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The Divination Handbook is a modern seer's guide to developing your intuitive abilities and mastering time-honored techniques used for fortune-telling and prediction.

With this guide, you'll learn how to use tarot, crystals, palmistry, and more to part the veils between the realms. Learn to understand the deeper meaning of ordinary events—and reveal what your future may hold.

Lavishly illustrated, The Divination Handbook presents to you over a dozen oracles of the ancients, from palm-reading and tea leaves, to fortune-telling with cards, runes, and crystals.

Step-by-step illustrations guide you through the methods, and helpful tables and reference charts show you how to understand and decipher common psychic symbols. Learn the stories and meanings in everyday objects—such as patterns of tea leaves and coffee grounds in a cup—or delve deeper into esoteric traditions like the tarot.

With The Divination Handbook, you'll never be at a loss for answers and guidance to your most pressing questions.
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Liz Dean's magnum opus clearly presents almost all details of the occult sciences especially Palmistry....
09 February 2019 (18:49) 
Very nice intro to pretty much everything in the arts of divinitation, posterior reading required.
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please make this able to convert to a pdf

26 March 2021 (19:33) 
Make it a PDF Please!!
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please make it a PDF
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Read era is an app that reads almost all formats of documents available.. if you are some one who use this website a lot
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use the calibre on PC. you can convert an epub into pdf.
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Numerology is the art of number interpretation. Numbers are believed to have unique energetic signatures, which have meaning—and these meanings reveal much about your future potential and character.

In modern numerology, we primarily use the numbers 1 through 9, each of which has a unique vibration. Numbers 11 and 22, known as master numbers, are also included, as it’s believed they have an intense vibration: 11 and 22 may mean you have a deep calling and the potential to make a significant contribution, although certain sacrifices may be needed along the way.

So, in total, there are 11 number profiles given, but you have more than one number. Numerology gives you a way to calculate a whole series of numbers that reflect your inner and outer selves, and to help you to divine your future prospects.

How to Calculate Your Numbers

All you need is your date of birth and your name, from which you can calculate your Life Path number, Destiny number, Soul number, and Personality numbers; it’s a matter of adding together the numbers in your birth date, reducing them to a single digit (or in some cases, including 11 and 22), and looking up the numbers equivalent to the letters in your name. We use the whole name to calculate the Destiny number, only the consonants for the Personality numbers, and just the vowels for the Soul number—so your name alone holds a set of key numbers that unlock a meaning just for you.

Your Life Path Number: Life Direction

Your Life Path number is the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth, reduced to 1–9, 11, or 22. It reveals your life direction, showing how you might progress.

For example:

Date of birth: October 29, 1976

1 + 0 + 2 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 35

3 + 5 = 8

So the Life Path number for this person is 8.

Also, take note of any repeating numbers in the date of birth. In this example, we have:

1 0 2 9 1 9 7 6

There are two number 9s, so 9 would be a secondary Life Path number, with 8 being the dominant number. In this c; ase, you would look up both 8 and 9 in the number interpretations.

Your Destiny Number: Life Lessons

Your Destiny number is the sum of numbers equivalent to your full name on your birth certificate, reduced to 1–9, 11, or 22. This number tells you about the lessons you learn throughout life. See the chart below to work out how all the letters in your name translate into numbers.







































PAUL = 7 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 14; 1 + 4 = 5

DAVID = 4 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 4 = 22; 2 + 2 = 4

MASON = 4 + 1 + 1 + 6 + 5 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8

5 + 4 + 8 = 17

1 + 7 = 8

Therefore Paul’s Destiny number is 8.

Your Soul Number: Your Deeper Self

Your Soul number is the sum of numbers equivalent to the vowels in your full name on your birth certificate, reduced to 1–9, 11, or 22. The Soul number signifies your deeper self and your intuitive desires.






































Full name: LAUREN TATE

LAUREN = 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 (counting only the vowels A, U, and E)

TATE = 1 + 5 = 6

9 + 6 = 15

1 + 5 = 6

So Lauren’s Soul number is 6.

Note that W and Y also count as vowels, but only in certain instances.

• Y is a vowel when it is sounded as an I, for example in Bryn; and when it comes after a vowel and informs that vowel’s sound, such as in Hayford (the Y makes the long a sound).

• W is a vowel when it comes after a vowel and informs that vowel’s sound, as in Jewell or Howard.

Your Personality Numbers: Facets of Your Personality

Personality numbers are calculated by adding up numbers equivalent to the consonants in your full name, acquired name(s), and nickname(s). These numbers reflect the different faces you show to the world—at work and in personal relationships, for example. Add together the consonants’ numbers for each name and write them down.






































Work name: Samantha

1 + 4 +5 + 2 + 8 = 20 (counting only the consonants S, M, N, T and H)

2 + 0 = 2

Friends and family name: Sam

1 + 4 = 5

Name used for freelance photography business: Samantha Fry

1 + 4 + 5 + 2 + 8 + 6 + 9 = 35

3 + 5 = 8

Note that the Y in Fry does not count as a vowel, so we only include the F and R in the surname.

At work, Samantha is a 2; with friends and family, a 5; and in her freelance photography work, an 8. One interpretation would be that in her day job, Samantha’s success depends upon cooperation and strong working partnerships (2), while her freelance business is a platform for great future achievement (8). As a 5 with friends and family, she shows the freedom-loving side of her personality, enjoying trips away, connecting easily with others, and being willing to take risks.

The Numbers

The Number 0

Zero expresses both nothing and all the other numbers; zero symbolizes infinite possibility. It cannot come up as one of your personal numbers, but it is worth noting if it appears in your date of birth. For example, if you were born on 10/10/2000, you would have five zeros, more than any number. This may indicate you have an all-or-nothing attitude and strong views. Also, given that nothing, or zero, is the goal of Zen, you may have a spiritual or philosophical nature.

Number 1: The Monad—Innovation

One represents light and the primal aspect of God or Source, symbolized by a dot within a circle, a concept attributed to the Pythagoreans. One is the number of unity, deity, and divine intelligence. One denotes oneness with the divine, singularity, action, beginnings, and opportunities. Ones are believed to be highly individual character types.

Symbol: A dot in the center of a circle

Best days of the month for 1 as Life Path: 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

Character influences: Ones are tenacious, focused, and single-minded. You can achieve great things because you are motivated to make things happen your way. You do not rely on others to fulfill all your needs, and you are willing to step out alone, which means taking certain risks. You may be a visionary entrepreneur, a leader, or simply someone who wishes to live in a way that suits you, regardless of pressure to conform. Because you have such a strong sense of self, others lean on you. Although you do not invite attention or seek power, you support others and will take on huge responsibility if the situation requires it. One also symbolizes divinity and Oneness with the universe. You nurture your own relationship with spirit.

Shadow character: Intolerance and stubbornness; disinterest in others’ opinions or advice; arrogance.

Advice: Have courage. Go your own way.

Number 2: The Duad—Empathy and Cooperation

Two is the number of equality and unity in diversity. Diversity encompasses the idea of two opposites, equality, justice, and fairness—seeing both sides of a situation. Twos often seek balance and harmony and have great empathy for others.

Symbol: The line (two points joined together)

Best days of the month for 2 as Life Path: 2nd, 11th, 20th

Character influences: Twos are inherently kind, with a high level of sensitivity to others. Twos thrive on social interaction and succeed professionally because they see both sides of a situation and make fair and honest assessments. In their personal lives, they may take on a challenging or unsuitable partner or friend because they prefer to see the best in people, even when this means they give more than they receive. They may avoid conflict and expend much time and energy healing others’ hurts. Making friends and new contacts comes easily to a Two, because they prioritize relationships and will always support and defend those they love.

Shadow character: Overgiving; giving too much weight to others’ opinions; fearing judgment.

Advice: Trust your intuition rather than feeling obliged to others.

Number 3: The Triad—Energy and Expression

Three was regarded as the perfect number by ancient philosophers. A symbol of fulfillment, the triangle was the subject of Pythagoras’s famous theorem; he also taught that three expressed the nature of the universe as Matter, Idea, and God. Three is the number of energy, enthusiasm, optimism, and fulfillment. Threes are often dynamic, expressive character types.

Symbol: The triangle

Best days of the month for 3 as Life Path: 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th

Character influences: Threes prize creativity and freedom, and you organize your life accordingly—so you can pursue what truly fascinates you. This makes for a roller-coaster existence, riding high one minute and feeling lost the next, but the optimistic Three recovers quickly, begins again, and is often successful. You need stimulation and distraction, so regular nine-to-five office work may not suit; you may prefer to travel for work or run your own projects or business. Threes are also great communicators and may excel at persuasion or direct selling, provided you believe in what you are offering.

Shadow character: Impulsiveness, overconfidence, impatience; lack of staying power.

Advice: Admit mistakes and see balance as a goal rather than a compromise.

Number 4: The Tetrad—Willpower and Order

Four denotes stability, structure, order, and willpower; it also signifies the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Fours are loyal and practical character types who focus on creating lasting emotional and financial security.

Symbol: The square

Best days of the month for 4 as Life Path: 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

Character influences: Order is important to a Four type, so you prefer to follow rather than flout the rules and work in environments in which conventional structures are essential to achievement. At work and at home, you do not turn away from tough work and the jobs others will not do, because you understand the value of these tasks in the greater scheme of supporting the whole. You may find fulfillment in spiritual service and enjoy being part of a large organization or network. Whatever your age, professional status, or time limitations, you do whatever needs to be done efficiently. Working as part of a team adds to your feeling of security. In relationships and friendships, Fours are outstandingly loyal and honest.

Shadow character: Lack of initiative; fussiness, martyrdom; difficulty adapting to new people or surroundings.

Advice: It’s fine not to follow every rule; do things your way, too.

Number 5: The Pentad—Expansion and Freedom

Five is the number of vitality, discovery, and the five senses. Five character types tend to be sensual, with great energy and curiosity.

