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Succowbus: Book 7: Serving the Master

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Die Zeit der Magnolien (German Edition)

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Succowbus: Book 6: Submission of the Huntress

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Succowbus 7
Serving the Master
Jay Aury

This book and its contents are copyright 2020 by Jay Aury. All rights
are reserved and no portion may be reproduced aside from brief
quotations for review purposes. Image credit to Azima at
All characters appearing in this story are over the age of 18. This is a
work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or situations is

Travis groaned where he lay and tried to stand.
This presented an unusual problem. Namely, he couldn’t get
He opened his eyes with a moan of pain and looked about
himself. He was still in the library, this being evident due to all the
bookcases, but the deep gloom was rather new. It was night, the
lights being out. Fortunately, someone had lit some candles.
And put them on the floor.
In certain places around a complex ritual circle.
That Travis lay in the middle of.
“What the fuck!” the bullman bellowed, trying to surge upright,
only to find himself still unable to rise. He looked down and realized
that some chains had been wound around his chest, binding him to
the floor. The chains were strange, silvery things that didn’t quite
look real, as if they were made of smoke, but as he quickly proved,
were more than substantial enough to hold him. This alarmed him
even more, for in recent weeks he’d found little able to resist his
strength, his mass and confidence building with every day and every
slut he fucked and milked.
“Oh, um, you’re awake.”
Travis craned his head about to find the speaker, his eyes at
last resting on a curvy blonde in a sweater and round framed
glasses. She carried a massive leather-bound tome tightly against
her chest like a shield, and her eyes were wary, yet purposeful.
Recent events rocked him, and he recalled with abruptness
what he was doing in the library. The chase through the stacks,
following the woman before him. One whom the mistress had
ordered secured.

Which, apparently, he hadn’t done very well; . In fact, it was
hard to think of a way this could have gone worse on his end.
“You bitch!” Travis bellowed, heaving against the chains that
bound him like some Lilliputian giant to the floor. “Let me go!”
“I-I will. Only, um, I need to do this first,” Dina said.
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
Dina flushed and moved slowly about him, peering at the
rings drawn onto the floor. “Ah, it seems that you’re corrupted by
demonic power. F-fortunately it’s not too bad. I mean, obviously it’s
kinda bad, but you haven’t sold your soul or anything. But if the
corruption continues, it might not matter.”
“What? Corruption? Fucking hell! Just let me go!”
“Yes, corruption,” Dina said, paying less and less attention to
him as she looked in her book, becoming enthralled in the problem
before her. “It’s really a quite interesting one. I’ve never seen this
style of corruption in action before. But um, there were records from
Lastrus the III, very famous hunter in France during the sixteenth
century. Apparently he came across something similar to this in a
small village. This looks like the demon Midos’s corruption, which
isn’t that surprising. Um, how long have you had horns?”
“What? I’ve always had horns!”
“Oh, that is interesting,” Dina breathed, scribbling something
into her book. “It must alter memories. Or at least make you ignore
certain changes. I wish I had more time to study this. What an
insidious corruption! Yes. More time… Oh, but um, we don’t have
that. I think. I think my sister and mom are in trouble, so I need your
“You need a good dicking is what you need, slut!”
Dina reddened even further. “Um, let’s see. So, I think this
ritual should at least purify the curse somewhat. To get rid of it fully,
we’ll need to take down the initial source of the corruption. But this
should free your mind. Or um… make you explode.”

“But that’s a very low risk,” Dina was hasty to add. “I’m
confident I got the patterns right! Although it was only copied from a
copy. So I had to um, guess about some of the symbols.”
“It’s an educated guess,” Dina said defensively, slamming
shut her book. “So um, let’s get started.”
“Hey! Don’t I get a say in this?”
“Um, well you tried to kidnap me. So… no.” Dina cleared her
throat and raised her hand over Travis’s form. The horned man
bellowed and strained, but the chains remained strong, binding him
with unnatural strength. The markings etched beneath him began to
glow. Flickering to the cadence of Dina’s voice.
“Ian! Asta! Lignay ees untuasa!”
Travis stiffened. His eyes widened and he suddenly arched, a
great bellow rising from deep within his throat. His veins thudded
with the sudden staccato beating of his heart. His stomach twisted
and his head pounded like his horns were inverting into his skull. His
fists slammed on the floor as he tried to bear the agony ripping
through him. Gathering down. Down. Down…
He became suddenly aware of Dina kneeling before him. The
young huntress licked her lips nervously, reached out, and undid his
pants. Travis groaned as his thick bull cock sprang into the open,
veins bulging with the strange spell working through him.
“Woah,” Dina gasped, staring at the sheer mass of his cock.
She gulped quickly and flexed her hands, forcing herself to focus.
And to ignore the thick musk of his cock and balls. A scent that
threatened to make her swoon. Even knowing what taking the
brute’s seed would do to her, she found herself being tempted. Being
corrupted. Broken upon that pillar of virility. Turning her into little
more than a dumb, moaning cow slut eager to do anything for
another taste of that cock. She felt the idea tingle in her core. Ache
through her quim.

