be feeling? Be detailed. Be
specific. Your dreams are waiting for you to shift your mind to see them.


The Inner Love Flow
Relationships play a vital role in our lives. For the longest time, I have received
so many questions from many people who want to know how they can manifest the
right partner or how they can create a healthier bond within the relationship they
already have. Some people are going through a break-up or a divorce and want to start
over. It’s never too late. My intention of this chapter is really for you to discover your
own essence. I’m sure you’ve heard “love yourself” so many times before, but what
does that even mean? How can you truly love yourself if you haven’t learned how to
cultivate a healthier mindset and a real connection within your soul? Self-love stems
from knowing that you are already whole. God gives you unconditional love with
every breath you take. Somewhere down the line in life, you have probably forgotten
this flow that already belongs to you. The love flow, which is constantly pouring into
you never stops providing for you. Sometimes we have to get out of our minds for a
moment and simplify life. Love is given freely and unconditionally to us. When we
forget this connection, we start to feel like we need to receive it from the outside.
When the focus becomes external in receiving love, a lot of problems start to occur.
When one feels empty on the inside because they have forgotten their own connection,
they begin to get into a state of desperation and neediness. This yearning for
fulfillment turns into a need for validation and approval .

Never seek validation, approval or acceptance. Love yourself instead.
Give yourself the attention you need. Go within and dive deeper until you
realize that everything you’ve always been looking for was only to get closer
to your own self. You need you more than you need anyone else.
In order to accept your inner bliss and recognize the love flow in your life, you
first have to be honest with yourself about the things that are holding you back. Guilt
and blame lowers your frequency. It is so easy to point the finger and blame others. It
is so easy to think that other people are doing you wrong. The most powerful thing
you can start doing right now is to take responsibility for your own life. You are the
creator of all your experiences. Today is the day where all blame comes to an end.
Your power is recognizing that you can manifest exactly what you want in a
relationship by continually growing from the past and learning the lessons that will
help you improve.
When someone has forgotten their inner love flow, they start to look for that
fulfillment on the outside, which leads to conditional love. Everything about the
relationship becomes how can you get something back form what you give. The lack
of understanding where your source of inner love stems from puts you in a position to
always seek to receive. Feeling empty and being unsure leads to being desperate and
needing constant validation. When you love yourself, you also feel good about
yourself. Have you noticed when you chase people they run away? Have you also

noticed that when you refocus your energy on yourself and your growth, the person
comes running back? What is happening energetically? What shifted? Everything takes
place on an energy level first. You are constantly sending out how you think and feel
into the universe, which is picked up by other people on a subtle level. If you feel
desperate and needy, your energy is usually low, and in that state, you’ll do many
things that compromise your integrity and truth. You don’t have to send a hundred
texts or calls to get attention. You don’t have to do things on social media to prove a
point. Each time you plot something to get attention from someone you end up
actually feeling depleted because you’re still paying them your most valuable asset;
your attention. You don’t need to play any games. You need to do better. You need to
get better. What you really need is a redirection of your focus and a rediscovering of
your inner values.

Everything changes when you begin to love yourself. You no longer send
out energy of desperation or need to be filled from the outside. You become a
powerful source within yourself that attracts better. The more you love who
you are, the less you seek validation and approval.
You have to always remember that you are the value. You are the gift. You are
special. Never allow yourself to feel so low that someone who also doesn’t feel good
about themselves takes advantage of your weak moment. This insight is meant to lift
you higher so that you can release the energy of needing external validation to feel
worthy. Once you discover this inner love flow, you’ll never again get caught up in
those states of losing yourself in something that doesn’t have long-term benefits .
When someone hasn’t discovered their love flow, they start to attract other people
who also haven’t made that discovery. The whole point of the attraction is to show you
the reality you created, and if you don’t like what you see, you can go back and
recreate it. Failed relationships were only there to help you grow so that you can
discover what you actually want and deserve. It ended so you can enter the next phase
of your evolution.

Billions of humans exist on the planet. So many incredible people that
you haven’t met yet. Why limit your experience to a few bad interactions and
assume that greatness doesn’t roam the earth. All is possible for you. Switch
your mindset so that new energy can enter your life.
Never be afraid to let go of something that’s past its due date. Way too many
people stay in toxic relationships out of fear that they can’t get better. You know when
something is done. Usually, if you’re growing and know that it’s over don’t give
yourself excuses. If the first thought that comes to your mind is that you might not find
better or you don’t know what’s next then it’s time to actually take action and let go.
Don’t stay out of fear. Don’t make excuses for yourself. This is your one life, and you
must fully live it.
Once you start to validate yourself and understand that you are worthy already
you’ll begin to operate at a frequency of love that will fill you up and make you whole.

Your life will start changing because you’re no longer chasing, trying so hard, and
living in fear. Your attention is going to be focused back on yourself so that you can
discover how to give love without needing it from the outside .
If you’re already in a relationship and want to grow with your partner, then you
also need to understand how to give unconditional love. All mistakes need to be faced
directly and forgiven quickly. Holding onto the past and constantly bringing it up is
draining to you and your partner. You have to keep your inner thoughts about your
partner positive. Whether you understand it or not, you’re always telepathically
communicating with your partner. If you’ve been with your partner longer, the
telepathic communication is even stronger, but nevertheless, it is always happening
between all people. Many people feel and think negatively about their partner, and that
energy is felt.