Symbol: Pentagon, five-pointed star, or pyramid

Best days of the month for 5 as Life Path: 5th, 14th, 23rd

Character influences: Fives are the ultimate multitaskers, who try many things; you may not succeed in every challenge you take on, but what counts is the adventure. You thrive on tests of courage and can be led by your heart. Fives may have many passionate affairs and often have lots of good friends, as you easily connect with others and are genuinely interested in their lives. In your professional life, you make a great strategist; perceptive and fast-acting, you know how best to respond to a problem or opportunity. Fives also have the ability to make the most of any situation and often appreciate the simpler things in life.

Shadow character: Casual thoughtlessness, lack of consideration; irresponsibility.

Advice: Bring your focus to one or two goals and consistently pursue them.

Number 6: The Hexad—Love and Protection

Six is the number of happiness, love, and idealism. It also denotes harmony, due to its geometric shape—the hexagon is perfectly balanced. Sixes are loving and seek a peaceful life. They aim to act for the higher good and are often sensitive and imaginative.

Symbol: The hexagon, the Seal of Solomon (two intersecting triangles)

Best days of the month for 6 as Life Path: 6th, 15th, 24th

Character influences: The charitable Six enjoys giving to others and is motivated by love and the need for peaceful, caring relationships. If you have money, you are excited by what it can do to support those you love, how it might contribute to your community, and how it may help those who are less fortunate; wealth otherwise means little. This does not mean you are unambitious, however. You may be strongly motivated by creative projects, for example, but the goal is never financial. In relationships, you are loyal and caring, and you take your responsibility to others seriously.

Shadow character: Being too idealistic; neglecting good financial opportunities.

Advice: Avoid those who mistake your kindness for weakness.

Number 7: The Heptad—Mystery and Wisdom

Seven is the number of knowledge, self-discipline, mystery, and fate. Sevens often have great wisdom and the resilience to stand by their ideas.

Symbol: The heptagon

Best days of the month for 7 as Life Path: 7th, 16th, 25th

Character influences: Sevens are associated with philosophy, wisdom, and imagination. Small concerns may not be of interest to you; your remit is the mysteries of this world and what is beyond. Intellectually ambitious, you may be ahead of your time. As a result, you become strong, enduring the pain of being rejected or misunderstood, but you know you can contribute to society through the knowledge you have acquired, and have the determination to stand by your beliefs. You may be naturally reserved and recharge best in your own company.

Shadow character: Being overcritical; neglecting friendships; impracticality.

Advice: Focus on putting your knowledge into practice; manifest your ideas.

Number 8: The Ogdoad—Power and Success

Eight is the number of power in the material world. Eights are excellent organizers who achieve their goals.

Symbol: The cube (which has eight corners)

Best days of the month for 8 as Life Path: 8th, 17th, 26th

Character influences: Eights are practical, powerful, and determined to succeed; they often have a flair for business and are fast to react to an opportunity. Their focus is stability, but Eight character types can also embrace change because they respond brilliantly to it, reorganizing and adapting to create the security they value. They are kind and loving but tend not to fall in and out of love, because this invites disruption; they prefer to nurture a deep, constant bond with a long-term partner. In friendships, they are giving and supportive but know where to draw the line if they feel they are being manipulated.

Shadow character: Being domineering; tactlessness; overly materialistic.

Advice: Listen to others’ opinions; deepen your understanding.

Number 9: The Ennead—Spirituality and Courage

Nine is the number of intensity, courage, spirituality, genius, and boundaries. It is the last single-digit number before 10, said to hold the preceding numbers within itself. Nines are often inspired, highly intelligent people.

Symbol: The nonagon (nine-sided shape)

Best days of the month for 9 as Life Path: 9th, 18th, 27th

Character influences: The Nine personality is similar to that of number Seven—both types are cerebral, but the Nine has the advantage of genius. As a Nine, you may be the ideal mentor, consultant, counselor, or adviser, and you have the potential to make an outstanding contribution to your field of work. Success comes due to your inspiring ideas and sharp intellect, so you may rise quickly in your chosen profession. The Nine has the gift of discernment and knows how and where to direct his or her energy and attention. You are a supportive, sympathetic, and loyal friend, just like the Six.

Shadow character: Lack of focus; inconsistency; inability to complete anything.

Advice: With sustained effort, anything is possible.

Master Numbers

Numbers 11 and 22 are believed to have intense vibrations. These types are often associated with having an evolved awareness.

Number 11: Intuition

Eleven can be considered a doubly empowered One. As Ones are associated with leadership, ingenuity, and communication, at the level of Eleven, the influence of the One expands into global communities and can also signify great faith. Elevens are believed to be visionary and charismatic individuals.

Character influences: Eleven people often possess a special gift in a chosen subject area and a unique power of communication. You have the ability and drive to articulate your ideas, and you can passionately convince and motivate others. You have strong beliefs and values, and you’ll often put a cause above your own needs, making personal sacrifices in order to help others. Some Elevens are clairvoyants and healers and/or creative and artistic. You may feel a deep call to be of service to the world.

Shadow character: Overidentifying with a cause; lack of perspective; obsessiveness.

Advice: Temper your idealism so your goals remain realistic.

Number 22: Global Vision

Twenty-Two is known as the number of the master builder. It adds up to Four, the number of stability and structure, so whatever the Twenty-Two makes is designed to last. It may also be impressive, even a legacy for future generations. Twenty-Twos are therefore associated with power and the realization of a vision.

Character influences: Twenty-Two people materialize ideas; whatever you envision, you make. It is important that you see results, so you may direct your energies into a physical product, building, or other environment that represents your values and beliefs. Equally, you may put together a group or evolve a larger organization or business that delivers a service or lasting benefit to others. Twenty-Twos are therefore highly sensitive to others’ needs, with great empathy and compassion.

Shadow character: Stubbornness; lack of attention to important detail; intense anger.

Advice: Stay within reasonable boundaries; you don’t need to push so hard.

Significant Days

Take the whole date and add it to your Life Plan number. You can use this technique when looking at potential start dates for a new job or any venture. For example, if you wanted to know if a future date would be good for a wedding, add up the date:

September 22, 2019

9 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 25

2 + 5 = 7

A 7 is associated with the inner world rather than with togetherness or sociability. If you looked at September 21 instead, this gives a 6—the number of love and harmony, far more suited to a wedding.


	Starting a new job, project, business

	1, 8

	Celebrations: weddings, parties

	6, 3

	Romantic dates

	2, 6

	Tests and examinations

	7, 9

	Compiling tax returns


	Home remodeling



	5, 9


Numerology offers great insight into relationships. You will need your list of numbers, plus the full name and date of birth of your existing or potential mate. Calculate their numbers and compare them.

First, see if you have any common numbers and see where you differ. Experienced numerologists can offer detailed insights into compatibility, but you will get the feel of a relationship by comparing your digits. For example, if you had lots of 2s and 6s in your numerological makeup but your partner has 5s and 7s, this can say you value opposite things; you may be more sociable and peaceable, whereas your partner thrives on change and intellectual challenge. However, if your Soul numbers (calculated from the vowels in your names) were the same, this would suggest that there’s a deep soul connection between you that could make this relationship work.

Differing numbers do not have to mean challenges, however. Your comparable numbers can also show what attracts you to a partner: Just look at the numbers in your list and see which are missing. If your partner has your missing numbers, this can reveal that you get certain needs met through them, as it’s natural to seek out qualities in others that we lack (the same of course goes for friendships, too). If your partner had 1s and 8s, which are not present in your numbers, your partner may be a high achiever at work, and you’re attracted to the risk-taking aspect of his character.

A traditional list of harmonizing and conflicting numbers is below. Bear in mind that this is a broad interpretation, and that conflicting numbers do not have to be negatives; they can be lessons or growth opportunities. The numbers below show the people with whom you most naturally connect.