She clenched her teeth, reached out, and wrapped her hands
around the slab of his cock.
“Hrrrrr!” Travis groaned, hips twitching as her fingers touched
his massive shaft, so sensitive he nearly came right there. But
something held him back. Something he didn’t understand, but that
pulsed through him in a sudden swell.
“Ian. Ian. Midan nos Midos estra. Ian,” Dina whispered, her
voice hot as her fingers moved up and down his inhuman cock.
Stroking that pillar of a manhood. Slickening her hands with his pre.
Travis would have probably said something sufficiently witty
like, ‘if you wanted it that bad, you could have just asked.’ Or ‘hands
are great, but your pussy would be even better’. Unfortunately, words
rather failed him due to the aching of his balls. The tightening of his
muscles. The pounding strain of his body as he pumped his cock
into her eager hands.
“Ian. Ian! Midos astin. Sezain istar!”
Words were beyond Travis. The sensation of those delicate
hands running up and down his fat cock was overwhelming him. His
pants thundered from his chest, heaving with every grunting moan.
Frantically he pumped his cock into her grasp, feeling the pressure
of his balls grow.
“Istain Midos ian!” Dina cried.
“Raaaaaaaa!” Travis roared, arching, his mouth flying open.
His cock quivered, and he came with great globs of inhuman cum. It
spurted from his cock like from a firehose, splattering the ceiling with
the force of his orgasm, his thick seed mingling with strains of inky
darkness. Again and again his thick manhood pulsed. Again and
again he spent his load until it seemed like his balls had emptied
themselves utterly.

Travis collapsed on the floor, barrel chest heaving, his eyes
spinning as he tried to focus back on what had happened. He
blinked slowly, the red clearing from his vision, the world thrown into
such sudden relief it was like he’d finally found a pair of glasses
suited to his eyes.
“Um, how are you feeling?” Dina asked.
“I… H-hold on… I…”
Travis blinked slowly, then sat up. The chains melted through
him as if they had no more purchase on his form. He raised his
hands, looking at the leathery mitts, then reached up and touched
the horns sprouting from his head. He gave a sudden shudder.
“Oh. Oh god. What… what is this!”
Dina relaxed at his stunned expression. She beamed. “Good.
It worked.”
“What worked? What did you do?”
Dina shifted in her sweater, coughing softly. “Um, well. I ah,
purified you. Not totally, of course. I can’t do that until we deal with
the root of the corruption. But fortunately you weren’t fully corrupted.
I sort of… cleansed you. Mostly. But it’s kinda temporary.”
Travis stopped touching his horns and looked to her.
“Yeah,” Dina said, nodding quickly. “Um, that is, since you
didn’t sell your soul to a demon, but are a victim of corruption, we
can reverse it, but only if we deal with the originator of the curse. So
we need to find the first.”
“The first…” Realization dawned in Travis’s eyes. “Millie!”
Travis looked quickly to the huntress. “Millie. She was my
neighbour. But, a few months ago she came home and was… well,
changed. And after that her mother was…” Travis felt a blush and
cleared his throat, memories washing in. Memories that made his

cock twitch and half harden anew. He winced as his head began to
cloud again. “Her mother was…”
“D-don’t get horny!”
Dina looked at his horns, blushed, then back to his head. “I…
I mean, don’t think about fucking. Or the purification will start to wear
off. A-and you’ll fall under the spell of the demon again.”
“Right. Right.” Travis closed his eyes. Forcing himself to think
unsexy thoughts. Like taxes. The DMV. Grocery shopping where that
cute cashier with the huge rack would invite him into the back to…
Travis grunted, rubbing his forehead. “Ugh. This is… gonna
be hard.”
“Try,” Dina said. “I need your help!”
Travis lifted his muzzle, squinted at her. “You do?”
“Yes! I can’t get in contact with my mom or sister. I don’t
know what to do! I can’t try and banish this curse on my own. I need
Travis caught himself rubbing his horns again and forced
himself to stop. Dina clutched her hands in front of him, shifting
nervously from one foot to the other. He grimaced, then sighed.
“Alright,” he said. “I’ll help. This is my town and I… Well, I don’t really
want to go back to just being a dumb meathead.”
“You will? Oh thank you!” Dina cried, throwing herself against
him, hugging him tightly. Travis grunted, feeling her soft breasts
press against him. His cock rub against her leg, hardening anew. His
head fogging further. “D-Dina?”
She gasped, pulling back. “Oh! S-sorry. I didn’t mean… Um,
here. Let me help with that. Once I top you off we can get going. We
need to track down my sister first. I have a tracking app on her
phone. We have to rescue her.”
“Nnnn,” Travis moaned as Dina’s fingers wrapped anew
around his shaft, stroking him eagerly. “Yeah. Gotta… do that…”

Right after he came again…

Bar Room Blitz
Short cropped hair swung to and fro. Liz moaned, her toned
stomach flexing, her modest breasts bouncing as the young huntress
ground her pussy onto the face of the busty bar slut. Betty, once the
barmaid, now her personal pussy licker, moaned slavishly, eagerly
servicing the young woman upon her face, ass rocking and hips
twitching as she continued to finger herself while servicing her new
“Yes! Fuck yes! Lick me… Oh fuck. That’s right. Right there.
Oh fuck! Fuck! Mnnnnn!”
Liz flexed, crying out as her hips pumped eagerly, cumming
once again. She’d lost count of the number of her orgasms.
Forgotten a great many things as well. It all spun together. A storm of
ceaseless pleasure as she fucked and rode the milky slut.
In fact, she couldn’t remember a lot of things. Her head felt
heavy and empty. Her body warm and torpid with pleasure and the
sweet, sweet milk of her new slut. Which reminded her. She
tightened her grip on Betty’s head, pulling the panting slut up, kissing
the moaning girl’s plump lips with a hunger.
She broke the kiss, panting. “Gimme those tits…”
“Yes,” Betty moaned, hefting her plump breasts, milk
dribbling from her perky nipples. Liz licked her lips, not hesitating a
moment before pulling the moaning Betty close and sucking eagerly
on those milky orbs. She moaned adoringly, hips twitching as she
milked her new slut, hands capturing those plump orbs, squeezing
and massaging them, drinking her fill of the moaning girl’s cream.
That there might be something wrong with all this escaped her. She
was too far gone. Too lost in the weighty pleasure of her new pet’s
Dimly, Liz heard the door open, but didn’t raise her head.

