Main Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

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Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Fifth Edition, is an ideal text for the complete study of displacements, velocities, accelerations, and static and dynamic forces required for the proper design of mechanical linkages, cams, and geared systems. The authors present the background, notation, and nomenclature essential for students to understand the various independent technical approaches that exist in the field of mechanisms, kinematics, and dynamics. The fifth edition features streamlined coverage and substantially revised worked examples. This latest edition also includes a greater number of problems, suitable for in-class discussion or homework, at the end of each chapter.


* Offers balanced coverage of all topics by both graphic and analytic methods

* Covers all major analytic approaches

* Provides high-accuracy graphical solutions to exercises, by use of CAD software

* Includes the method of kinematic coefficients and also integrates the coverage of linkages, cams, and geared systems

* An Ancillary Resource Center (ARC) offers an Instructor's Solutions Manual, solutions to 100 of the problems from the text using MatLab, and PowerPoint lecture slides

* A Companion Website includes more than 100 animations of key figures from the text
Oxford University Press
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Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, 2017_(John J. Uicker, Jr., Gordon R. Pennock, Joseph E. Shigley).pdf
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Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, 5th-2017_(John J. Uicker, Jr., Gordon R. Pennock, Joseph E. Shigley).pdf
pages: 977
01 April 2020 (04:08) 
Amazing site guys never found a site like this!!!
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Nicholas Korsah
I want explanation,examples and solutions of space diagrams and velocity diagrams
03 November 2020 (21:53) 
German Cifuentes
I want world peace, Nicholas :/
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Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, 5th, Very Professional
25 February 2021 (11:05) 

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