	3 and 5

3 and 9

1, 2, 5, and 9

6, 7, and 8

1 and 3

4, 7, and 8

4 and 6

4 and 6

2 and 3




5 and 9







crystal divination

agate, 17

Amazonite, 18

amber, 18

amethyst, 19

apatite, 19

aquamarine, 19

attuning, 12

aventurine, 20

bloodstone, 20

calcite, 20

carnelian, 21

casting, 12

celestite, 21

chalcedony, 21

chrysocolla, 22

chrysoprase, 22

citrine, 22

cleansing, 11

emerald, 23

fluorite, 23

garnet, 24

hematite, 24

Insight reading, 15

intention, 12

jade, 24

jasper, 25

jet, 25

kunzite, 26

labradorite, 26

lapis lazuli, 26

lepidolite, 27

malachite, 27

moonstone, 27

obsidian, 28

onyx, 28

opal, 29

Past, Present, Future reading, 16

quartz, 29

rhodochrosite, 31

rhodonite, 31

scrying with, 168

selenite, 31

sodalite, 32

sunstone, 32

supplies, 9

tiger’s eye, 32

tourmaline, 33

turquoise, 33

unakite, 33

Yes-No reading, 13


0 (zero), 150

1 (Monad), 151

2 (Duad), 152

3 (Triad), 153

4 (Tetrad), 154

5 (Pentad), 155

6 (Hexad), 156

7 (Heptad), 157

8 (Ogdoad), 158

9 (Ennead), 159

11 (Intuition), 160

22 (Global Vision), 161

compatible numbers, 162

Destiny number, 147

Life Path number, 146

Master Numbers, 160

Personality numbers, 146, 149

significant days, 162

Soul number, 146, 148, 162


chirognomy, 78, 80

chiromancy, 78, 92

crosses, 108, 109

fate line, 100

finger lengths, 88

fingertip markings, 82

gaps, 91

girdle of Venus, 106

Great Triangle, 108

grilles, 109

hand position, 80

hand shapes, 81

hand zones, 82

health line, 103

heart line, 98

intuition line, 104

leaning fingers, 91

left hand, 78

life line, 94

major lines, 92, 94

marriage line, 104

Mars line, 105

minor lines, 93, 102

mounts, 84

Mystic Cross, 108

palm prints, 92

phalanges, 90

rascettes, 107

right hand, 78

squares, 109

stars, 109

sun line, 102

time and, 78

timing and, 93, 105

triangles, 108, 109

pendulum divination

charts, 38

dowsing technique, 36

influencing, 37

supplies, 35

unclear answers, 37

rune divination

aetts, 43

Algiz, 51, 56

Ansuz, 45, 56

Berkana, 52, 56

blank runes, 42

Dagaz, 55, 56

Decision reading, 59

Ehwaz, 53, 56

Eihwaz, 50, 56

Elder Futhark, 42, 43

Fehu, 44, 56

Frey’s Aett, 43, 44, 56

Futhark variations, 41

Gebo, 47, 56

Grid of Destiny, 61

Hagalaz, 48, 56

Hagalaz’s Aett, 43, 48, 56

homemade runes, 42

Inguz, 54, 56

inverted meanings, 57

Isa, 49, 56

Jera, 49, 56

Kaunaz, 46, 56

Laguz, 54, 56

Mannaz, 53, 56

Nauthiz, 48, 56

Nine-Rune Cast, 60

Othila, 55, 56

Pertho, 50, 56

preparation, 57

Raido, 46, 56

Sowelo, 51, 56

Three Norns reading, 58

Thurisaz, 45, 56

Tiwaz, 52, 56

Tyr’s Aett, 43, 52, 56

upright meanings, 57

Uruz, 44, 56

Wunjo, 47, 56


color meanings, 172

crystal ball selection, 168

ending the session, 173

preparation, 169

session recordings, 166

symbol meanings, 172

technique, 170

timing of, 166

tarot divination

beginning steps, 113

card selection, 115

Celtic Cross spread, 118

Chariot card, 124

cleansing, 120

Cups cards, 132

Death card, 127

deck cleansing, 120

deck selection, 111

deck storage, 113

deck structure, 112

Devil card, 128

duplicates, 117

Emperor card, 123

Empress card, 122

first reading, 116

Fool card, 121

Hanged Man card, 127

Hermit card, 125

Hierophant card, 123

High Priestess card, 122

Judgement card, 131

Justice card, 126

Kings, 112

Knights, 112

Lovers card, 124

Magician card, 121

major arcana, 112, 116, 121

minor arcana, 112, 116, 132, 135, 138, 141

Moon card, 130

Pages, 112

Past, Present, Future spread, 117

Pentacle cards, 135

Queens, 112

questions, 114

reversed cards, 115

shuffling, 114

Star card, 129

Strength card, 125

Sun card, 130

Sword cards, 138

techniques, 116

Temperance card, 128

Tower card, 129

Universal Waite deck, 111

Wand cards, 141

Week Ahead spread, 119

Wheel of Fortune card, 126

World card, 131

tea divination

cup reading, 66

leaf reading, 64

symbol glossary, 68




[image: Image]

Tarot is for insight, guidance, inspiration, self-understanding, healing, and prediction. Working with tarot is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, because the cards connect you with your inner guidance—and your own life story. There are myriad decks available, and it’s important to choose a deck that calls to you. The tarot presented in these pages is the Universal Waite, which presents Pamela Colman Smith’s drawings recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts.

How the Deck Is Structured

The tarot deck comprises seventy-eight cards, divided into two groups, or arcana (arcana means “secret”). There are twenty-two major arcana cards, which can also be referred to as trumps or keys, and fifty-six minor arcana cards, arranged into four suits.

The twenty-two cards of the major arcana represent key turning points and decisions. If you’re a beginner, it can help to interpret the major arcana cards in your spread first, then move to the minors, as you’ll get the heart of the matter first. The majors are also a cycle, beginning with 0 The Fool, a beginning, and ending with XXI The World, or completion. The cards form a circle, known as the journey of The Fool, who travels through life physically and spiritually and is reborn with the World before he begins his journey again at zero. In this way, the numbers of the major arcana cards can show you where you are in any life phase. For example, cards with lower numbers, such as I or II, can give you the additional meaning of a new or young situation.

The fifty-six minor arcana cards are divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles (or Coins), Wands (or Staves), and Swords. The suits may vary depending on your deck.

The Court cards are the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of each suit. They can be interpreted as people or as situations.

• Pages represent young people or young situations, such as an application for a new job or a budding new idea.

• Knights represent action. The Knights of Wands and Swords take fast action, the Knight of Cups is less forceful, and the Knight of Pentacles is slower and more considered in his approach.

• Queens and Kings represent achievement; a King and a Queen in the same spread can signify a couple, particularly if these cards fall close to each other.

How to Begin

Find a quiet space with a clean, flat surface. If you are working with a new deck, sort your cards into their arcanum and suits. If they come supplied in order, touch each card in turn as you look at each image. This creates a physical link with every card. Holding your cards, set an intention that you are energetically connected to them, and that your readings are for the highest good. If you prefer, you can make a fan of the cards and hold it to your heart (with the card backs on the outside of the fan), then set your intention.

Store your cards by wrapping them in a reading cloth—a piece of fabric you lay the cards on when you read. Don’t allow other people to handle them casually.

Shuffling Your Question into the Cards

As you shuffle the deck, think of your question, imagining that your cards are absorbing the words. You can ask an open question such as, “What do I need to see/know today?” or make a request: “Tell me about X situation.” Repeat your question out loud or in your mind as you shuffle; stop when you are ready.

If you’re reading for someone else: Hand the deck to the person you are reading for—the questioner, or querent. Ask them to shuffle, thinking of their question or situation as they do so, then return the deck to you.

Choosing Cards for a Spread

There are three ways to do this:

1 Cutting the deck. Take the deck in your left hand and make three piles. Choose one pile, pick it up, and gather the remaining two piles under it, working from left to right.

If you’re reading for someone else: Ask them to make three piles with their left hand, choose a pile, then gather the remaining two piles under it as before. Take back the deck and hold it facedown, ready to deal the cards from the top of the pile.

2 Fanning the cards. Spread all the cards facedown in a fan shape and choose, with your left hand, the number of cards you’ll need for your spread.

If you’re reading for someone else: Fan out the cards and ask them to choose the cards for the reading with their left hand, then pass each card to you in turn to lay out in your spread.

3 Any way you like. Choose your cards at random, plucking a card from any place in the deck.

Reversed Cards

Every card has an upright meaning and a reversed meaning. You can choose to read the reversed meanings of the cards, but many readers prefer to turn any reversed cards the right way up and read them all upright.

When you turn your cards faceup to begin a reading, turn them side to side, rather than flipping them upside down. Otherwise your upright cards will appear reversed, and vice versa, which affects their meaning.

A First Reading: Essential Techniques

For this reading, we ask “What do I need to see?” The cards will reveal the key influences around you now. Reading a small number of cards without laying them in a defined spread offers a way for you to interpret them freely. You’ll get to see relationships between the majors and minors, and you’ll notice patterns, such as cards with the same number or suit. These are the essential techniques of the professional reader. As you practice, you will find that your intuitive response to the cards steps in, and you do not need to consciously think about technique. These examples, therefore, are starting points, a way to activate your creativity and intuition in ways that will make your readings unique to you.

Choose four cards from the deck and shuffle them, making your request to see whatever is important now, then choose your cards: Cut the deck, lay the cards out in a fan shape, or choose any card from the deck at random. Place your four chosen cards facedown in a row. When you are ready to begin, turn over all the cards.

For example:

[image: Image]

1 Look at the major arcana cards. We have one here, The World, so the focus is completion. This major card acts a theme for the reading—a project or goal is about to be achieved. Success and reward are coming.

2 Look at the minor arcana cards. Three suits are shown—Swords, Cups, and Pentacles—so it’s likely that the completion The World brings will benefit other areas of your life. Pentacles show money, so you may be paid when you complete the work; Cups reveal emotions, so this project may be close to your heart and bring personal fulfillment; while Swords represent thoughts and the intellect, showing that finishing the work or achieving the goal is an expression of your ideas, and now that the work is almost done, you will free up some much-needed mental space.

3 Look at duplicates. There are two Queens. These can represent two aspects of yourself—the Cups, your feelings, and the Coins, the material, worldly aspect. You’re in a powerful position financially and in a positive emotional space.

4 Look at the numbers on all four cards. In this example, note how The World’s number, XXI, symbolizes the other cards. It has two tens, a repeat number, suggesting the repeat of the two Queens in the reading. The 1 of XXI gives us the Ace of Swords, beginnings. The World, the card of completion, also signifies new beginnings, so you can interpret the Ace as a new start or project that is coming. You might also see the Ace as guidance. To get to your goal, be decisive, put your feelings to one side, and find the most efficient way to tie up loose ends.

Past, Present, Future

This spread is a tarot classic, and it’s one of the most direct methods for getting right to the heart of a question and seeing the potential outcome. You can use this spread to inquire about a specific situation—say, a project, relationship, or finances—or for general insight into the influences most affecting you now.

Shuffle your question or request into the cards, then choose three (from a fan, by cutting the deck, or choosing at random). Lay them out, facedown, in the following order. Turn them faceup one at a time, or turn them all faceup together—whatever feels right—and begin your interpretation (see the card meanings shown here).

[image: Image]


[image: Image]


[image: Image]


The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is the layout that professional readers turn to time and again. It gives more detail and context than the three-card reading, helping you see more aspects of your situation.

Shuffle and choose your cards, then lay the ten cards facedown. Turn over cards 1 to 6 and interpret them in turn, then turn over and interpret cards 7 through 10.

Card 1. Your current situation

Card 2. What is crossing or complementing you

Card 3. The best you can expect at present

Card 4. Hidden factors around you, or the “foundation,” the real reason for the reading

Card 5. Past events influencing the present*

Card 6. Your next move*

Card 7. How you see yourself; what you can do

Card 8. Your environment; how others see you

Card 9. Hopes and fears

Card 10. The most likely outcome

*Some readers reverse positions 5 and 6. They lay the central cross, then one card above it and one below, but then lay a card to the right, then a card to the left. You can try the spread in the card order shown above, then try swapping cards 5 and 6 and see how this affects your reading. Go with whatever layout works best for you.

[image: Image]

The Week Ahead

To look at the week ahead, shuffle and choose eight cards. First, lay down the Significator card facedown, followed by seven further cards in the order shown below. Keep the Significator facedown, but turn all the other cards faceup and interpret them. Finally, turn over the Significator; this gives you the overall theme of the week and helps you bring together the meanings of the other cards.