Send love to someone who hurt you through a prayer so that you can
break free from the pain. Each time you elevate above the past, you win.
Understand that it is not only what you're saying, but also what you're thinking
that has the power. The thoughts you're having about your relationship are affecting
the results you're getting from your partner.
The reason why most relationships or marriages don't last is because of the inner
thoughts that we choose to entertain can either help us or hurt us. Let's say your
partner upsets you, and you pretend that “you're over it” externally, but internally,
you're constantly repeating to yourself what they've done to you with anger,
resentment, fear, sadness, or just pure frustration. You're probably having an inner
dialect saying, “they'll just do it again” or “why do they keep doing this” or many of
the other negative repetitive thoughts. On the outside, you're playing it cool, but
internally you're upset with them. This hiding of real feelings starts to build up and
cause other problems. This is what makes the couple drift apart, eventually ending the
What most don't realize is how powerful those silent thoughts can be. Instead of
breaking each other down, why not uplift and heal with your mind. A great awareness
to have is, what you think of your partner, they become. You will see more of the
traits, habits, beliefs, and actions you do, or don't like about them. It all depends on
where you put your mind. Create healthy thoughts about your partner; say sweet
loving words about them to yourself. Appreciate their smallest effort; give them
reminders of how you feel, be more expressive to one another. Have the thoughts you
had about them when you first fell in love. When you're having a negative thought
about them, ask yourself, do I want to manifest this in my relationship?
The inner world influences the outcome of your relationship. Each thought you
send out can be a powerful energy that can align you and your partner to create a
healthier relationship. Most people who don't know this, struggle in their relationship
because they don't understand the power of their thoughts, words, and emotions. What
you think internally, you see externally. Let love power your relationship.


Sending Love Experiment
If you’re in a relationship, I want you to try something that has been working for
many people I work with. For one week, I want you to focus your mindset and energy
on everything that is positive and loving about your partner. You can do this longer but
one week is a start to activate and change your inner world. This sending love
experiment will start to shift you and your relationship for the better.
1. Mentally forgive your partner for all their past mistakes. The whole point is to
start changing your inner world so that you don’t hold any resentment. Whatever
comes to your mind that triggers an intense negative emotion you can clear it out by
saying “I forgive you ________ (name) for ________ (behavior/action)!” Feel
yourself genuinely letting go of it all and being at peace with yourself. This is a
healing step so that you can let go of the past. Your relationship is new every day. You
don’t need to bring the past up anymore. Forgive and move forward.
2. Bring up positive memories that you had with your partner in your mind. Take
some time to enjoy the feeling the positive memories ignite within you. Smile
knowing how much you love this person and how much joy you share with them.
Remember all the good times you had with them. Remember how you felt when you
first met them.
3. Send them love and positive thoughts. This is a vital part of the experiment.
For one whole week send your partner love. Even if they live with you send them love
through your mind. See them being filled with so much love and support. You can
visualize this happening. In your mind see your partner smiling and hugging you.
Visualize so much love and happiness between you guys. Also, if any negative
thoughts come up banish them and replace them with a more positive loving thought.
This is a start to change the inner world to be more in the love flow. The endless love
pouring into you from the source is being spread with your thoughts and emotions .
4. Let your inner world align with your outer world. You’ll become more at ease
in this experiment because you know your love comes from the source. You don’t
need to try so hard to get attention from your partner. Instead feel yourself being filled
and full of love. Ironically when you are so full of love, your partner will be more
attracted to you. Love is the highest frequency and attracts everything. When you
radiate inner love and peace, you’ll find yourself attracting more of that from your
5. Let your actions show that you are free, relaxed and yourself. This experiment
will not only create better harmony between you and your partner, but it will also
allow you to be at peace with yourself. During this week, focus on encouraging your
partner. Be supportive. Be loving. Say things you normally don’t say. Do things you
normally don’t do.
6. Let your mindset be focused on solutions this week. If a problem comes up,
find out how you can communicate about it. Find out what is the solution that can
make it better. Don’t hold onto things for long either, solve it quickly and move
forward. The more you practice looking for solutions, the easier it will be to solve

This sending love experiment is supposed to help you release, think, and feel love
surrounding all aspects of your life. While it can help your relationship, it will also
help you become more aware of your predominate inner thoughts and emotions. The
whole point of the love flow is open your heart and remember your true essence so
that you can be filled by the source .
If you’re single, don’t let yourself feel pressured by society or others who are
constantly asking about your relationship status or when you’ll be getting married. No
matter how old you are, it is never too late to find love. Your time is coming because
you will manifest the partner that is aligned with your highest ideals. The most
important thing is being right within so that you are aware enough to know what you
want and what you deserve. It’s not about just being in a relationship; it is about being
whole and healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that you can create a
fulfilling experience with someone that enriches your soul.
The first thing you need to start doing right away is discovering what it is that you
want in a partner. So many people will tell you 101 things they don’t want in a partner
but don’t fully speak and think about what kind of person they want to align with.
Each time you say what you don’t want you’re actually giving your attention and
focus to that. Your thoughts are powerful. You need to focus on the kind of partner you
want to manifest instead.

Manifesting Your Partner Experiment
You can manifest someone into your life just like you manifest anything else. The
universe has a way of aligning us with people we share common thought waves with.
If your mindset during this experiment is focused on what you want instead of what
you don’t want, you’ll start to create a vortex of energy that aligns you with the right
one. This experiment is all about having fun and enjoying your life. It is not about
being desperate and constantly wondering when this person will show up. Desperation
repels what you want. You must have faith that it is happening for you and that it will
work out. The best things in life happen when you least expect it. Let this be a guiding
thought as you being the manifesting your partner experiment.
The first thing I want to share with you before we dive deep into this is that you
must be that which you want to attract. You must hold the thought pattern, beliefs, and
feeling of whom you want to manifest. People align because they share some kind of
core values and thought patterns that resonate. Become who you want to manifest.
Expose your attention and awareness to that kind of person. Who do you know has the
qualities you want in a partner. See yourself allowing those core values to resonate
with you. Another major tip I have for you is being happy for married people. Be
happy for people in a relationship. What you want for others is what you get for
yourself. Never wish bad on someone just because you don’t have something. This is a
kind of energy that also repels from you what you want to manifest. Joyously celebrate
other people’s happiness. Also, watch love movies and listen to music that encourages
relationships, happiness, unity, and upliftment. All of this is to help you switch your
focus and attention to the love frequency. What you focus on will find you.
You don’t have to do anything special but be yourself and be happy. You don’t