“Well well! Isn’t that interesting.”
Liz lifted her eyes from Betty’s breasts. A shapely woman
stood not far, her eyes bright, her curves clad in a police uniform with
the upper buttons undone, revealing the endless valley between a
pair of curvy breasts. Her hips strained her skirt and her smile was
amused as she took in the scene. Behind her were the massive
shapes of two other officers, both men, their own uniforms straining
their almost absurd musculature.
Liz stared at them, not quite comprehending what was
happening. Betty giggled. “Hi officer A-Alexa. What are… oooh…
what are you um, doing he-here…”
Alexa chuckled. “Actually, the boys and I have a bit of
business with your girl there,” Alexa said, pointing at the panting Liz.
“She’s been a bit naughty and needs a night in the cells.”
Betty giggled. “Ooooh! She’s been very um, naughty. Oh
fuck… Yes… She’s ah… ha… been drinking um, allllll my milk!”
“What? And not leaving any for my men? That should be
almost criminal!”
Liz listened to the conversation with vague confusion. She
didn’t understand quite what was happening. But… but a glimmer of
her old self tingled deep within her. A sense of a certain wrongness
about that situation. The… the police were looking for her? But um…
but why would they… they… unless… um… unless they…
Alarm bells belatedly began to ring in her head as the two
hulking cops moved forward. Liz noticed that their faces were
curiously blunted, almost animalistic. Their bulk thrilled her yet
alarmed her, and a feeling of fear finally made it through her milk
dazed mind. She pushed Betty back, her lips popping off the slut’s
heavy breasts. She staggered to her feet and faced off against the
One of the officers chuckled and reached for her. His
movement was easy, casual, and yet she almost failed to evade him.
She felt so warm. So weak and panting. Her head spun as she tried

to dodge his next grab, but he caught her arm and pulled her close.
She drew back her fist and slammed it into his stomach, only to
whimper. The man’s abs were like steel!
His partner moved in, and Liz groaned as they easily pulled
her arms behind her, wrapping the cuffs around her wrists.
“You’re taking her?” Betty moaned. “But…”
Alexa laughed as she took Liz’s arms. “Aw, don’t worry. I’m
sure we can compensate you. Right, boys?”
The two who had come with Alexa grinned at the buxom
Betty. The barmaid’s eyes widened and breathing deepened as they
casually undid their pants, their huge, flaring cocks fairly bursting into
the open. They grinned, stroking themselves as they closed with the
eager barmaid.
Alexa smirked, pushing Liz out of the bar as Betty eagerly
submitted her mouth and pussy to be properly spit roasted by the
two hulking cops. Alexa sighed as she walked the milk addled
huntress to one of the waiting police cruisers, pushing the girl into
the back and slamming the door shut. As she was moving around to
the driver’s side, she caught a flicker of movement in a nearby alley.
She squinted. It was dark, night having fallen across Newhaven,
masking the world in the soft darkness of the midwest. She thought
she could make out two figures by the light of a streetlamp, but
couldn’t be sure.
She straightened as one broke off, the other slinking deeper
into the alley. Within moments the figure had stepped into the light.
Alexa smiled, letting her hand fall from her holstered gun.
“Why, Travis! Isn’t it? It has been a while.”
Travis grinned. He looked a little nervous, which struck her as
odd. She’d never known a male in recent memory who was
uncertain about themselves, or what a woman wanted from them. He
straightened, rubbing the back of his head, and Alexa once more
caught herself staring at the heavy bulge that swelled in his pants.

She felt again that wonderful aching in her breasts when confronted
by such an example of peak masculinity, and she forced herself to
look back into his eyes. Though she had taken many men since that
day in the Liberas house, she still recalled the thickness of Travis’s
cock claiming her as she suckled Francine’s full breasts.
“Yeah, it has,” Travis said. “Too long…”
“Oh?” Alexa breathed, her lashes fluttering at him, her body
tingling at the presence of such raw male power. “Did you want to fix
She saw his eyes warm. That cocky grin she knew from
before stole across his face as his thick cock strained against the
fabric of his pants. “Yeah,” he grunted, moving forward, resting his
hands on her shoulders. “I do.”
Alexa again felt that quiver in her core. That aching need for
a good, thorough fucking. Her breasts tingled, aching to be groped.
To be stroked. “Sounds wonderful,” she breathed. “Let’s…”
“Not here,” Travis said suddenly. “Um, over there. In the
“The alley?”
Alexa giggled. “Naughty boy,” she breathed, pressing against
him. “Let’s go then.”
His smile was hungry, his hand engulfing her curvy bottom as
he guided her over to the waiting side street. She glanced at the
walls, noticing to her surprise that someone had graffitied the
brickwork with chalk in a number of strange designs and patterns
she couldn’t quite make out. She wondered at that, but then Travis’s
hands were upon her breasts, and everything else was woefully
“Oh fuck,” she panted as Travis massaged the plump orbs of
her generous tits. She bit her lower lip in an effort to stifle the sounds
of pleasure escaping her, to minimal effect. Her ass pressed back,