Significator: the general theme of the week

1 Monday

2 Wednesday

3 Friday

4 Sunday

5 Tuesday

6 Thursday

7 Saturday

[image: Image]

Cleansing Your Deck Between Readings

Cards absorb the energies of their environment and hold the emotion of a reading. So before you read, you’ll need to clear down your deck.

1 Go through the deck and turn any reversed the right way up.

2 Next, choose one or both of these instant cleansing techniques:

• Blowing: Hold your deck in one hand and flick it as you blow across it.

• Knocking: Hold the deck in one hand, with the cards facedown, and knock out unwanted energies with a firm, single knock on the top of the deck.

Card Meanings

The interpretations for the cards appear here, but also note your intuitive responses to your cards; it’s worth taking a note of your own impressions first, before reading the traditional card meanings here, which are for guidance rather than rote learning. Work in a way that feels right for you.

The Major Arcana


Keywords: Innocence, risk, beginnings.

The Fool represents a major new life chapter. This is your call to adventure, to journey into unknown territory through physical travel, or a new career or spiritual path; this adventure is not without risk, however. The cliffs represent danger; the mountains, challenges; and the dog, barking a warning at our Fool, is a reminder to look before he leaps. The card can often appear in a reading after a relationship breakup as a sign of awakening to new possibilities ahead.

Advice: Embrace adventure but know the risks.

Reversed meaning: Idealistic thinking may cloud practical considerations. Foolishness.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Action, willpower, success.

The Magician transforms thought into action through his will; he understands the flow of energy, symbolized by the figure eight or lemniscate, and works with it to create powerful change. The Magician calls you to create and communicate, and the card often heralds new projects, travel, and news. You have the resources you need to act, shown by the four minor arcana suit symbols on the Magician’s table: intelligence and reason (the Sword), heart (Cup), security and finance (Pentacle), and drive and passion (Wand).

Advice: Manifest your ideas now.

Reversed meaning: Deception; being charmed by an untrustworthy individual. Also, miscommunication and delays to plans.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Secrets, wisdom, the spiritual world.

The High Priestess is the clairvoyant, the translator between the realm of spirit and the earth plane. She asks you to connect with your intuition and to follow your spiritual calling. The card also denotes the need for privacy and keeping secrets and highlights the importance of the inner world and the power of unconscious knowing. The High Priestess as a keeper of wisdom arises too for learning and mentoring, and the teacher or spirit guide who connects with you when the time is right.

Advice: Value privacy and your spiritual practice.

Reversed meaning: Following a wrong path or breaking a confidence. A person who uses secret knowledge to gain power or status.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Abundance, generosity, creativity.

The Empress brings abundance, so finances, relationships, and domestic projects thrive now. Harmony and balance benefit you, so this is a card of reassurance if you have been struggling financially or wondering if a relationship will grow. The Empress also denotes generosity and the ability to give and receive loving support. As the earth goddess, she connects us with the cycles of nature, family, and fertility. You may also seed ideas for new creative projects.

Advice: Nurture people and projects.

Reversed meaning: Financial challenges or fertility issues, creative blocks, or relationships out of balance.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Control, security, order, authority, ambition.

The Emperor is the father or traditional male partner, a figure of authority and leadership. In a reading, he shows order is restored, and you are back in control of a situation. As the Emperor protects the boundaries of his territory, the card calls you to prioritize what is important to you and to take a methodical rather than intuitive approach; following due process gives the best results. As he represents authority, an additional meaning is taking on more responsibility and power; the card often arises in readings to show promotion.

Advice: Put practical matters first; get organized.

Reversed meaning: Feeling restricted by outdated attitudes or bullied by a domineering yet ineffectual individual.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Education, unity, spiritual direction.

The Hierophant denotes unity, but he holds many diverse meanings: education, orthodox beliefs, commitment, and public life. Overall, though, when he appears in a reading, you’re about to move up a level; you honor your personal growth by being willing to learn and accept new responsibility, so you may embark on an educational course, take on a community role that may involve mediation, or decide to take a business or creative venture to new heights. Spiritually, the card shows self-connection, wisdom, and divine law. In relationships, the Hierophant brings a love commitment such as marriage.

Advice: Commit and learn.

Reversed meaning: The potential abuse of power, and unfair criticism.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Love and relationships, maturity, decisions.

The Lovers foretell an important decision. You may need to decide to stay part of a couple or be single; to choose between potential partners; or between lust or long-time love (a traditional association of the card is love triangles). Although the card highlights love and relationships, it has meaning in every reading. In work and business, for example, you may have the option of short-term contracts or permanent work. The best decision may not be the easiest, but the Lovers ask you to look beyond immediate gratification toward long-term happiness and fulfillment.

Advice: Take the path that supports your future growth.

Reversed meaning: Being let down in a relationship or taking the easiest, but not necessarily the best, option.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Determination, victory, a journey.

The Chariot shows you are moving into a success phase. The charioteer directs his sphinx-chariot by willpower rather than harness, so steady determination moves him forward; he cannot allow his ego to get out of control. The light and dark sphinxes symbolize the dark and light aspects of his personality and the stars symbolize cosmic protection. In a reading, the card says that if you take careful responsibility for your career and personal life, you will continue to progress and grow. It can also predict significant journeys, a new vehicle, new work and residences, and/or a commitment to be fully in a relationship—or alone.

Advice: Your determination brings success.

Reversed meaning: Arrogance and displays of ego, important details may be overlooked, journeys may be delayed.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Patience, tension, strength.

The maiden symbolizes the higher self and the lion symbolizes our baser instincts. Holding open the animal’s jaws, she is peaceful and patient, holding her ground. The lemniscate signifies the flow of life and infinite possibility. In a reading, Strength says you may need your inner strength when dealing with conflict within yourself, or with an external challenge to your position. The need for compassion is an additional meaning, and Strength also appears in readings to show physical strength and recovery after illness or stress.

Advice: Call upon your inner strength.

Reversed meaning: Avoiding conflict rather than confronting a challenge.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Solitude, healing, contemplation.

The Hermit, guided only by the light of his lamp, travels alone in darkness. This is the card of contemplation and shows a time for solitude; this is a choice, rather than a situation to be endured, however. You may need time to write, study, meditate, or heal, or you may need peace and time away from pressure. You may feel called to reflect on a recent event and more deeply understand your role within it. The card often shows up after a relationship breakup or to illuminate a new educational or spiritual path.

Advice: Look within for the wisdom you seek.

Reversed meaning: Unwanted solitude. You may be feeling unsupported or rejected, but this situation can and will change.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Fate, improvement, intuition.

The Wheel represents Fate, the working of destiny in the world. As it turns, good fortune comes, so this is a card of hope and optimism. Problems are solved, and you move to a happier, productive phase. As the card is linked with fate, it suggests a connection with other realms and can show psychic ability, especially if it appears with card II, The High Priestess. The Wheel gives you the gift of luck and great potential for achievement.

Advice: Allow and appreciate destined gifts.

Reversed meaning: Even when reversed, the outlook is positive. A difficult phase is almost over; an upturn is coming.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Balance, perception, objectivity.

The Justice card reveals being judged by others, rather than the self. In a reading, the card signifies the law profession, along with assessment and decisions in other life areas. And justice will be done, provided you are deserving and speak the truth. Past errors are put right, so if you have been mistreated, or your reputation damaged, the card is reassurance that the situation will be positively resolved. Life comes back into balance.

Advice: Stay true to your values.

Reversed meaning: There may be unfair treatment, discrimination, or a miscarriage of justice.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Waiting, sacrifice, enlightenment.

The Hanged Man is often linked with the Norse god Odin, who hung from the World Tree, after which he was given the gift of prophecy. His time of suspension between worlds—a shamanic initiation—was worthwhile because of the magical gift he received. In a reading, this card shows you in limbo, waiting for a decision, for events to unfold. Use this time to see your situation from another angle; there may be a higher purpose to this stasis, an insight that awaits you. The card can also show that you may need to make a sacrifice to move forward.

Advice: See your situation from another perspective.

Reversed meaning: Naïveté; making unnecessary sacrifices.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Endings, release, transformation.

Death is not physical death, but a process of change through which our lives are transformed for the better. We may not welcome this skeletal figure with his scythe, but he is a representation of cycles of change that is necessary and absolute. It is time to accept what cannot be part of the future. In a reading, the card often arises to show the end of a relationship, job, or old situation. With Death comes truth—down to the bone, you now see what remains. Endings bring beginnings, so this card in your reading also signals new beginnings and growth.

Advice: Let go without fear.

Reversed meaning: Resistance to moving forward, holding on to the past.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Balance, reconciliation, healing, angelic guidance.

The Temperance angel pours water between two pitchers; the water flows in two directions, so we are witnessing a miracle. You may need a little divine intervention to deal with current pressures and demands, to find the right formula to keep everything flowing. Temperance signifies the need to carefully negotiate terms and often to mediate between difficult people. Relationships need emotional balance, and in financial affairs, the card often asks us to temper, or control, spending. Spiritually, Temperance suggests angelic guidance.

Advice: Get the balance right, and you can succeed.

Reversed meaning: Being a martyr to others’ unreasonable demands, being emotionally overwhelmed; overspending and debt.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Enslavement, temptation, contracts.

The Devil symbolizes temptation and agreements that are, or have become, restrictive. These may be unhealthy contracts we have with ourselves, or other binds that enslave us. The card also reveals toxic relationships, lust, addiction issues, and negative thinking patterns—whatever seeks to control you. As the two figures on the card are not tightly chained, they can walk free whenever they choose. You, too, can free yourself from any negative situation more easily than you think.

Advice: You can be free now.

Reversed meaning: The restriction of the upright card may feel acute, but you can break the ties that do not serve you.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Destruction, enlightenment.

The Tower signifies sudden destruction. In a flash, you see the truth of a situation; what you had thought was secure is subject to greater forces. There is no reason or blame for it. In this way, the Tower is a card of enlightenment and breakthrough, bringing release after an intense buildup. The card appears in readings to show the sudden ending of a relationship, issues with a house, or a huge knock to the ego. The impact may be shocking, but you are now able to rebuild.

Advice: Surrender and welcome the new.

Reversed meaning: The Tower may leave you reeling, but there is no need for bitterness or blame. It’s time to recover.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Hope, guidance, inspiration, creativity.