need to try hard or go out of your way to seek attention. Your glow comes from loving
yourself and knowing that everything starts with you.
1. Make a list of everything you want in a partner. What are the qualities you
value? If you had your ideal partner right now, what would he or she be like? Be very
detailed in your list. Also, invoke the emotion that each quality would bring you if it
were manifested in a partner that’s standing in front of you right now. How would it
feel? Connecting the emotion with the words is a powerful way to charge your list so
that you are constantly reminded of what you are about to manifest. Make sure that
you write this list on a paper that you can either carry in your bag or wallet. Read the
list daily and celebrate the arrival of your partner.
2. Be open to unexpected invitations and sudden encounters. The whole point is
to remove how you think it will happen and allow yourself to be guided by the
universe. Don’t let yourself even try to be concerned with how and when. Surrender
and let it be. Have fun and be friendly.
3. Images are a powerful way to connect with an experience. You can add images
to your vision board that supports your desired relationship. If you want to get
married, then plan your wedding in your manifestation journal. Put yourself in the
energy state as if everything already happened.
4. Thank the universe for you healthy loving relationship. This energy of being
grateful keeps you in the frequency of love.
5. Keep your mind free of doubt.
Now that you are in the love flow, you’ll start to notice a shift within yourself
that’s more at ease instead of looking and searching desperately. You are just being,
and that is the state you should be in to welcome new energy and new experiences.

Being positive and loving yourself is a daily commitment.
Whether you are single or in a relationship, keep your mindset clear of negative
influences. So many people will create stories in their head about what relationships
are like based on what someone else is going through. If someone you know is dealing
with infidelity in their relationship, that doesn’t mean you have to personalize what
they are going through. The whole concepts of all men are one way, or all women are a
certain way is causing you to form belief systems that aren’t realistic. There are many
people who are honest and real. One experience or one headline shouldn’t make you
generalize populations of people. What you give your focus to will manifest. The
conversations you mostly have will become real. It is your duty as a conscious being
to start being aware on a daily basis what you consume. The outside reality can
influence you if you do not have strong foundation within your own self. It doesn’t
have to happen to you too. Don’t internalize things. Don’t personalize them.
Remember that you don’t own anyone. Nobody belongs to you in this life. We’re
all just having an experience together and sharing life with one another. The only
things we keep are memories. Make sure you make them worthwhile. You’ll feel so
free when you can just love without having to possess your partner or control them.

Every person is here for a reason. Every person has something to contribute to the
world. The more you can support your partner’s dreams and visions as you are living
yours, the better you’ll both feel. Encourage one another to go out there and be the
best. We’re not here to be boxed in. We’re here to experience, love and thrive. Besides
all the noise of life, we have to elevate ourselves to remember that everything is
momentary. Think about the many people who have transcended and how many
people wish they treated them differently or even wished they had said something kind
to them. You can do that in your life with all people. Treat them well. Be fully present
and loving. Be kind.


Letting Go — Allowing — Trusting Phase
Letting go, being patient, allowing, and trusting the process is the most important
part of manifesting. Once you have set the intention and created the vision in your
mind, start letting go of the need to force it to happen. Remember that your thoughts
and emotions are energy, leaving your body to align you and bring you exactly what
you need. If you know that you have sent the signal out, then let it go. Believe that
what you have been visualizing and writing in your manifestation journal is on the
Look at this like placing an order on Amazon. You know that your order is going
to arrive. You put in the order to the universe with your thoughts and emotions; trust
that it is going to be delivered to you. You wouldn’t worry about how Amazon is
going to make the delivery, or what kind of truck they will use to bring your package.
You don’t even care how they bring it. You just know and trust that they will. This is
the same way you can start to trust the universe. Put in your order with your mind and
emotions. Feel it getting ready to happen for you. Feel it entering your life. Feel the
delivery on the way. Get as excited as if you were expecting a big delivery.
Understand that patience is crucial during this time. Being patient and trusting the
process means you believe you’ll receive the seed you’ve sown. Don’t let worry, fear,
or anxiety make you dig up what you’ve planted just to see if it’s growing.
You have to learn to respect and honor the process. When it comes to our goals
and dreams, we expect things to happen, like, yesterday. And when they don’t show up
in the timeline we want or the way we expect, our doubts and limiting beliefs come
into play. Our negative mind chatter creeps up and starts blurring our vision. You have
to believe that life is perfect, and timing is life’s best friend. Trust the process, and
have faith in the unseen. The minute you decide on a goal or have a strong vision
about what you want to accomplish, the energy starts moving through you and begins
the work. Everything is in fruition. Your vision will be realized. Just believe!
During this phase, the universe will start to give you signs and align you with
people who will assist you during the process. Be on the lookout for signs about the
action you need to take. When an opportunity shows up, take it. Sometimes, you can
be manifesting so effortlessly that you might even forget that you wanted to manifest
what you are experiencing. I am sure there have been times in the past when you’ve
wanted something so badly, and then it happened. Looking back, you might not even
remember that you manifested it, because it came into your life naturally.
Be present enough to notice the signs, and also to listen to your inner guidance.
Sometimes, you might be guided to an event and not even know why you’re going
there; but by the end of the evening, you’ve met someone who is a good contact to
align you with someone else. If you hadn’t trusted your inner guidance and gone out
instead of staying in, that could have been a missed opportunity. Don’t worry, though—
the universe is clever, and will always continue to align you. The only difference in