rubbing against the bulge of his cock, her milk already drooling from
her fat nipples and into the pads she always wore these days.
“Travis… oh f-fuck, that’s… mnnnn…”
“Fucking…” Travis growled, his voice deepening as he
grabbed her shirt and suddenly yanked it open. Alexa gasped as the
clips that bound her top gave way with a magnetic snapping, her full,
generous tits bouncing into the open, swollen with milk, nipples
hardened with lust. Immediately Travis groped her breasts, filling his
palms with those pale orbs.
“Moooooore!” Alexa moaned, quivering in heady lust as he
mauled her plump teats, mashing them together, squeezing them,
teasing them, driving her wild with his expert touch.
“Mnnn!” she gasped as Travis shoved himself forward. His
zipper was undone, and soon, so was hers, her pants and panties
falling about her ankles. He spun her about, his cock swelled
between her legs, the meaty length of his shaft pressing against her
gloriously sensitive pussy, her juices dripping onto his flaring shaft.
“Oh fuck… Travis… fuck me. Please. You… You’re gotta f-fuck me.”
“Yeah. Gotta… um…”
Alexa heard a frantic whispering, but failed to really register
it. Especially with those hands on her tits. That cock rubbing against
her cunny.
“Right. Yeah. I’ll try… this!”
“Nnnnnn!” Alexa cried out, arching in his grasp, her plump tits
heaving as Travis started to hump her, rubbing his cock against her
glistening folds, yet failing to penetrate her.
“Ah! Ah! Ohhhh fuuuuuck!” Alexa moaned. His hips spanked
her firm bottom, thrusting her forward. She threw out her arms,
bracing herself against the wall and the strange design of chalk. “Oh
fuck! Yes! Milk me, Travis. Mnnnn! Oh yessss! Milk my breasts. Fuck
me! Oh fuck. Fuck! Mnnnn! Yes! Milk me like a good cow slut. Oh
god. Oh fuck I can… mnnnnn… feel it! Oh fuck. More. More!

Alexa lowed with a sound of purest pleasure, her orgasm like
nothing she’d felt up to that point, her aching breasts releasing their
bounty, her milk spurting in Travis’s hands, spraying to alleyway.
Over the sound of her scream of pleasure she heard a voice
chanting. Through spinning eyes she saw the design etched on the
alleywall pulse with light.
“Rooooooo!” Travis bellowed, cumming with all the force of
the bull he resembled, pumping his thick, virile cum onto the ground
where it mingled with Alexa’s heady cream. Every spurt of his cock
making him shudder as the circle of magic did its work upon the pair.
The light faded with their orgasms, and Travis fell back,
leaving Alexa where she stood, legs apart, braced against the wall.
The chief of Newhaven’s police panted, her hair a mess, her body in
little better shape.
And her mind racing.
She stared at the wall, mouth agape as a fog seemed to rise
from her mind. As things that she had seen suddenly began to make
sense and memories flood in with renewed context.
“Oh,” Alexa breathed. “Oh my god…”
“You’re… you’re the chief of police?”
Alexa turned her head slowly, staring at the young woman in
glasses and a sweater who had come up from behind. She held a
book tightly at her side, looking intently at the panting officer.
“I… I am,” Alexa said. “I… oh god. What… what’s been
The blonde breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s okay. My name is
Dina. Your town… it’s been, well, cursed. My sister, mother and I
came to help but… um, well, my sister seems to be in your cruiser
and my mom… I don’t know where my mom is.”
Alexa took a hand off the wall, rubbing her forehead.
Memories lingered behind a fog of lust and desire. She opened her
eyes slowly and straightened, turning to face Travis and Dina.

“I… think we should talk….”

Millie admired city hall, hardly for the first time. But it would
soon be the last. Oh yes. Soon it would be. For starters it had been
good. Being the youngest mayor in Newhaven history had been an
impressive thing to slap onto the resume. Granted, there hadn’t
exactly been a proper election, but that was more of a ‘details’ thing.
And though being mayor was fun, bigger things awaited her.
When she first walked up those steps into city hall, past the pillars of
the doors, into the office of the former mayor and, with remarkable
ease, had him on the floor under her, his pathetic little cock pumping
into her as he moaned and panted and the life slowly drained from
him, she’d thought it was as high as she could go. How petty that
seemed now. She wasn’t meant to be a mayor. A cheerleader. A big
titted bimbo.
She was meant to be a queen!
Unfortunately, America had some issues with queens, unless
your name was Latifa.
But Millie had grown adept at changing people’s minds.
Speaking of…
She turned from city hall, the clock chiming ten, strobing
lights painting the white and grey bricks red. Several police cruisers
waited about, their officers standing at attention, unable to tear their
eyes from her. Not that she could blame them. She smiled at the
men she had corrupted, strutting forward, her black jacket undone to
reveal the valley of her perfect tits, her short skirt swishing around
her thighs.
None of the officers before her noticed that she was also
nearly nine feet tall, sporting ruddy red skin, a pair of glowing
crimson eyes and a pair of horns sprouting from her forehead. Not