The Star maiden pours water from the pitcher of the past, to her left, and the pitcher of the present; the water symbolizes flowing thought and emotion. She nurtures the pool of life, guided by the star above her. The twilight denotes the magical time between night and day, signifying transition; changes are coming that will lead you closer to your higher purpose. In a reading, the Star also brings creative opportunities and divine guidance. The card is also associated with healing, as her watering gives nourishment and leads to growth.

Advice: Be hopeful and inspired.

Reversed meaning: When feeling unsupported, don’t give up; follow the guiding light within.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Illusion, dreams, crisis.

The Moon is the card of dreams, mystery, intuition, and doubt. In moonlight, nothing is as it seems, and the crayfish, symbol of the soul, must decide to go forward and escape the dog and wolf or stay safely in the water. The crayfish can signify a realization that is just under the surface of your conscious awareness, so this card is often a sign of disturbance—something important needs your attention. However, this is not a matter of applying logic. Your dreams and creative or spiritual practices may help you see what is at stake.

Advice: Let your intuition guide you toward a realization or decision.

Reversed meaning: Avoiding a deep or complex issue.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Success, protection, health, happiness.

The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the tarot deck, as it denotes happiness, achievement, and recuperation; stress dissolves as you enjoy simple pleasures, from spending time with family to enjoying restorative time alone—however you like to recharge. The sunflowers represent growth and health and the wall represents protection, so the Sun can also indicate recovery after illness and, more generally, vitality and reward. At a literal level, the card sees you on vacation away from home, or enjoying creative pursuits that nurture your inner child. The Sun overrules any negative cards close by it in a spread.

Advice: Relax; appreciate your blessings.

Reversed meaning: There is no specific negative meaning for the optimistic Sun, other than potential delay to plans.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Assessment, second chances, forgiveness, awakening.

With Judgement, we judge ourselves, whereas XI Justice (shown here) judges us. Judgement brings a turning point and an opportunity to revisit the past in order to move on. The angel symbolizes awakening or seeing an old situation in a new light. As memories resurface, you may decide to give a relationship or other past situation a second chance; this may be due to a new spirit of forgiveness, or the broader perspective that time and distance bring. An additional meaning of the card is spiritual connection and receiving messages from guides and loved ones in spirit.

Advice: Look back with compassion.

Reversed meaning: Judging yourself too harshly or living in the past. Holding on to feelings of regret or shame that could be released.

[image: Image]


Keywords: Completion, success, reward, joy.

The World marks the successful completion and celebration of a life phase or goal; you have come full circle and are rewarded for achievement in your professional life and relationships. You may also see your horizons expand, with a broader perspective on life or an opportunity to travel to a new destination. The World also suggests togetherness within the self and others; you are at one with the world.

Advice: Enjoy your deserved success.

Reversed meaning: There is no negative meaning for this joyful card, only that completion and reward may be delayed for a time.

[image: Image]

The Minor Arcana: Cups


Upright meaning: New love and new passions. Overflowing emotion: joy and blessings. Also, fertility, pregnancy, and the birth of a baby or project.

Reversed meaning: Feeling overwhelmed, worries about relationships, fertility issues.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Love and peace. Happy professional and love partnerships; meeting a soul mate or kindred spirit.

Reversed meaning: Trust issues; imbalance or disappointment in a partnership.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Celebrations, friendship, and flirtation; thriving creatively and emotionally.

Reversed meaning: Feeling distanced from support networks; the need to take extra care of yourself.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: A plateau. Feeling bored or flat; a need to see the good opportunities on offer.

Reversed meaning: Stubbornness, cynicism, or deeper boredom; the need for action.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Loss and sadness; however, there are still some avenues to explore. Stay positive.

Reversed meaning: A period of sadness or instability is ending; look forward to better times ahead.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: A visitor arrives, often a person from the past, bringing happy reminiscences.

Reversed meaning: Nostalgia that becomes a refuge rather than a temporary pleasure.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Dreams and possibilities that are not yet manifest; there is much potential, but everything feels up in the air.

Reversed meaning: The need to wait for information before making a choice.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: It’s time to leave an old situation behind; go your own way.

Reversed meaning: Feeling abandoned or neglected; poor timing.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Joy and sharing as wishes come true; love, generosity, and relationship happiness.

Reversed meaning: Fixating on a goal that may not be important; alternatively, dealing with others’ egos.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Relationship and family happiness; also, a new home or dream come true.

Reversed meaning: Pressure to conform to others’ expectations; there’s no need.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: A new friend, love, or idea; creativity, dreaminess, imagination, and fun.

Reversed meaning: Relationship issues; misunderstandings and oversensitivity to criticism.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Romance and opportunity; can indicate new friendships, a proposal, or offer.

Reversed meaning: Idealism without foundation; empty promises or commitment issues.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Love and happiness are important to you now; this is a good time for creative projects, and overall, following your intuition and your heart.

Reversed meaning: Emotional or financial pressure; demanding or jealous behavior.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Support and love; being open-hearted in the way you communicate. Empathy can resolve differences.

Reversed meaning: Vulnerability and defensiveness; dealing with volatile behavior.

[image: Image]

The Minor Arcana: Pentacles


Upright meaning: A new beginning, such as a new job, business, or home. Brightens any negative minor arcana cards that fall close to it in a spread.

Reversed meaning: Financial problems, such as debt or cash flow. Can also show an overly materialistic attitude.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Weighing up options; deciding how to manage money and a choice between locations, jobs, or courses.

Reversed meaning: Imbalance in a partnership; commitment or financial issues need careful consideration.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Being appreciated for your work; early success in a venture or project. Also, job interviews, talks, and presentations.

Reversed meaning: Unfinished business. Frustration and delay.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Being financially secure; putting down roots and finding balance; financial challenges are over.

Reversed meaning: Becoming too entrenched in routine; clinging to material possessions.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Loss or isolation, which may be financial or social. However, the card usually reveals fear of losing something, rather than reality.

Reversed meaning: Hardship that challenges you; look for support, as you may have more resources than you think.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Money is given to you; it may be a gift, bonus, or other reward. Equally, you may be the giver, generously supporting others.

Reversed meaning: Your kindness is not repaid yet, or money due to you is outstanding.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: The need for continued effort—this situation has great potential, so stay focused on the goal rather than doubting your path.

Reversed meaning: Doubt or disillusion; walking away too quickly from a potentially good opportunity.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Hard work, perfectionism, and professionalism; solid achievement and reward, plus further development opportunities.

Reversed meaning: Feeling overworked and underpaid or underappreciated; it may be time to look for a more rewarding path.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Security and contentment; proud of your achievements, you may give yourself a reward and enjoy some luxury and/or leisure time.

Reversed meaning: Materialism, or dealing with overspending; you may feel insecure financially.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Prosperity and family; the happy joining of two families through marriage; generosity, love, and support.

Reversed meaning: Miscommunication between generations of a family; issues around money or inheritance.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: An offer, such as new work, education, or a new venture, with opportunities to develop your skills.

Reversed meaning: Financial or property issues; meanness; lack of flexibility.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Good financial planning and reward for hard work; also, loyalty and honesty.

Reversed meaning: Potential dishonesty, the need to take control of finances, seek trustworthy advice, and check agreements.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Generosity and wisdom; solid friendship, comfort, and support; good health and financial security.

Reversed meaning: Financial problems—overspending or meanness, or waiting for money owed to be paid.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Money and security; trust, generosity, and practical support. Problems are solved.

Reversed meaning: Greed and materialism; selfishness and, at worst, fraudulent activity.

[image: Image]

The Minor Arcana: Swords


Upright meaning: A breakthrough or decision that brings success; clear thinking and insight. The card brightens any negative minor arcana cards that appear close to it in a spread.

Reversed meaning: A decision goes against you. Feeling dominated or being outwitted.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Procrastination or a truce; time to reflect on an upcoming decision. A need to move forward.

Reversed meaning: Feeling stuck; not having the information or confidence you need to make a positive choice.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Upset and sorrow, which can be due to a third party in a relationship or in your professional life.

Reversed meaning: Knowing the truth; releasing emotions to move on.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Time out to recover from stress or illness; taking refuge. In love, a relationship goes on hold.

Reversed meaning: An unwelcome interruption to your routine; the need to accept the situation.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: An unwinnable battle; feeling defeated. A time to pick yourself up and look forward.

Reversed meaning: Feeling humiliated or bullied by a domineering individual.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Moving on from problems to peace; a time of unrest is over. You may also travel at this time.

Reversed meaning: You can make progress but may need to let go of an attitude or problem first.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Insecurity; you may need to protect what is yours and be aware of any dishonest behavior.

Reversed meaning: Feeling like a victim; there is a danger you may surrender to circumstances rather than hold your position.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Feeling hemmed in by your thoughts; overthinking and restriction may be the cause, but you can think your way out.

Reversed meaning: Strong emotions such as fear or guilt may make you feel frustrated or oppressed; this too will pass.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Anxiety and stress disturb your peace; try to let go of any underlying fear and trust that the situation will improve.

Reversed meaning: Feeling alone; ask for support, as you do not have to suffer in silence.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: A swift and sudden ending. This may be unexpected, but you can now move on.

Reversed meaning: A need to cling to the past; try to accept things as they are now.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Agreements and contracts; the need to pay close attention to detail and have your wits about you.

Reversed meaning: Sniping and underhandedness; tactlessness.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Unpredictability, opposition, and conflict; the need for calm resolution.

Reversed meaning: Mind games and drama; a battle that is best abandoned.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Independence, intelligence, and strength; often, a single woman with great strength of character.

Reversed meaning: Obsessiveness and unfair treatment; ruthless attitudes.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Ambition and decisions, which may be legal or official; being judged; taking strong, swift action.

Reversed meaning: Being overruled or dominated by a headstrong opponent.

[image: Image]

The Minor Arcana: Wands


Upright meaning: Good news and beginnings; inspiration, movement, and travel. Fertile ideas and children.

Reversed meaning: Miscommunication and delay; potential fertility issues.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: A new partnership; plans take shape. Travel or new creative ideas beckon.