how long it takes depends upon how clear you are in tuning into your inner guidance
and trusting the process without doubt. At the end of the day, you’re always going to
manifest what you want if you are persistent enough and believe in what is possible
for you.
What can you do to get closer to your vision? You must begin to surround
yourself with the frequency, environment, and people who share the vibration of the
lifestyle and success you want. I usually use books as mentors. I read autobiographies
of the greats, or books on business that help my mind and energy align with what I
want to manifest. As you are in the letting-go and trusting phase, you must also be
active in immersing yourself in the frequency you want to attract. If you want to
manifest financial freedom and don’t know anything about starting a business, that’s a
good time to start learning and trusting the universe to make good business contacts
for you.
It’s kind of like meeting the right person at the right time. We are all connected,
and when we put a vision into our minds, the universe does everything to make it a
reality. There are no barriers or blocks. It does happen, and it will happen for you. Be
at ease during the process of patiently waiting for your manifestation. Trust that it is on
the way. Keep telling yourself to be cool about it. When you are relaxed, your energy
is in a more trusting state. When you are stressed, you want to force things to happen,
and this causes delays. Strengthen your faith by believing that everything your heart
desires is on the way.


Physical — Optimize Your Physical Body for More Energy
Are you energized and ready to manifest? As you work on the mental energy to
manifest what you want, you must also remember how important it is to have physical
energy. When you feel good about yourself, you are happier, more creative, and ready
to receive. The goal is to raise your vibration: not only on the mental plane, but on the
physical, as well.
Having energy is important in this world. We know that health and wellness are
key to an optimal life. When you have more energy, you can do more creative work
and feel confident in your ability to produce. If you feel tired and don’t take care of
yourself, your confidence in yourself will be lower. You have to take care of your
physical body so you can pull in more universal energy to create the reality you want.
It’s crucial to know the importance of deep breathing, spending time in nature, and
consuming nutrient-dense foods. There are several ways to raise your physical energy,
and the first step is to be real with yourself about what you consume. Think about
what you put into your body. Is it giving you more energy, or is it making you tired
and depleted ?

Energy State and Nourishment
The fastest way to increase your vibration is to consume food that’s filled with
vital energy. Energy is the core substance of everything in the universe. Without
energy, there would be no life. Understanding how energy frequencies work is
important for your well-being, because when your energy isn’t vibrating correctly, you
are more vulnerable to disease, negative thinking, and feeling down. Plants are filled
with vital energy from the sun, which your body naturally understands. The more you
consume nutrient-dense foods, the more positive, energized, and vital you’ll feel. My
thoughts, my body, and my mind have transformed ever since I implemented nutrientdense foods in my diet.
The higher your energy, the more you can do. This is why it’s important to
understand the benefits of everything you consume. Green vegetables and leafy greens
are wonderful for your energy state. They contain chlorophyll, which absorbs sunlight
—and we know how powerful the sun’s energy is! The cells of plants are like batteries
that can instantly rev up your body’s energy. Other great energy boosters with
chlorophyll include wheatgrass, sprouts, spirulina, and blue-green algae. Fruits freshly
picked from trees also contain high energy, since they get the full benefit of sunlight.
Eating them raw or juicing them can instantly raise your vibration.
Throw dark leafy greens into the juicer or blender, and out comes an easy-todrink, easy-to-digest, immediately-absorbed energy source. This, above all else, is my
favorite way to raise my energy and awareness through food. When I feel low on
energy, I make one of these smoothies or juices, and I instantly feel the difference.
You’d be surprised at how delicious and satisfying juices and smoothies can be .

There are also a lot of healthy recipe books that can give you thousands of
nutrient-dense meals to make on your journey to switching up your lifestyle. Always
find out what works for you, and how you can make changes that naturally support
your body and well-being.
When I eliminated foods high in sugar and all things processed, my mental state
changed. I did a lot of research to discover what worked best for my body. You can do
the same. Spend a day figuring out what you want to remove, and what you want to
add into your diet. The first step is eliminating processed foods and anything high in
sugar, which zaps your energy. We all naturally and intuitively know what isn’t good
for us and what works well for us. Trust your inner guidance when it comes to what
resonates with your body. Different things work for different people.
The results I got after eliminating processed foods and sugar and introducing food
from the earth such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds were tremendously different. I
saw that I had more clarity, inner peace, and happiness. I also noticed that I was more
creative and energized. Mental fog and lack of focus disappear when you eliminate
foods that don’t provide you with any nutritional value. It is very important to take
care of your physical body during this process of manifesting what you want. The
more you step it up in all areas of your life, the more you can do for yourself and
others. Take these steps today to start increasing your vibration and realigning with
yourself. Feed your body the best foods. Nourish yourself, and know that everything
you put inside should be adding to your wellness and energy .

My Personal Wellness Routine
I will share with you my personal routine that helps keep my vibration up.
Hopefully, this will help you during your manifestation process.
First things first. I love green smoothies and juices. I will share with you a recipe
I make on a consistent basis to keep my energy high. I usually start my morning with
visualization and deep breathing. I command my day, and speak health, happiness,
peace, love, and blessings over my experience. I made it a habit to focus my energy to
speak my day into existence.
Avoid looking at your phone when you wake up. Texts, emails, and social media
can wait. You need to prioritize you , and give yourself sacred space to be with yourself
before you begin your day. Don’t say you don’t have time, either—you can always
make time for what you truly want to do. Now is the time to create healthy habits.
After I am done commanding my day, I start by drinking hot water and lemon.
After that, I wait 30 minutes and make my breakfast, which is a powerful green
smoothie, rich and jam-packed with nutrients. Morning is a great time for me, because
I start my day visualizing what I want to experience and filling my body up with
universal energy through deep breathing. I also try to read for 15 to 30 minutes to get
my mind and energy aligned with what I want to experience and manifest. I always
remind myself that my attention is my power, and I use my personal morning time to
empower myself. Once I have taken care of myself mentally, I start the process of
nourishing my body .