that they’d have much room to judge. Every man before her was
stacked with muscle, their faces blunted and brutish, their horns
curling up from beneath their hats. The women were bustier than
Dolly Parton and as brainless as a proper cow. Alexa had really done
a great job turning them into the perfect cows and bulls. The rest of
Newhaven were well on their way, and soon enough, Millie would
rule over a world of burly bull men and lusty bimbos.
“Thank you all for coming. I’m sure Alexa explained the
importance of tonight, and I want to be the first to tell you all how
much the mayor’s office appreciates your assistance,” Millie said.
Anders, her first conquest as the new her, grinned,
straightening, his vest undone to reveal the dark fur that coated his
chest. He snorted, his eyes hungry as they worked up and down her
curves. “Glad to be of service, mayor.”
Millie felt again that curdling of lust. Since her changes, she
no longer had to worry about her brain frying under the weight of her
milky tits, but it was impossible to stand in front of such a male on
not feel that tingle of hot arousal. Keep it cool, she reminded herself.
You can fuck them all you want once you’re done.
“I know. And I’m sure all of you will do a simply terrific job,”
she said to all the men and women before her. “Because tonight is
very important for me. And I need to be undisturbed. Now, if you’ll all
step back.”
They did, watching curiously as the massive paddy wagon
slowly backed up to the steps. The doors opened, and from its
depths emerged the beast.
Anders’s eyes flew open at the sight of the shaggy brute who
loped out of the back, carrying under his arm a thoroughly well
fucked Suzanna Camillo. Millie beamed. Victor had been her
greatest triumph in Newhaven. Turning the proud hunter into her
personal pet/monster had been a stroke of delight, almost as much
as when she’d given his former wife over to him for a thorough

“What the fuck!” Anders gasped, reaching for his sidearm.
Victor lifted his horned head, a low, rumbling growl rising from
deep within his chest.
Oops. Millie should have foreseen this. The curse allowed for
a lot to slide under people’s radars once they were thoroughly
hooked on her milk, but the sight of the changed Victor would
probably be a bit too much.
Fortunately, Millie had a way around that.
“Boys. Boys!” she cried, stepping in front of Anders and his
fellow officers. “Take it easy. That’s nothing important.”
“What is it?” Anders gasped, gaping at the bulky monster, his
eyes narrowed, his nostrils flaring in challenge.
“Nothing at all. Certainly nothing… like these,” Millie said, and
snapped open the buttons of her jacket.
Instantly every eye was riveted to her massive breasts,
nipples engorged and fat with desire. She smirked at the sight of
Anders and his fellow officers fairly drooling at her tits. It was almost
too easy. But why shouldn’t it be? Isn’t this all that she wanted?
“Gentlemen. Ladies,” Millie said, cupping her plump breasts,
so hefty she couldn’t even get her hands all the way around those
jaw dropping orbs. “I would like to thank you for all your assistance at
this time. Things have been… so hard,” she breathed, cupping her
plump tits, observing the tenting pants of the staring officers. “And all
this… overtime you all have been putting in is to be well rewarded, of
She sauntered forward, her hips swaying like a pendulum,
the slow rocking motion keeping their eyes utterly arrested on her. All
on her. All desiring her. Wanting her. Wanting to fuck her. To ream
her. To bend her over a waiting cruiser and rail her pussy until she
was molded to the shape of their cocks. The thought thrilled her, and
few things would have delighted her more.
But she had work to do. Always work.

However, no reason not to have… a little fun first…
She stopped before Anders and pressed her tits against his
chest, delighting in the way he sucked in a sharp gasp. “Anders,” she
breathed, reaching down, undoing his pants, her smile widening as
his thick manhood swelled into her waiting palm, the flaring tip more
like an animal’s than a man’s as she stroked him. “I want you and
your officers to know I really do appreciate their help. What would be
a good way to do that?”
“Hrrrr,” Anders grunted, grinning broadly, his eyes growing
warm and lidded. “I think getting a taste of your pussy would be a
start,” he growled.
“Every officer? Oh my,” Millie giggled, her eyes hot. “So much
cock. Well, I suppose I could manage it. Once I finish my work in
town hall.”
“Yeah. Buuuut… I suppose a demonstration is still in order.”
Her eyes sparkling with delight, Millie squatted down before
him, his massive cock level with her face. She practically drooled
over that slab of manhood, and with another teasing glance into his
eyes, opened her mouth, and took it between her lips.
Anders groaned as her soft lips stroked his shaft, bobbing up
and down, her ass and breasts swaying as she really got into the
motion. Her gag reflex was little more than a memory, allowing her to
take more of his shaft than any woman in town. She hummed, her
lashes fluttering in delight as she sucked him off, moaning softly as
the thick taste of bullman sizzled on her tongue. Fuck she loved this.
She loved being adored. She loved fucking these bulls. Everything
about it was just so perfect!
“Ohhhh fuck!” Anders moaned, his hands on her horns, using
them for leverage as his hips beat, rutting into her mouth, fucking her
face with ever increasing abandon. “Nnnnn! Fuck. Fuck yes. Yes! Oh
fuck yes. Yessss! Take it. Take my cock. Oh fuck. Fuck! Yesssss!”

He bellowed, the sound echoing in the night as he came,
cock pumping his thick cum into her, down her throat. Millie moaned,
her lashes fluttering as she drank him down, her red eyes flaring.
Slowly, languidly, she pulled her lips off of his cock. She
licked her lips delightedly, smirking. “Mmm. Thank you, Anders. I
appreciate your assistance.”
“Anytime, ma’am,” he panted, grinning.
Rising, flicking her long blonde locks over a shoulder, Millie
turned back to the rest of the force. Not a man or woman had been
able to avoid watching her suck Anders cock, each of them wishing it
had been them. She caught a glimpse of Victor’s tail slithering
through the doors of city hall and nodded with satisfaction.
“Thank you. Once I finish my work, I can’t wait to reward you
all for all your work.”
Her heels clicking, Millie swayed past the uniformed men and
women, and up the steps of city hall. She paused at the doors,
listening to the dim rumble of thunder overhead.
Her lip quirked, her eyes smoldered, and she slipped inside.