Reversed meaning: Delays to plans and potential doubt concerning love or professional partnerships.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Travel, success, and potentially new love. Creativity and self-expression.

Reversed meaning: The need for patience; delays may frustrate you, but success is coming.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Feeling happy and free. The card can show the return to childhood haunts, a new relationship, and the honeymoon phase.

Reversed meaning: Delays may affect your plans; these may be frustrating, but they are temporary.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Competitions and tests; the need to stand your ground and make sure you are heard.

Reversed meaning: A need for discretion; you may be surrounded by people who are untrustworthy or being casual with the truth.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Success and validation, particularly in tests, examinations, and personal projects.

Reversed meaning: Victory is coming; your reward may be delayed, but keep up the effort.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Standing your ground. Stay true to your values and purpose, and you will succeed.

Reversed meaning: Feeling locked in an ongoing dispute, or having to continually defend yourself.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Events speed up, with news, communication, and travel; stuck situations take a leap forward. Also, good news concerning relationships.

Reversed meaning: Frustration due to delays and misunderstanding or lack of communication.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Strength, but also overvigilance; being wary of opposition. You may need to let go a little to free up ideas and energy.

Reversed meaning: Becoming defensive because you have had to be strong for a long time.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Losing perspective; you may be overloaded with responsibility just now. It’s time to prioritize rather than agree to every demand.

Reversed meaning: Pressure; feeling habitually overwhelmed. As with the upright card meaning, it is time to step back.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Good news, particularly concerning projects and new ideas; assess each offer before you commit. Also, can predict a happy reunion.

Reversed meaning: Confusion and miscommunication; being distracted, or not being heard.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Making progress; stuck issues get resolved and a romance may begin. Can also reveal moving home.

Reversed meaning: Plans may be put on hold, leading to frustration; also, someone may be unclear as to their goals or even insincere.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Dynamic self-expression; a great time to get projects under way and communicate ideas.

Reversed meaning: Creative block, or other temporary delays to plans and projects.

[image: Image]


Upright meaning: Confidence and leadership; being open to new people, ideas, and experiences. Being the initiator.

Reversed meaning: Overconfidence; a lack of listening and sharing. Feeling silenced or unable to express yourself.

[image: Image]

[image: The Divination Handbook: The Modern Seer’s Guide to Using Tarot, Crystals, Palmistry, and More]




[image: Image]

Scrying can be immensely rewarding if we accept whatever we sense and receive. This is a challenge; after all, we believe we’re supposed to physically “see” in reflective surfaces. But if we see a surface as a gateway to our inner eye, we discover a powerful technique for self-connection and divinatory knowing. Scrying can also heighten your visual and sensual awareness, benefiting other divination practices.

Timing Your Relationships

Meditating on an object—a crystal ball, or a flat, smooth crystal—triggers a change in consciousness; we shift from our everyday reality into the imaginal, intuitive realm. We might sense or directly see colors or shapes. You may find an image develops on the surface of the crystal, or you see with your inner vision, receiving an image in your mind.

When to Scry

There are several timing traditions, but overall, be guided by that pull of anticipation: whenever you sense a question building and feel that it is time to ask. If you feel connected with the moon, you can also choose a time when the moon is increasing (waxing), as this represents a situation or energy growing. One tradition suggests you begin a scrying session just before twilight, which is associated with occult manifestations. You can also choose the day of the week that is associated with the particular crystal you are working with (see here).

Timing and Recording Your Sessions

Begin by timing yourself for one minute, then three, then five. When you begin, scrying can feel intense, so set a timer to limit your sessions. As you become more comfortable, build up to five minutes, or longer if it feels right. It is also helpful to do your mystic gazing in the same place and at the same time each day, as this helps build connection with your crystals or ritual.

After a session, journal what you experienced, or draw what you saw or sensed, and review it as events unfold.

“Approach your crystal ball with an open attitude, and you will discover it has much to say.”

Choose a Ball

You can work with any size ball. Crystals with inclusions and clouds are perfect, as the light we use to read with illuminates these features, creating a fantastical stage for our intuition. The crystals below are those associated with crystal-gazing, but you can choose any crystal ball or flat crystal with which you sense a connection.

Crystals and Their Divinatory Qualities






	Spiritual connection; psychic ability



	Spiritual connection; perspective



	Intuition; manifesting

	Clear quartz


	Clarity; spiritual connection; manifesting

	Fairy quartz


	Faery connection; practical guidance



	Intuition; psychic ability

	Lemurian quartz


	Angelic connection; oneness; accessing ancient wisdom



	Spiritual growth; past lives

	Rose quartz


	Love and relationships; compassion

	Rutilated quartz


	Channeling; manifesting



	Angelic connection; stability

	Smoky quartz


	Groundedness; patience

Crystals and the Days of the Week






	Clear quartz






	Amethyst, aquamarine



	Rose quartz



	Obsidian, labradorite



	Rutilated quartz

[image: Image]

Preparation: Making a Connection

You will need a crystal ball, some dark cloth or a dark surface, a candle, and a notebook or paper. Choose a candle that is shorter than your crystal ball so the light or flame you use will shine through most of the crystal (you’ll set your light behind your crystal ball). Keep the notebook or paper and pen to hand, because you might prefer to jot down impressions during your gazing session for reflection later.

1 Cleanse your crystal ball by bathing it in moonlight for several consecutive nights or using one of the methods listed shown here. Do not cleanse it by placing it in direct sunlight, as this poses a fire hazard.

2 You’ll need to work in a quiet room with subdued lighting (bright sunlight or bright indoor lighting creates reflections on the crystal’s surface). Lower or turn off the lights.

Sit comfortably and set your intention; holding your crystal, take a breath and ask it to work with you for your higher good. Ask, also, for any necessary protection during the reading; you can visualize yourself in a bubble of white light. This traditional protection method guards against any negative influences and is particularly important when scrying with old mirrors.

3 Keep holding your crystal ball, sensing a growing connection between you and your crystal. Close your eyes and see what you sense, feel, and see. It’s important to do this, particularly if you are a beginner; looking directly into a crystal without preparation can in some cases block the intuitive pathway because the expectation that we should immediately “see” an image sets up resistance to openness.

4 Now open your eyes and, still holding your crystal, gaze into its surface; visualize the crystal taking you on a journey. Sense the vibration of the crystal in your hands and allow any sensations to arise without asking a question. Tune in to your senses: You might get flashes of color, sensations in your body, such as a light tingling; or you may simply feel peaceful. Take at least five minutes just to be with your crystal in this way, opening up a channel of communication between you.

How to Begin Scrying

5 Place your crystal ball on its stand, light a candle or switch on your tealight or flashlight app, and place the light source behind the crystal ball. Move the light around, still behind the ball, until the position feels right. You may begin to see images forming and changing as you move the light. Areas that appeared cloudy without illumination now begin to have depth. Slowly turn the ball around on its stand; again, you will see the crystal landscape change. Let the ball rest in the position that you sense is right, to begin; you can continue to move the crystal and light source throughout the reading.

6 When you are ready, consider your question. You may prefer to ask the crystal for insights into a situation or for general guidance. Speak your question aloud or silently up to three times, then gaze into your crystal. You can do this:

• With your eyes open

• With your eyes half-shut, so the crystal becomes soft-focus

• With your eyes closed; you may find that you naturally close your eyes and see mental images

Stay relaxed and don’t consciously try to see. Blink whenever you need to, rather than fix a stare. Find a focal point within the crystal: This might be an inclusion, a spot where light refracts, a tiny fracture within the crystal, or a cloudy area. Keep your breathing slow and steady. If any extraneous thoughts distract you, just observe them and let them go, returning to your focal point. The more relaxed you feel, the easier it is for you to recognize images and sense messages from your crystal when they arise.

What Do You See? The Meanings of Symbols and Colors

Symbols are traditionally said to appear on the right of the crystal ball, but they can appear anywhere (and you may receive them in your mind rather than through an image on the ball). Here are some conventional interpretations:

• Rising clouds: Yes in answer to a question

• Descending clouds: No

• Waning moon (a C-shape): Decrease and possible loss

• Waxing moon (a mirror-image C): Growth and prosperity

• Heart: Love

• Ship or plane: Travel

For other symbols, use the list of tea leaf symbols (see here). Above all, interpret any symbols you see in your own way. You may also find you hear messages rather than literally see colors and symbols; if you do, write them down.

Take note of any colors you see. The traditional meaning of colors in scrying are as follows, but you may have your own.

• Red: Danger

• Orange: Anger

• Yellow: Challenges

• White: Positive energy, protection

• Blue: Success

• Green: Happiness, health

• Black and gray: Negative energy

Light shades of any color apart from gray—pink, lemon, or lilac, for example—are considered positive. Overall, though, interpret the colors in terms of how you respond to them, rather than adhere to standard color interpretations.

You may hear words during scrying. Some practitioners do not see images but get names or messages; others experience bilocation, the feeling of being in two places at once.

Ending the Session

When you have finished scrying, thank the crystal for its messages, take a breath, and bring yourself back to the present moment. Wrap your crystal in dark cloth and place it in a safe place, away from light, to protect its energy. Extinguish or turn off the candle.




[image: Image]

The runes, a sequence of literal and symbolic letters, are the ancient sacred alphabet of the Germanic peoples of northern Europe. As Germanic languages developed, so did the runes; thus, we have variations in letter formation and the number of runes in a set, or Futhark. Futhark is an acronym after the first six letters of the runic alphabet: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, and Kaunaz.




	The Elder Futhark

	Common Germanic


	The Anglo-Saxon Futhorc

	North Germanic


	The Younger Futhark



	The Northumbrian Runes

	Northeast England


The oldest Futhark known today is the Elder Futhark, with twenty-four runes. The Younger Futhark is a shortened version of the Elder, while the Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Futharks are extensions of the Elder. This chapter illustrates the Elder Futhark.

Types of Rune to Buy or Make

Futharks are commonly available in natural stone, lightweight fiberglass, wood, ceramic, and crystal; some diviners use cards with runic inscriptions, but many prefer the feel of natural materials and purchase them from independent craftspeople. Traditionally, the runic letters are painted red.

