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Mariam Shedid
This is probably one of the most beautiful stories ever. Just all the different types of love shown in this and the sacrifices you make for these types of love is just amazing. Highly recommended.
22 November 2020 (09:19) 
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"Selflessness. This should be the basis of every relationship. If the person truly cares about you, they'll get more pleasure from the way they make you feel rather than the way you make them feel."

What comes first, your family or that particular person who understand you in the most innate way possible?

Good god! I might have to strike out my dislike towards the romance genre. CoHo has rekindled my long lost interest in romance. I had loved Layla by the same author due to the addictive writing style and unique plot. But this book was just so different.

Being a book of the YA/NA genre, I had expected it would contain cheesy dialogues and detailed descriptions of 'passionate experiences'. But, his was certainly not any of that. The characters are definitely mature and know what true love is.

By love, I mean both romance and love towards family. I'm not giving an overview of the plot, JUST PICK IT UP ALREADY!

Both the characters, Owen and Auburn have hardened pasts, they hold secrets that are buried deep within their soul. They sacrifice themselves so much, that it hurts for them as well as for the readers. Both of them understand each other as if they have been living together for a long time. Circumstances and love keep them apart, but they will eventually find each other.

Collen Hoover's bestseller unfolds a deep , evocative romance which is build on a solid foundation, a foundation of trust and selflessness.

Extend your arms to Confess and experience the kind of love that exists deep within the chambers of your heart

14 January 2021 (14:33) 

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