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The Religions Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)

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DK, Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 13:
Big Ideas Simply Explained
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Most frequently terms

good book but not perfect
22 May 2019 (14:15) 
Phone Myint
good for all religions
12 September 2019 (09:25) 
Made concise to understand broadly the dynamics of all religion to society and to the world. After reading this, you can devote more reading to religion-specific reference book.
10 January 2020 (10:15) 
27 July 2020 (16:28) 
Puis-je avoir ce livre en français svp?
26 October 2020 (19:03) 
it says all religions are equal, actually its wrong! no religion can be equal to HINDUISM AND BUDDHISM! Both are technically same. Lord Buddha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who, gave up on his kingdom which was there in India, travelled on his horse to Tibet and China, he shared his wisdom and knowledge there. Hinduism is not a religion, its a way of LIFE!
05 November 2020 (18:17) 
Life is astonishing to me
08 November 2020 (15:19) 
Nope, Harsh u are WRONG no religion can be equal to ISLAM! Allah has made this religion as easy as it could be. And women and men are treated equally and with RESPECT! ( By the way not trying to be rude though!) Please reply if u want me to explain my a little rude opinion
20 November 2020 (21:14) 
Actually, could u explain a little bit more! Please! Even though I am Hindu! Because i don't understand what u meant!
Anyway Happy Diwali! ( to all those who celebrate and even those who don`t!)
20 November 2020 (21:18) 
killer 7
>all religions are equal
LOL! I would like to see somebody says that to muslims(aka the religion of piss)
21 November 2020 (21:19) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
Kind reminder that comment sections are not for religious arguing and disrespect.

Whoever continues the argument will be IP-banned.
04 December 2020 (22:46) 
these are main-stream/lame stream books, the secrets of the universe and thus your own spirituality will never be unveiled to the monkey masses of low level consciousness/awareness people..all religious are a result of man trying to piece everything together after the we are in essence fragmented..keep the peace..and do not fall for divide and conquer strategy...peace and love..meditate or pray or whatever and all will be well...expand into the higher consciousness..
01 January 2021 (07:57) 
why do i keep getting 'network failed' on some downloads? anyone else?
01 January 2021 (08:00) 
Eber Flamenco
Si,,, is good fuor religions two know hwo to make teh peace,,, just in thyme fuor me, EBER FLAMENO, to bethe next EL PRESIDENTE OF TEH UNTIED STATS 2021 never two late I haver the STRAITE SHOT TO THE TOP just go to an click my name,,, subscrabe EBER fuor EL PRESIDENTE an then follow teh link in the emaile,,,then correctly fill out captcha,, tehn yuo will be asked to putt yuor phon number,,,thean recovery email,,, it's prety easy, no sweat bozo,,, ok wait than yuo have to select passw
21 January 2021 (00:52) 

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