You can make your own runes by painting or wood-burning the letters on pebbles or on pieces of found wood from a fruit-bearing tree. The pieces don’t have to be uniform or cut to a regular size, but they will need to be smaller than your palm for easy handling and laying out. Using a knife, carefully pare away some of the bark so you have a surface for your inscription.

What of the blank rune, Wyrd? Although there is no historical evidence for the existence of a blank rune, and its meaning is covered by Pertho (see here), some rune sets include it to represent the unknown, or “wyrd.” If you have a blank rune in your set, you can use it or ignore it. If you choose to use it, give some thought to how you might interpret it, given the overlap with Pertho. One approach is to assign it as “the answer to [my] question is unknown at this time,” or simply as “silence,” perhaps advice from the runes to stay silent on the matter in question.

The Elder Futhark

The Elder Futhark of twenty-four runes is arranged in three sets of eight, or aetts. They are named Frey, Hagalaz, and Tyr.

Frey’s Aett: Creation and productivity

Frey’s eight deals with fertility and the world’s creation.

Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, Kaunaz, Gebo, Wunjo

Hagalaz’s Aett: Disruption and fate

Hagalaz’s eight denotes disruption and the workings of destiny.

Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa, Jera, Eihwaz, Pertho, Algiz, Sowelo

Tyr’s Aett: Values and relationships

Tyr’s aett deals with the material world, social values, and relationships.

Tiwaz, Berkana, Ehwaz, Mannaz, Laguz, Inguz, Othila, Dagaz

[image: Image]

Frey’s Aett

[image: Image]


Meaning: Cattle, wealth

Interpretation: Prosperity, value, status, power, creative force

Letter sound: F

Fehu is the rune of material wealth, and it signifies money flowing through trade: negotiation, contracts, and social transactions that bring profit. As wealth accrued often leads to respect and reputation, your professional and personal networks expand and the results you achieve bring positive attention. At home, you may be focused on practical matters: driving a business forward or forging ahead with creative or personal projects.

There is also a sense of accountability with Fehu, as prosperity can mean sacrifices: Is the price you pay for success justified? While you are working hard toward a goal, be sure your investment of time brings you the personal empowerment you desire and that the value of your work aligns with who you are.

Overall, Fehu brings an opportunity to review and appreciate your achievements. You may share your good fortune with others in the spirit of generous support.

Inverted meaning: Financial worries; losing value.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Aurochs

Interpretation: Strength, courage, resilience, challenges, health, healing

Letter sound: U

Uruz is the rune of strength and resilience. It represents our primal ability to survive and thrive. Uruz asks you to live fearlessly, to realize your power to create change, and to react to challenges or opposition with courage and self-belief. The rune can also be reassurance that you will overcome obstacles with patience and standing your ground, and by paying close attention to your reactions to conflict. This may mean confronting your fear of failure or of success or overcoming irritation and anger; the battle may be within you. With determination and willpower, you succeed.

Uruz offers the physical strength of the auroch, so it can reveal a recovery from illness or stress and, overall, vital health and well-being.

Inverted meaning: Being too domineering; abuse of power.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Giant

Interpretation: Defense, attack, chaos, protection, resistance

Letter sound: Th

Thurisaz signifies life’s disruption. Yet the rune also invites us to confront this turbulence with courage. It is possible to limit the damage, to guard ourselves from further danger, to protect others in our care, and to fight if necessary. You may experience Thurisaz as an attack on your beliefs or a threat to your position or security. As the rune is also associated with the thorn tree, it affords you protection.

Thurisaz can also represent the darker, shadow side of human nature that we suppress and keep out of conscious sight. A secret may come to light.

Inverted meaning: Irritation rather than upheaval.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Ancestor/god

Interpretation: Inspiration, communication, divine intelligence

Letter sound: A

Ansuz suggests that knowledge is not solely about our personal advancement. Words and knowledge are power, and they create conditions for change; the way we communicate can powerfully affect others and ourselves. In this sense, Ansuz may be using us to express ourselves mindfully. In personal projects, you may be inspired to talk, write, draw, craft, compose, or otherwise manifest ideas. Spiritually, the rune shows you connecting with divine intelligence.

Ansuz represents order and resourcefulness. The rune’s meaning of “ancestor” also suggests family connections, ancestral patterns, and past lives. Fehu, the rune of wealth and growth, has two upward strokes, whereas the rune of Ansuz has two downward strokes, suggestive of the past.

Inverted meaning: Miscommunication.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Ride

Interpretation: Journeys, travel, progress, spiritual path

Letter sound: R

Raido is the rune of travel. Raido sees you traveling physically or taking an inner journey, perhaps through spiritual development or through education, discovering new territory and gaining fresh insights through new experiences. You make progress by taking charge of your journey, moving in the right direction at a pace that is right for you, rather than being led by others’ motivations or ego; equally, you may need self-discipline and willpower to stay focused. Overall, this travel rune shows making decisions and taking action toward an important goal.

Inverted meaning: Procrastination or panic.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Torch

Interpretation: Inner wisdom, guidance, knowledge, light

Letter sound: K or hard C

Element: Fire

Kaunaz is the rune of guidance and inner light. It brings intuition, wisdom, and the passing on of knowledge. It reveals a personal journey to wisdom through learning and, spiritually, the quest for enlightenment. You may be drawn to teaching, training, or mentoring, or you may otherwise find yourself in a position in which to give advice or to relate history through stories.

Kaunaz can also reveal latent talents and abilities and help you make connections; you may see hidden opportunities or inventive ways to solve a problem. You call upon your intuition and your intellect to find what you are looking for.

Inverted meaning: Disinterest; ignorance.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Gift

Interpretation: Gifts, generosity, balance, reciprocity

Letter sound: G

Gebo is the rune of balance and fairness, of giving and receiving in equal measure. It can predict a gift coming to you or show you being generous to others. This may be the giving of time, giving love to a partner or children, or dedicating oneself to a cause. Gebo also asks you to consider the value of balance and equality and to be able not only to give but to receive gifts with grace, no matter how small. Receiving requires an attitude of surrender, to be comfortable being a passive recipient rather than the active giver.

There is also an aspect of justice in Gebo, in that it speaks of honoring obligations and agreements and committing to what you can reasonably deliver. In this way, the rune supports your need to manage your time, energy, and finances, keeping life in balance. Spiritually, Gebo suggests sacred contracts and karma.

Gebo has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Joy

Interpretation: Fulfillment of wishes, blessings, security

Letter sound: W

Wunjo, the rune of joy and bliss, brings completion and fulfillment. This bliss is the appreciation of material and emotional security, rather than the bliss we often associate with spiritual nonattachment. Your hopes and wishes are granted, and your efforts rewarded.

To get to this place of serenity, you may have to overcome great obstacles or endure pressure and frustration. Battles are done, and it is now time to enjoy your successes and share them with others. Wunjo also has the connotation of unity, showing closeness and cooperation in families, friendship groups, and your wider social circles.

Inverted meaning: Feeling disconnected.

Hagalaz’s Aett

[image: Image]


Meaning: Hail

Interpretation: Loss or hardship before gain; transformation

Letter sound: H

Element: Ice

Hagalaz is the rune of transformation. This is fate, or destiny—the Norse wyrd at work. However, the rune asks you to endure hardship because it will lead to positive change. Hagalaz advises you to accept the cycles of bad and good fortune, let go of blame, and see the bigger picture beyond day-to-day difficulties. You may also call upon your past experience to help you endure current challenges; you look to your personal history for answers, or to past incarnations.

The rune is associated with channeling and the underworld realm of the goddess Hel; Hagalaz is also the rune of the mother, so the rune may symbolize the unconscious realm where the dark goddess within us lives. Shadow work or spirit communication may be calling you now. The rune’s shape, two parallel lines joined by two strokes, suggests this world and the otherworld, or the conscious and unconscious selves.

Hagalaz has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Need

Interpretation: Restriction and desire

Letter sound: N

Element: Fire

Nauthiz’s meaning of “need” suggests “want”: When this rune appears in a reading, we may want what we cannot have. We may feel frustrated and restricted. To make a difficult situation bearable, Nauthiz asks that we live in the present moment and attend to practicalities, an idea expressed in the rune’s element of fire.

An additional meaning of the rune is desire and passion, and the need for sex and intimacy.

Nauthiz has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Ice

Interpretation: Blocks, delay, self-preservation

Letter sound: I (pronounced ee, as in even)

Element: Ice

Isa, the ice rune, represents a blocked or static situation. You may be in control of these conditions, so the rune asks you if you are willing to, for example, look for other routes to your goal. You may need to revise your expectations regarding the timescale of a project or find a way to improve communication in your personal and professional dealings. If this situation is not of your making, use this waiting time as an opportunity for reflection until the blocks dissolve. And there can be value in forced delay; there just might be a gem of an opportunity here that you would otherwise have missed.

Isa also signifies tradition and established values. Ice preserves, and symbolically it preserves the status quo. If you are trying to break new ground, you may find others resist your desire for change.

Isa has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Year, harvest

Interpretation: Time, karma, growth, profit

Letter sound: J or Y

Jera is a rune of time. It speaks of right timing—waiting for the right time to push forward and the right time to hold back and rest. This takes experience, patience, and trusting your intuition; to say yes when it feels right to do so, taking on new projects or embarking on new relationships when you sense a positive energetic flow, rather than assenting to offers because they make logical sense. Everything has its own rhythm, so it is now time to attune to your internal energy so work, love, projects, and finances flow.

The rune is also associated with summer and harvest, when the earth provides for all. This also evokes the concept of karma: reaping what you sow. What you have faithfully invested in will bear fruit in good times.

Jera has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Yew tree

Interpretation: Life cycles, endings, necessary defense

Letter sound: Ei (ay sound)

Eihwaz, or yew, stands for the ancient, sacred tree that signifies life, death, and rebirth. In a reading, the rune can reveal endings and loss that are unavoidable, but we must try to accept them so that new life, or possibilities, can awaken.

Eihwaz is also associated with protection and famed for its hardiness and iron-like wood. It asks you to be mindful of your boundaries and defend yourself physically and spiritually when necessary.