Liz moaned, head in her hands. She’d been hung over
before. But this was like the grandfather of all hangovers. She
recalled dimly the drive from the bar, up to Alexa’s house where
she’d been brought inside, sat down, and Dina had done a quick
purification ritual on her. She still winced at the memory of what
she’d done in the bar. Not the fucking of course. That had been
amazing. But that she’d been stupid enough to be ensorcelled in
such an obvious trap.
Dina had explained that it was lucky this had been Liz’s first
session. Apparently, her dear sister had discovered the nature of the
corruption in Newhaven.
At which point Alexa had put in some new information, and
now things were getting very serious.
Despite the pounding in her skull, Liz listened intently to Dina
and Alexa talk, Dina explaining their purpose here, and then Alexa
talking about all that had been happening in Newhaven. At least, to
her understanding. It was tough to follow. Not only because Alexa
tended to get sidetracked, blushing and hot when she got to certain
things done with Millie and others, but because Liz was having an
awfully hard time not staring at the police chief’s generous tits and
the way they bounced with her every word. Dina had said that was a
lingering effect of the milk. Liz hadn’t corrected her.
“Millie took your mother into the basement of the old station,
where she’d been keeping… something. I think it was your father,
but at that point, I just don’t know,” Alexa said, shaking her head.
She massaged her brow where her nubby horns sprouted, wincing.
“It’s all so confusing…”
“Do you know where they went after?” Dina asked.

Alexa grimaced. “I… I think so, yes. Millie hadn’t been very
tight lipped when around me. I doubt she even considered me a
threat anymore.” Alexa smiled grimly. “Not too surprising, all things
told. How could I have been so stupid!”
“Demons are clever creatures,” Dina said quickly. “And this…
Millie Liberas may not be a demon, but she’s got the wiles of one.
And the power. Honestly, what you’ve described… I don’t know.
There are records of humans becoming demons. But that’s…”
“She wasn’t always like this,” Travis put in, shaking his
horned head. “I remember… She used to be a lot smaller. More
um… modest.”
“Who cares what she was?” Liz said. “All I know is I’m going
to beat her ass when I find her!”
“Something we had best do soon,” Alexa said slowly.
Dina turned sharply to the cop, peering over her glasses at
the buxom woman. “What do you mean?”
Alexa rubbed her horned head, wincing as she tried to focus
through the haze of pleasure and Millie’s presence. “I… I’m not sure.
But she was… I remember she was preparing to do something.
Something big tonight. She had me put a number of my officers on
security around city hall. And… And I remember her taking your
mother and the… the monster in the basement out and into a paddy
wagon. She was going to take them there. She mentioned
something about making more changes…”
“More changes?” Liz snorted. “How much bigger a change
could she make?” She glanced towards her sister, then frowned at
the horrified expression on Dina’s face. “Dina? What’s up?”
“Mom and… Oh god!”
Dina grabbed her book and pulled it out, frantically flipping to
one of the many bookmarked pages. “Midos. Back when Lastrus
confronted Midos in France, the village… the village had been
involved in a vast ritual. They were attempting to bring Midos into the
real world.”

Liz flinched, grimacing. “Oh. That’s bad…”
“Worse than bad!” Dina said, reaching the pages, her eyes
flicking through the words inscribed within. “With the corruption in
town, if Midos comes through, he’d be able to touch every soul in
Newhaven, corrupting them even more fully! And… and if he
manages that, his curse will become even more potent. He could
spread it all over the country!”
“What!” Travis said, pushing off the wall and to his full height.
“Is that possible?”
“Yes!” Dina gasped. “Millie has been increasing his presence
here. She’s like an anchor to his magic, funneling his corruption into
the real world. But if he comes through fully, empowered by the
corruption he’s already spread, there’s no telling what he might be
able to do!”
“Fucking hell!” Liz said, standing so fast she almost passed
out again. The toned huntress swayed until the spots stopped
dancing before her eyes. “We’ve gotta stop her!”
“How?” Alexa said.
Dina hesitated. “Um, there might be a way. But it really
depends on how far Millie has fallen. If we can purify her corruption,
that’d be best. But…”
“But if she’s too far gone?” Alexa prompted.
“We’ll have to slay her,” Liz said grimly.
Alexa rounded on the huntress. “We can’t just kill her!
That’s… that’s murder!”
“I doubt she’s even human at this point,” Liz said. She
gestured wildly. “You saw what happened to this town. Do you want it
to spread!”
Alexa winced.
“We… we might not need to,” Dina said. “If we can purify
Millie, then we could stop the whole thing right here. But we have to

Alexa sighed. “Alright. We’ll go to city hall. There’s a large
basement area under the building. Millie has been spending much
time down there. If what you say is true, it’s likely for this… ritual
“Then that’s where we’re going,” Liz said firmly.
“I just hope we’re not too late,” Dina sighed.

It was looking to be too late.
Liz pressed on then gas as she sped after Alexa’s cruiser
and down the streets of Newhaven. Her nose twitched, wrinkling at a
scent in the air. That morning hadn’t seemed so laden with evil. But
the night had come, and with it, an awakening.
Leaves hissed in a foul wind blowing through the nighted
streets, and over the city dark clouds moved, gathering and rumbling
with menace. As the two cars sped by, the streetlights began to
flicker and die, as if their glow had been sucked from them one by
“I don’t like this,” Liz growled.
“Me neither,” Dina said. She nodded forward. “Look.”
Liz peered up through the windshield and cursed. City hall
lay ahead, and around it stirred the dark clouds. From the pinnacle of
the clock tower they swirled, expanding outward like a whirlpool of
rumbling darkness. Liz looked back down, slamming on the brakes
behind Alexa’s cruiser as it ground to a stop.
Alexa stepped out of the car, peering down the street. A
strange nimbus of light seemed to glow from city hall’s many tall
windows, illuminating the front where a number of men and a few
women in uniform were gathered. Her heart ached in sudden pain.
Her officers. The men and women who had relied on her, and
instead, she’d assisted in their curse.
She heard a trunk pop and turned to see Liz lean into the
rear of her car. When she emerged, it was with a sword, sheathed in
leather inscribed with strange markings. The muscular young woman
looked at the guarded doors grimly.
“Wait!” Alexa gasped. “You can’t hurt them!”