As I have mentioned, I drink a powerful green smoothie for breakfast. Check out
my recipe below. I also make salads, plant-based dishes, and plenty of juices
throughout the day to keep me going. I follow a plant-based diet, which I discovered
works best for me. Please do what works best for your body. You are intuitive, and
once you clear out the junk, you will begin to discover what kinds of food benefit you
the most. The recipe I have shared below will serve as an added bonus in your diet, so
you, too, can have a nutrient-packed smoothie.

My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe
Green Kale, Purple Kale, Mixed Sprouts, Cucumber, Rainbow Chard, Rainbow
Carrots, Spinach, Arugula, Spring Mix, Avocado, Chia Seeds, Lecithin Powder,
Chlorella Powder, Spirulina Powder, Maca Powder, Garden of Life TM Vanilla Protein
Powder, and Apple Juice.
During the process of optimizing your physical body, be sure to add new and
healthy recipes into your diet. When you are prepared, you have a better chance of
succeeding. Do your research, and have fun when it comes to mixing things up and
trying a variety of dishes. You’ll find plenty of healthy meals when you invest in your
physical wellness. Enjoy being optimal!


Five Ways to Raise Your Vibration
During the Manifestation Process
Raising your vibration means eliminating anything and everything that drains
your energy or makes you feel low. It’s so important to understand that your vibration
is the inner frequency you hold which aligns you with your outer reality. Science has
proven that nothing is solid, and that everything is energy vibrating at varying
Understanding how energy works will increase the quality of your life. When you
feel good or happy, you attract positive experiences. When you feel down or low, you
attract negative experiences. Learning how to keep your vibration high is knowing that
you have the power to change how you experience your life. When you are in a highvibrational state, you are much more connected to your inner self, and your primary
focus is to live a purposeful, loving, and meaningful life. Learning to eliminate what’s
keeping you stagnant will free up your energy to reach the next level of your growth.

Mental Cleanse
Doing a mental cleanse involves being conscious of the thoughts to which you
give your energy, and actively eliminating those that don’t serve you. It is so important
to do a mental cleanse as often as possible to increase your vibration. Your mind is the
number one place where your energy can be zapped or lowered. This can happen
through negative thoughts, overthinking, or being pessimistic about what you can
accomplish. If your thoughts are constantly taking you to the past, where you feel
regret or pain about something that has happened to you, then it is time to start
forgiving yourself so you can be free from it. You have to forgive others, too—for
your own mental well-being. You can’t carry the burden of playing the same thing
over and over again mentally, even though you’re no longer going through it
physically. Release yourself from it, and free up some energy to start investing in your
A big part of the mental cleanse is realizing that what you give your attention to is
either helping you increase your vibration or lowering your energy. The news can be a
big trigger for a lot of people, causing them to feel fearful, sad, or angry about what is
going on in the world. Yes, there are so many things happening—but we have to
remember that in order to make a global impact, we must begin to make personal
changes in our own lives. How can we change the world if we are constantly
projecting fear, negativity, and hopelessness? It is our duty to be responsible for our
own energy state and how it affects the collective. Once we are in harmony with the
energy of peace and love, we can actually tune into a state that offers solutions on a
global level.
With this understanding, you can start analyzing the other ways you’re currently
using your mental energy. Do you constantly tune into drama? What do you do with

your spare time? Do you focus on personal development and self-improvement? You
truly have the choice to do anything you want with your time. How you use that
energy determines the results you get out of life. Mentally start tuning into what makes
you feel good. Say kind words to yourself. Listen to music that makes your soul move.
Watch movies that bring happiness and joy to your life. Have enriching conversations
with yourself and others. As you start to do what makes you happy, you’ll start feeling
your energy go up. Once you feel good about yourself, the universe quickly begins to
respond to your frequency.

Spend Time in Nature
I love spending time in nature, because it connects me to the highest frequency
and energy of the earth. I feel grounded and more abundant. One thing I love doing is
seeing the abundance that surrounds me. There is no limitation in nature. You can find
different designs, colors, and beauty everywhere. Nature reminds me that there is no
shortage of abundance. The Creator is the best designer and giver of life and beauty. I
always affirm I am abundant as I walk through nature. I also walk barefoot to connect
directly with the earth. If you can, go out into nature as often as possible. Spend time
near the water, trees, and wilderness. You will be cleansed and renewed by the
powerful energy contained within those spaces. Nature is powerful. It speaks a
language that doesn’t require words. Getting away from your busy life will help you
connect with your soul and release anything keeping you resistant to the flow of life .
Nature releases powerful negative ions that enhance mood, stimulate the senses,
and improve overall wellness. Negative ions increase your brainwaves, which results
in a higher level of awareness. When you’re out in nature, high levels of oxygen are
absorbed into the blood cells and oxidize serotonin. Negative ions are considered a
natural healer and mood enhancer, and are most commonly found near mountains,
lakes, oceans, forests, waterfalls, and less-populated environments with lots of plants.
I’m sure you know how great you feel after spending some time in nature. Make it a
habit to go out there as much as possible. Connect back with nature; connect back with