Eihwaz has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Dice cup

Interpretation: Mysteries, the unknown

Letter sound: P

Pertho is the rune of mystery. It reminds us that outcomes are not fixed. You can change your perceived destiny and see the process of divination as a way to empower yourself with choice. It symbolizes the birth of possibilities and traditionally can also indicate the birth of a child.

Overall, Pertho speaks of the inner self and intuition, the parts of us that become activated by the process of divination. An additional meaning is secrets and the need for discretion, to keep your own counsel and listen to that inner voice.

Inverted meaning: Feeling disempowered or needlessly anxious.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Elk, elk sedge

Interpretation: Growth, protection,

spiritual connection, higher self

Letter sound: Z

Algiz takes us into higher realms and the higher self. In a rune reading, it can suggest spiritual development, growth, and protection. It also suggests surrendering to the forces of nature, staying open to possibilities, and accepting that challenges are a necessary part of our learning.

Inverted meaning: Extreme defensiveness; being too quick to judge or react.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Sun

Interpretation: Success, expansion, power

Letter sound: S

Element: Fire

Sowelo is a rune of optimism and success, bringing the healing and energizing powers of the sun. The form of Sowelo is a lightning bolt, which connects the sky and the earth. This blast of cosmic power awakens us to our purpose and revitalizes but can also destroy whatever is untrue or outdated. In a rune-cast, Sowelo says that you will see results.

Spiritually, this rune represents oneness, a feeling of connection with the earth, and being part of a greater whole. Combine the meaning of Sowelo with Raido, ride (see here), and we have Raido’s willpower aligned with the higher forces and higher self, suggesting powerful personal growth.

Sowelo has no inverted meaning.

Tyr’s Aett

[image: Image]


Meaning: Star; the god Tyr

Interpretation: Bravery, tests, justice,

victory, guidance

Letter sound: T

The arrow form of Tiwaz suggests a weapon. In a reading, the rune foretells a battle and asks us to look at the process of success: how we get there, rather than winning at any cost. Tiwaz also means guidance. In the Anglo-Saxon rune poem, this rune is described as “a guiding star,” a rune that “is ever on its course over the mists of night and never fails.” This tells us to always have hope and self-belief, to keep the faith even when we cannot see the outcome or lose sight of our purpose in the mists of doubt. Support is there.

Inverted meaning: Giving up too soon.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Birch

Interpretation: Beginnings, birth, fertility,

growth, creativity, outcomes

Letter sound: B

Berkana is the rune of creativity and fertility: giving birth to and nurturing children or creative projects. As the birch is also one of the first trees to come into leaf, it represents all spring has to offer: new life, vitality, and possibility. The rune also means protection. When Berkana arrives in a rune-cast, relationships thrive and your projects beautifully unfold.

Inverted meaning: Stuckness, lack of growth, creative blocks.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Horse

Interpretation: Travel, flexibility, cooperation, trust, friendship

Letter sound: E (short e as in get)

Ehwaz encompasses all journeys and shows you may take a physical trip. There is a strong spiritual dimension to this rune, as it also indicates shamanic journeying or astral travel.

When Ehwaz arrives in a reading, expressing your basic, instinctual needs may be particularly important. It indicates strong, rewarding relationships with others close to you and within the broader community and is a signifier of harmony in your interactions with others.

Inverted meaning: Misplaced trust.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Mankind

Interpretation: Assessment, decisions, community

Letter sound: M

Mannaz is the rune of discernment, choices, and humankind. It brings perspective and helps us see ourselves and our communities as part of a greater scheme. Humanity also implies a balanced, humane attitude; we may need to forgive or at least be aware of our faults and have compassion for others’ shortcomings in the spirit of friendship and support.

The rune’s form, which is Wunjo and its mirror image, can signify Wunjo’s meaning of “gift” twice: giving and receiving, or the give-and-take upon which good relationships depend. It advises taking a reasoned rather than intuitive approach to a situation. If you have a key decision to make, take a close look at the facts before making a commitment.

Inverted meaning: Narrow-mindedness; hastiness.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Water

Interpretation: Intuition, higher realms, clairvoyance, emotions, collective unconscious

Letter sound: L

Element: Water

Laguz is associated with emotions, love, and the flow of life. The rune is a symbol of initiation. In a rune-cast, Laguz can reveal you are about to experience a new lease of life and perhaps to be initiated into something new.

Overall, Laguz advises you not to stagnate or hesitate. Immerse yourself in the present, connect with that undercurrent of intuition, and follow it freely.

Inverted meaning: Procrastination; self-doubt.

[image: Image]


Meaning: The god Ing (Yngvi)

Interpretation: Protection, fertility, development

Letter sound: Ng (as in sing)

In a rune-cast, the god Ing brings the seeding of ideas, virility, and growth in relationships. The rune’s symmetrical shape indicates completeness and fulfillment; the central diamond suggests containment and protection. Ing’s form is the double of Gebo, the rune of gifts—gifts of the earth (sustenance) and the gift of new life (fertility).

Ing also reveals spiritual guidance and balance. The two open triangles at the top and bottom of the rune suggest the same internal space as the inner diamond, showing that the external world of matter is given the same consideration as the inner realm; the conscious and unconscious selves are given equal attention.

Inguz has no inverted meaning.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Homestead, land

Interpretation: Generations, ancestors,

home and family, comfort, stability

Letter sound: O

Othila is the rune of family and inheritance. This may be what we inherit physically or materially from family, skills or character traits our parents passed on to us, or knowledge we have accrued from the wisdom traditions we follow. When Othila appears in a rune-cast, you may be focusing on home and relationships, feeling a deeper connection with your family and a sense of belonging right where you are. Othila also stands for material wealth.

Othila suggests strong foundations and the protection that material wealth and strong bonds between people bring. In terms of creative projects, the rune shows an idea that is well conceived; in relationships, Othila shows stability and togetherness.

Inverted meaning: Being stuck in the past; insecurity.

[image: Image]


Meaning: Day

Interpretation: A new start, optimism, realizations

Letter sound: D

Element: Fire

Dagaz represents new beginnings and cycles. Spiritually, it can show awareness of other realities, a cosmic consciousness. Dagaz also brings hope and improvement, reminding us that “tomorrow is another day”; we can start over with renewed optimism. As the Anglo-Saxon rune poem says, Day is “beloved of men, a source of hope and happiness to rich and poor, and of service to all.”

Dagaz has no inverted meaning.





	Frey’s Aett

	[image: image]




	Prosperity, value, status

	[image: image]




	Strength, courage, resilience

	[image: image]




	Defense, attack

	[image: image]




	Inspiration, communication

	[image: image]




	Journeys, travel, progress

	[image: image]




	Inner wisdom, guidance, knowledge

	[image: image]




	Gifts and generosity

	[image: image]




	Fulfillment of wishes, blessings

	Hagalaz’s Aett

	[image: image]




	Loss or hardship before gain

	[image: image]




	Restriction and desire

	[image: image]




	Blocks, delay, self-preservation

	[image: image]



	Year, harvest

	Time, karma, growth, profit

	[image: image]




	Life cycles, endings, defense

	[image: image]



	Dice cup

	Mysteries, the unknown

	[image: image]



	Elk, elk sedge

	Growth, protection, higher self

	[image: image]




	Success, expansion, power

	Tyr’s Aett

	[image: image]



	Star, the god Tyr

	Bravery, tests, justice, victory, guidance

	[image: image]




	Beginnings, fertility, growth, creativity, outcomes

	[image: image]




	Travel, cooperation, trust

	[image: image]




	Assessment, decisions, community

	[image: image]




	Intuition, clairvoyance, emotions

	[image: image]



	The god Ing

	Protection, fertility, development

	[image: image]



	Homestead, land

	Home and family, comfort, stability

	[image: image]




	New start, optimism, realizations

Reading the Runes

Before you begin a rune reading, find a clean surface, a white cloth (a symbol of pure intention), and a quiet moment. Prepare yourself as you would for any divination ritual: Take a few deep breaths and try to empty your mind of any distractions. Set the intention that your reading will be for the highest good, and when you are ready, allow your question to form. Then you have two options:

• Place the runes in a set layout. Choose the runes from the bag as you ponder your question and place them in a layout, all faceup. If any are upside down, you can read the inverted and upright meanings.

• Cast them onto the cloth. Choose the runes from the bag as you ponder your question, then cast them, letting them gently fall. You interpret the meanings from their positions on the cloth—whether they are in the center or outside, for example. Facedown runes indicate the future.

Upright and Inverted Meanings

Some runes have an inverted meaning along with an upright meaning. Noninvertible runes are those that have symmetrical forms, so they look the same upright and inverted. You can read the inverted meaning if the rune falls inverted. However, I advise that you read both the upright and inverted meanings and intuit your own “shadow” meaning, as the inverted meanings alone can be rather direct.

The Three Norns

The Norns were the Norse goddesses of Fate who decided the fates of gods and men. The three runes represent Urd (Wyrd), goddess of the past, Verdandi, goddess of the present, and Skuld, goddess of the future. Traditionally, these three runes are read from right to left, beginning with the future and working backward, but you can intuitively choose to read the runes your own way.

Choose three runes from your bag and place them as shown:

[image: Image]

The Decision Reading: Five Runes

This layout uses a cross formation and is helpful for decision making, as it examines the issue in detail and offers a rune that represents the lesson that your situation offers.

Choose five runes from your bag and place them as shown below:

[image: Image]

The Nine-Rune Cast

This is a free-form reading, in which you choose nine runes randomly from the bag and gently drop them onto a white cloth or surface. If any fall facedown, leave them until the end of the reading, as these represent the future.

First, look at the runes in the center of the cloth. These represent priorities—the issues or situations that are important to you now—and can reveal hidden influences that may be affecting you.

Secondly, look at any runes that have fallen near the edges of the cloth. These represent how other people may be influencing you or your situation. Ignore any runes that lie outside the area of your cloth.

Finally, look at the facedown runes, turning them faceup but keeping them in the same position on the cloth. These represent the future.

Now look at how the runes in your reading form small groups. Interpret these groups together. It’s also helpful to look up the elements associated with some runes shown here. For example, if a fire rune and an ice rune were close to one another, this suggests tension, given that ice and fire are elemental opposites.