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The Artist's Guide to Photoshop - The Ultimate Tutorial Collection

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Welcome to the first in our brand-new series of Artist’s Guides – unlocking the powerful tools of the creative suites you use and helping you to produce your best art ever.
In this edition, you’ll discover techniques for Adobe’s fantastic Photoshop application that will allow you to develop your skills into new areas – and learn tricks that will enable you to get creative faster and with better results. Brought to you by the same superb creative team as Digital Arts magazine, our selection of the best digital artists from around the world reveals how they have created the incredible artworks you see throughout this edition. Follow step-by-step as they detail their favourite ways for producing art and illustrations with a wealth of different looks. Alongside these tutorials, you’ll also find inspiring guides to the latest hot styles in areas such as digital painting and photo manipulation – plus a wealth of tips as artists across a wide range of traditions disclose the secrets of how they come up with their best ideas.
To help you’ve complete these tutorials, we’ve compiled their project files into a handy resource – plus given you over £750 of amazing stock images and Photoshop video training. There’s far more than could possibly fit on a CD, so we’ve created a Download Zone just for readers of this edition to gain access to these files. See page 162 for details. The Artist’s Guide to Photoshop is your handbook to becoming a better digital artist.
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