Say Nothing Negative for 24 Hours
Saying nothing negative for 24 hours will help you become more conscious about
the things you say to yourself and to others. This is a wonderful exercise that you can
do by yourself or with someone else. A lot of the time, we don’t even realize how
many negative things we say. Always keep the power of your words in mind.
You speak everything you say into existence. When I first decided to do this
exercise, I noticed I was more present and conscious when I spoke to others, and even
in my own inner dialogue. So many times, I have had conversations with people who
spoke negatively about themselves and their goals. I would always remind them to be
aware of the words they were choosing to speak into reality. Words have a powerful
frequency behind them. They carry an energy that can alter your reality completely.
This all depends on the words you are primarily using to express yourself. Are you

using words that can help you or harm you? Once you become aware of this power,
you’ll start using it to change your life.
All your conversations should be empowered by this thought: I am going to speak
what I want to manifest . One cool thing I like to do is help guide conversations into a
positive space. When someone is complaining, I always ask him or her to tell me what
they want to manifest instead. I help them take their thoughts out of what is wrong, so
they can direct their energy toward what they actually want. This is a tip you can also
use with others during your 24-hour exercise of saying nothing negative.
Always remember that the power of sound is conditioning your mind to
constantly experience what you speak. The words you speak to others (or yourself) can
actually weaken your vibration and cause you not to feel good. Your words guide your
mind and body toward the experiences you want to have. This is why, when you speak
kind words, everything starts to make you feel good. The energy is attracting itself.
During your 24 hours, start saying more kind things to yourself and others. Use your
words to empower yourself. Affirm exactly what you want to experience. Change the
words you speak, and everything around you will change.
The goal of this exercise is for you to be mindful of your inner dialogue and the
conversations you have with others. This is an exercise you can do as often as you like
until you get good at speaking what you want into existence on a consistent basis.
Remember, you are always giving life to the things you want to manifest through your
words .

Accomplish the Goals You Set for Yourself
Learning to accomplish the goals you set for yourself will easily increase your
vibration. I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of joy and happiness you get when
you’ve accomplished a goal. It is such a powerful feeling to know that you can do
anything by taking action. However, many people set goals for themselves and never
accomplish them. Each time you don’t accomplish a goal, you start to feel badly about
yourself. This is how negative thoughts and doubt start to seep in, possibly making
you feel like you’re not good enough. To initiate a shift in your energy state, start
setting goals you know you will accomplish. This will help you build momentum, and
it will actually make you feel good about yourself. Set daily, monthly, quarterly, and
annual goals you know you’ll accomplish. Start taking action, and you’ll see your life

Self-love is the highest frequency for attracting to you everything you want.
When you declare that you want better through action, the universe shows up to guide
you in receiving what you want. Self-care is a form of self-respect. Give yourself the
space to get clear about what you want. Taking time for yourself doesn’t mean that
you don’t care about others. You have to be your greatest for yourself first, before you
can give back to others. When you are in this transformative phase, your mind and
body are going through a lot of changes. You are relearning how to guide your mental

energy and use it to manifest what you want. This is where it becomes crucial to spend
more time taking care of yourself, so you can be very clear about your visions .
Self-care is about taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Do something that
makes you feel good and relaxed. A massage is a great way to take care of your body
while also promoting a relaxed state. I like to use my massage time to visualize, and
fall deep into a relaxing trance. This is a time when you can listen to your inner
guidance and what it has to say. You intuition is very powerful, and when all the noise
gets quiet, you will begin to hear your inner self. Your inner voice is always trying to
guide you. Tune into it. Connect with it. Be patient and loving to yourself.
Apply affirmations to strengthen your mindset to believe in your goals. Spend
five minutes looking in the mirror and speaking loving, encouraging words to yourself.
This mirror technique will help you love yourself more and connect with the inner
light and beauty that you are. Don’t be afraid to look yourself in the eye, and tell
yourself you are great and that you are good enough. When you nurture yourself, your
inner light begins to glow. Your confidence and self-love will shine from the inside
out, because you believe in yourself. This is a big part of the manifestation process,
because it shows that you feel worthy of receiving what you ask for. When you own
your greatness, great things begin to happen in your life.
I hope these five steps have provided you with some insight as to how you can
start increasing your vibration right now, so you can become more harmonious with
what you want to manifest. You have the choice to start implementing these changes at
this very moment. To know is one thing, but to do is where all the magic happens . I
hope this helps you reach the next level in your growth.


Spirit - You Are Beyond the Physical
Birth and death are the greatest reminders that we are beyond the physical. If you
pay close attention, you’ll notice that everything about you is beyond the physical.
Your thoughts, imagination, and that which sustains you can’t be seen. Knowing that
you are beyond the physical is an empowering feeling that can help you learn to go
with the flow instead of taking everything in life so seriously. Everything passes on. I
always ask myself, “Where was I before I was born?” This profound question
automatically connects me back to my spirit. You are beyond the physical, and the
realities of death and leaving the physical body serve as a reminder that you are
flowing, animated, and present in your human form right now. The more you
remember who you truly are, the more you can snap out of earthly illusions and focus
on living a more meaningful life filled with purpose.
Think about how easily you breathe without concerning yourself with your next
breath. You can cultivate an underlying trust without worrying about how things work.
You don’t know how the sun will rise in the morning, but you trust that it will.
Everything in life is miraculous. You have to put your attention and mind on how
much the source of life endlessly gives and provides for us all. If you put your trust in
this kind of power, you will never have to worry about how things will happen for you
Miracles and unexpected blessings happen on a daily basis. Switch your mindset
to the abundance that surrounds you. Take a moment to watch how precisely the
universe functions without a single error. Look at the way the ocean flows. Look at the
endlessness of the sky. Stare at the stars. Get out of your mind for once, and be present
with the blessings that already surround you. To remember your spirit, you have to
notice the everyday miracles that happen in the universe and in your life. An
awareness of subtle energies allows you to notice the flow of things. When you
remember your spirit, you will begin to awaken and recognize that you are a powerful
Everything you imagine, visualize, and think has the potential to be your reality.
You have been creating your entire life up to this point. Nothing is by chance or a
coincidence. The moments you have found challenging have only strengthened you.
What was removed from your life served to teach you about the goodness you actually
deserve. Every aspect of life is just. It is not about judging what is happening, but
rather accepting what the lessons are, what they are teaching you, and what you can
learn from the experience.
When you want to create your vision and manifest something, you have to learn
to let it go and trust in the unseen to provide. As your manifestations are aligning, be
in an energetic state of receiving. Do your mindset, habits, and behaviors match what
you want to manifest? Do you feel like you are ready to let go and step up into a new
frequency? It is all up to you to be prepared to receive. The universe will make the

delivery, and during the time between the setting of your intention and the
manifestation of your goal, remain patient and keep believing. Trust that it is arriving
as easily as your next breath .