“Well we’re going in some way,” Liz said, jerking her head at
the swirling clouds. “See that? That means shit’s about to go down
and I’m not waiting for it.”
“Hey, hold on. I’m all for fixing this, but she’s right. We can’t
just start stabbing people,” Travis protested.
“Sure we can,” Liz said.
Alexa licked her lips. “Wait,” she said. “I’ll take care of it.”
“You?” Dina said. “But… will they listen to you?”
“I… I don’t know. Just trust me. I can get them to move.
There shouldn’t be any officers inside. I didn’t assign them there.”
“What are you going to do?” Dina said.
Alexa took a deep breath. “Trust me,” she said.
Before any of them could protest, Alexa turned and marched
towards the great doors of Newhaven’s city hall. Her heart pounded
in her chest, her mind for the moment clear. She had a duty. To
protect Newhaven. Though her success was… debatable, she
intended to at least right it as best she could.
Is what she told herself. But even she suspected there…
might have been another reason. A reason that made her blood
warm like mulled wine. That made her breasts ache as the cops at
the doors became aware of her, their eyes automatically drawn to
her short skirt, her tight, oh so official uniform, and the way her hips
rocked with her every step.
Alexa took a deep breath, and despite the wind that whipped
through the night, she caught a whiff of male musk. Of powerful
masculine prowess and strength. Of the pure, animal lust that hung
from the broad frames of her officers, male and female.
A familiar one stood at the bottoms of the steps. His dark
eyes took her in, his face an almost bestial muzzle and horns
sprouting from beneath his hat. He grinned at the sight of her and
threw a salute. “Chief.”

Alexa felt a quiver to her core at the guttural growl of that
male. “Officer Anders,” Alexa purred, smiling. “Doing good work?”
“We are,” he said.
“I know,” she said, feeling her unease melting away. A
familiar sensation of teasing desire swelling in her chest and
generous, full breasts. “You are all always working so hard. I think it’s
high time you were given a break.”
“A break?” Anders grunted, grinning, the other officers
perking up and crowding around.
“Yes,” Alexa breathed, reaching up, flicking open the first clip
of her top. “And a… reward…”
It was almost pathetically easy how she gave in to it. How
she let the heaviness of her breasts, the fullness of her desires wash
over her again. Submit to the thick scent of male musk and the
desire for the rough hands of the watching bullmen. Her thoughts
sank into the background, the need of her body taking precedence
as she looked about herself at the near dozen cops, the males
straining their uniforms with raw, potent muscles. The women with
jaw-dropping curves.
She gasped as Anders stepped forward, engulfing her fat
breasts in his hungry hands. Her knees quaked and she moaned
eagerly. “I like a reward,” Anders grunted.
“You deserve it,” she panted, her thoughts misting over with
those pink clouds of sweet desire. Her legs slowly giving way
beneath her, lowering her to her knees before him. Her fingers deftly
unzipped his pants, freeing the thickness of his cock, letting it burst
into the open, flaring, veiny length on full display. The sight of it, the
scent of it, finished her. She smiled dimly up at him, cupped her
breasts, and mashed his bitchbreaker between them.
“Hrrrr!” Anders growled, the sound vibrating through his cock
to her breasts. Alexa smirked, rubbing her breasts around his
gargantuan cock, stroking him with an eagerness she more than felt.

