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The 1 Hour Trade: Make Money With One Simple Strategy, One Hour Daily

How to Generate an Income, or Grow Your Account Balance - Trading as Little as 1 Hour Daily

Is the market beating you up? Do you feel like you're taking one step forward, 2 steps back with your investment income? Would you like a proven, step-by-step strategy for generating consistent trading profits?

Trading is one of the few ways to realistically create your own "Rags to Riches" Story. But it's not a get rich quick strategy that will get you there. The secret is to adopt a laser beam focus on ONE specific strategy until you've mastered it.

In "The 1 Hour Trade," you'll get a detailed, step-by-step blueprint that works. Unlike other trading books giving you investment theory, you'll be taught a successful strategy in its entirety, including the specific scanning parameters for locating the trades, the exact analysis decisions you'll need to qualify the trade, and the specific steps to take to execute the trade and come out with a profit.

This Book Is Not a "Black Box" Automated Trading System

You will need to use your brain, and work hard practicing the analysis process in order to be successful.

But if you follow the strategy, and maintain discipline & patience, the setup taught in this book will make you a better, profitable trader.

"The 1 Hour Trade" details a short term investment system for getting into stocks making big price gains. The best part? It can be done in as little as an hour after the market opens each morning.

You'll learn how to:

Scan in real time for stocks poised for huge intraday gains
Analyze chart history to identify whether a setup is likely to succeed or not
Identify areas that allow for optimal exits in order to maximize profit
"Listen" to what the price action and volume are saying about what's likely to unfold

You can be a successful trader! Follow this guide and you will learn a proven system for generating profits in the market.
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I downloaded books and yet when I want to read them, there are no written words just a plain white page.
06 August 2020 (05:55) 
Grateful for this site, 7t
18 August 2020 (22:27) 
God! i love this book. With this book i understood all the basic concepts of the forex market.
09 November 2020 (16:04) 
is this book really helpfull?
27 December 2020 (18:03) 

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