Centering Yourself
Be at peace, and center your emotions so you can attract what you want. We all
have the ability to manifest our reality. There’s nothing stopping you from creating
your experience. You do it every day with your mind. You see more of what you think
about. You experience more of what you put your energy into. The point is to start
doing it at will, and to get the best out of your mind’s own power. Manifesting is
believing in yourself and knowing that you can experience the reality you want. When
you’re in a high-energy state, you easily draw to yourself the experiences you want
because you FEEL good. Emotions play a major role in the manifesting process.
The most important lesson I’ve learned in the process of manifesting is getting
my feelings in check. Sometimes, we want certain things to happen in our lives, but
we sabotage the manifestations with our emotions of fear, doubt, and lack of trust.
These emotions will usually block our natural ability to receive. We’re all in the flow.
The more we learn to trust, let go, and be open to what can happen, the easier the
process of manifesting becomes.
Our feelings are great indicators of what is going on internally that we need to
check on. Thoughts usually trigger an emotion, and that emotion goes back to trigger
more of the same thoughts. If you feel low, you have to start diving into your belief
system, past experiences, and subconscious mind to discover what is causing the
resistance. Once you identify the cause, you can change it by speaking, thinking, and
feeling a new thought pattern.
The only difference between you and any other successful person (or someone
with a great relationship, or someone who manifests their reality effortlessly) is where
they’re at with their emotions and beliefs. People who feel good in all circumstances
usually have more power to believe that what they’re going through at any given
moment isn’t their final destination. They have a vision in mind, and that’s all they
focus on. You have to learn how to stay positive and calm in all situations. Don’t let
your current circumstances make you believe that you can’t have better. Your mindset
is more important than what’s happening. It’s not always about being positive and
having good vibes; it’s not like life doesn’t throw challenges and test your way. Things
always happen. It is up to us to choose how we react and respond.
Reality is truly what you want it to be . Disconnect yourself from acting as an
emotional button to external circumstances. Don’t be swayed left or right. Be centered.
Be at peace. Be hopeful. A believer is a visionary; they see in their mind’s eye their
true reality. They hold onto it until it happens. They are the true creators of their
reality. Start manifesting and living the life you want by aligning your emotions with
your visions. Be the one who decides how you want to feel. The more you master
yourself, the better you become at creating what you want.
You must discipline your mind to avoid focusing on the how, why, and when.

These are not matters you need concern yourself with; indeed, obsessing over these
details can slow down manifestation. Do not doubt that your manifestations will
happen. This can affect the universal balance and prevent your dreams from becoming
a reality. You cannot simultaneously believe that something will happen and that it will
not. The two types of thought will cancel each other out.
You cannot set positive intentions for yourself and do the opposite. The law of
manifestation does not operate like this. It is vital, therefore, that in addition to clear,
focused thoughts, your actions toward others, toward nature, and toward the universe
are well-intentioned and wholesome. Ensure that your predominant qualities are
kindness, compassion, respect, tolerance, happiness, gratefulness, understanding, and
Start being grateful for everything in your life. When you’re manifesting, you
have no time for losing energy to ungratefulness and lack. Give out the beautiful
energy you want to get back. The action part is being open to opportunities that show
up, and taking steps to execute them. There will be a lot of signs on what to do, so be
on the lookout.
As you are manifesting, make sure you’re not being hard on yourself or taking
things too seriously. The point of being here on earth is to enjoy life and remember
that we are also creating our experiences. When you learn that you can do this,
everything becomes fun. Be in a joyous spirit, and never take anything so personally
that you become identified with it and allow it to limit your ability to do more. When
you begin to master your own mind, you will know that all situations and
circumstances depend upon your perception for a response. Everything is about how
you decide to react to things. Be centered and easygoing so you can flow with the
universe. You are a magical being. You are a powerful source. Everything starts with
you .

Trusting the Unseen
I am sure you have been in situations in which something you wanted manifested
unexpectedly. You probably have met someone who changed your life in the most
unusual way. This is the power of trusting the unseen. When you want to manifest
something, you have to start operating on a spiritual level. You can’t expect to know
exactly how something will happen. If you knew, you would probably limit yourself to
a comfortable position. This is why the universe works in mysterious ways. You get
aligned to people, opportunities, and great blessings in ways you can’t predict. It just
happens, and you’re in the right place at the right time. This is the kind of power that
is supporting you. This is the source that is with you, and has access to a greater
vision. When you trust in it, you will see yourself succeeding and creating the life you
People who want to control how something happens limit themselves to what
they already know. Your mind has to be able to flow with the universe in order to be
able to receive unexpectedly. What the source wants to provide for you might be
bigger and better than what you think you need and deserve. When you set your
intention on manifesting, put it into the hands of the source. Let the alignments

happen. Let yourself be surprised. When you trust in the unseen, you trust in your
ability to manifest. Lose the feeling of having to obsess over how and when something
will happen. Don’t limit yourself. Believe in your greatest vision, and trust that the
universe will assist you in manifesting it.
After you have put your manifestation out into the universe, start relaxing and
being happy about it. Smile and be joyous. Do things that make you happy along the
way. When you are in a happy state and you feel good about your manifestation, the
universe pulls it toward you more quickly. Allow the universe to do its part while you
are enjoying life. Believe that everything is on its way. How would you feel if you
manifested what you wanted right now? Make that feeling of receiving your blessings
more real for you. I always smile and say thank you, universe, for blessing me over and
over again. Do this throughout the day. Thank the universe for providing for you and
nurturing you. Be in a grateful state.


Welcome New Energy
The results you’ll get from this book will change everything in your life. You are
upgrading yourself and welcoming new energy. You are shifting your mindset and how
you do things. You’ll notice changes in your relationships, how you carry yourself, and
the things you attract into your life. There will be new energy entering your life, since
you are working on releasing old thought patterns, negative beliefs, and any
limitations that once stood in your way. Your changes will inspire a whole new reality
and way of handling things. You will become stronger and able to achieve more. You
will not tolerate wasting your energy and time. You will start to prioritize what and
who adds value to your life. Now that you have learned how important your mental
energy is, you’ll no longer be giving it away to negativity or people who used to drain

When You Shift, So Does Everything Else
Change starts with you. The people in your life and the situations you’re
experiencing are things you have attracted. You will only begin to appreciate this
understanding when you finally see the kinds of people and opportunities you can
attract. During the process of investing your energy into getting better, you’ll notice
that you begin to outgrow what doesn’t help you evolve naturally .
I always say, don’t force yourself to cut people off—just work on yourself. The
frequency of the relationship will naturally shift, and you will no longer will be
interested in continuing. New people will arrive. Be okay with letting go of the past
and things that have become stagnant. If someone wants to change, they will change.
Don’t force yourself to make anyone grow. People who are ready to step it up will.
Though it is exciting to share this wisdom with people and tell them that they are
powerful and can create their own reality, most people will have to decide for
themselves to do the inner work. It’s great to know that you can change your reality
and manifest what you want, but it’s another thing to come face to face with thought
patterns that no longer serve you. Inner work requires dedication, passion, and
consistency. This is accepting that you are responsible for what you create in this life,
and that you are ready to consciously attract what you want.
During your manifestation process, I want you to commit to your vision and to
really clearing things out of your life. When you take care of your mental, physical,
and spiritual self, you will notice great rewards and benefits. Be patient with yourself
throughout this process. There will be a lot of energy shifts and an end to the old ways.
You don’t have to speak about it. Let your results speak for themselves. Be low-key,
and invest that energy in your growth.
When you are manifesting, don’t speak about it unless the person has high energy
and they believe in themselves. Most people who don’t believe in themselves will
think what you’re doing is odd, or they will try to discourage you. They will even tell

you to be realistic. What does “being realistic” mean, anyway? Life is proof enough
that everything is magical and miraculous. You have an imagination for a reason.
Never be discouraged by anyone who doesn’t believe in you.
This is why I believe in letting your reality and the things you’re creating speak
for themselves. Be your own mastermind, and feed your visions with faith on a daily
basis. For so many years, people have talked down to others with great ideas, only
because they didn’t think something was possible. What others think has nothing to do
with “reality.” You decide what is real for you. You decide what you can visualize and
create. Nobody can do that for you. Keep things to yourself until they manifest. Only
share your manifestation goals with someone who is very positive, happy, and
supportive. These kinds of people will help you with your vision by further
encouraging you and keeping you focused.
If the people who doubt you or bring negativity are family members, don’t allow
yourself to take what they say personally. The more you stop energetically resisting or
pushing them away, the less they will bother you. Just smile, and know that everything
you’re working on is happening on the mental plane and getting ready to manifest into
the physical. Pray for those who doubt you. They need it the most, because they have
failed to know what the power of the mind and imagination can create for those who
believe in what is possible. Simply send love to them mentally, even when they try to
push their negativity on you.
Don’t forget, your inner reality belongs to you. Nothing anyone says or does can
come through and stay without your permission. Don’t give anyone power over you.
Let people think and say what they want. Just stay positive, and love those who are
hard to love. You are too busy to be distracted from your goals. Keep your frequency
high. Stay centered and calm during challenging situations, especially when you feel a
lot of doubt or fear. Step back and away from everything and read your manifestation
journal. You have visions to manifest; you don’t have time to entertain negativity or
During your manifestation process, remove yourself from toxic environments and
situations that lower your vibrations. Don’t worry about what falls apart during this
time. Keep your mind focused on what you’re grateful for and what is coming. When
you ask for something better, new space needs to be created for a fresh start. Be okay
with what exits, and be welcoming to what enters. Make a conscious effort to change
and move into something bigger and better. When you start upgrading your mindset,
new energy will enter your life. Be ready to receive, because it is on the way.


Manifest Now Technique
- Seven-Day Speed Manifestation First and foremost, I’d like to give you a little warning that this technique will
literally help you manifest what you want extremely quickly. When I first did it for
seven days, I started receiving what I wanted within two days. I was initially blown
away by it, and it even made me sit for a moment in awe of the vast powers to which
we have access. I noticed that the universe responds right away when you speak, think,
and feel things in urgency. When there is a high level of focus and clear feelings and
thoughts invested in the results, everything starts to happen right away.
The Manifest Now technique is about receiving now. It’s about owning the state
and feeling the results now. When we harness our internal state in this moment to
manifest what we want, we receive it more quickly. If we say three months from now or
one year from now , we don’t hold the same intensity on the vision and goal we want
to receive right away. Of course, you can have long-term goals, but this is all about
manifesting now. Live, feel, think, and believe in what you want to manifest right now.
When you apply the Manifest Now technique, you’ll notice instant results
happening right away. You’ll proba