“Mmm. Do you like that, officer? Do you like my big, milky tits
wrapped around your cock? Oh you’re so slick… So thick and heavy.
Do you want to cum between my big, fat tits? Do you want to hose
my pretty face with your virile seed? Come on,” she breathed, hot,
eager, her eyes shining with delight. “Cum for me, Anders. Give me
all your seed.”
“Yes… ha… yes ma’aaaaaaaam!” Anders bellowed as his
cock gave up the fight with the beautiful cow slut, twitching and
fountaining with great ropes of his cum, draping Alexa’s face with his
seed. She moaned, eyes fairly rolling back as her tongue slid along
her lips, tasting the thickness of his cum. She shuddered, ass
twitching in delight.
“Please,” she moaned, thrusting out her rear, shaking it like a
bitch in heat. “Please. F-fuck me…”
Grins lit up on every savage muzzle. Pants were opened and
thick, veiny cocks surrounded her. She gasped as she felt one male
grab her hips, rubbing his thick manhood against her slick folds,
much as Travis had done a few short hours ago. But this time, he
didn’t stop, and pushed home inside of her.
“Ah!” she gasped, eyes flying open, lips parting in a throaty
moan. “Oooooh yesssss! Fuck me! Fill me with your big cock! Oh ffuck yes. Yes! Stuff my pussy with your cock. Fuck your cow slut.
Fuck me!”
The male behind her bellowed and began to ruthlessly
hammer her, his hips spanking her ass, sending shocks of sweet
pleasure rippling through her. Her parted lips were promptly claimed
by another cock, thrusting into the soft ring of her lips, nearly
bottoming out as her forgotten gag reflex allowed extra inches of
virile bullcock to fill her mouth. Alexa moaned, lashes fluttering as
she bobbed atop this new cock, spitroasted, used, little more than a
living gloryhole to the burly males under her command.
And she loved it.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she was taken, used. The taste
of cock on her tongue amazing. The feeling of her depths being
stuffed with inch upon inch of bullcock enthralling. And that was
nothing compared to when the male behind her reached out, and
filled his hands with her soft tits.
“Mnnnnn!” she moaned, quivering as her pussy tightened
around the slamming cock, her orgasm riding on a wave of pure
ecstasy as the squeezing of her tits unleashes her heavy milk, her
nipples squirting her sweet cream over the cold asphalt of the
“Rooooooo!” the males filling her cried out, cumming, stuffing
her with great spurts of their massive cocks. Every burst of hot seed
within her sending her thoughts spinning and body shuddering with
sweet lust.
The cock within her mouth pulled back. The one within her
pussy retreated. But not for long. Almost instantly another thick shaft
filled her pussy, squeezing out the cum stuffing her in favor of his
length. The male pulled her back onto his lap. “Ah!” Alexa gasped as
she was realigned atop his shaft, her head spinning. She squeaked
as one of her female officers appeared before her, fluttering her dark
“Can’t let the boys have all the fun,” she giggled.
“N-no. Can’t… mmm…”
Alexa trailed off as the other busty officer kissed her hungrily,
tasting the cum that drenched her face before kissing down her
throat and to her shuddering tits. As the male behind her began to
bounce Alexa atop his thick cock, the woman before her latched onto
her nipple, cradling it like some treasure as she began to suck.
“Ohhhh yesssss!” Alexa moaned, grasping the woman’s
head, pulling it against her oh so sensitive breast. “Yes! Ahn! Fuck!
Mmnnnn! S-suck me. Drink my sweet cream. Oh fuck yes. Yes! Drink
me up! Fuck me! Use me! M-moo. Mooooooo!”

Her voice rose in a crescendo of pleasure as she came
again, milked again, used again. When the male within her came
anew he withdrew, and another plugged her leaking pussy. Her
hands wound beneath the woman’s skirt and fingered that panting
beauty to orgasm.
The scene enthralled the other officers. They surrounded her,
some amusing themselves with their female colleagues, others
opening their pants and stroking their veiny cocks in eagerness for
their turn to claim their captain. Some failed to last, moaning as they
came, spurting their thick, virile seed onto her as she was fucked by
another male. But Alexa didn’t worry. She of all people knew that
they were a wellspring. There would be plenty of cum to fill her. So
much it would swell her stomach from swallowing. Form a puddle
from leaking from her pussy. It would keep up. She would keep up.
As she rode the cock of another male, she spotted three
figures hurry up the unguarded steps and through the doors of city
hall. And before her mind gave over to the cum hungry whore she so
resembled, she managed a slight smile, which was promptly
smothered by the muff of one of her female officers, and Alexa had
far more important things to do than thinking.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong. A gangbang worked. But
couldn’t she have just tried to move them around the building? She
is the chief,” Liz said, her voice a hushed whisper in the echoing
corridors of city hall.
“It’s… the curse doesn’t really leave a lot of room for
thinking,” Travis said, his muzzle slightly pink, his eyes constantly
straying to Dina’s sweater and the two shapely treasures they
contained. The scene out front had distracted him more than a little,
to the point that Dina had to practically drag him towards the waiting
doors of city hall. And even then he couldn’t get the image of Alexa
on her knees, taking a dozen cocks of her waiting officers out of his
mind. Not helping was the more than obvious bulge that strained his
pants to the limit, and the way his mind ached with a fog of naked
lust. He shook his horned head, trying to clear it. And trying not to
watch the way Dina’s breasts moved as she walked…
“I guess not,” Dina said, unaware of the male’s looks. She
glanced at her sister. “Got anything?”
Liz’s nose wrinkled. “Ugh. Yes. This whole place reeks of
corruption.” She lifted her head, sniffing the air like a bloodhound.
Her eyes narrowed and she suddenly changed direction. “This way.”
They moved past offices shut for the night. Their shoes
clicked off shining floors waxed to a mirror shine. Murals of
Newhaven’s history were half hidden in darkness and the trio’s
shadows flickered off glass windows and doors as they passed. Liz
led the way, her eyes narrow, sharp and intent as she guided them to
a door with the word Maintenance written on it. Liz checked the
handle, muttering at the click.
“You got it?”

“Course I do,” Liz sniffed, resting her sword against the wall
as she knelt before the door and fetched out her lockpicks. Her
father had trained her well, and within moments there was a click
and the door swung open. Liz ducked inside, followed closely by
Dina and Travis. Steps descended into the dark. Pipes snaked up
and along the walls, humming with the heat of the furnace. Cold
cement lined their path, and as they moved into the dark depths of
the building Dina had the creeping feeling of descending into some
dank dungeon beneath the earth.
And it was warm down there. Warmer than it should have
been. Even Dina could sense the evil permeating the stone now, to
say nothing of how Liz covered her nose with a grimace. The
maintenance corridor seemed to run endlessly, and soon enough the
hard cement had made way for stone brickwork.
They slowed as they became aware of a low light ahead, and
Dina cocked her head and nodded to them. They crept down the
tunnel more slowly now. The maintenance corridor ended suddenly
at a wall that looked like it had been broken through, leaving a
gaping hole in the old brickwork, and beyond the glow intensified.
Dina slipped through, and even Travis was able to easily traverse it
despite the bullman’s bulk.
Soft sounds met their ears the closer they grew, and Liz
beckoned them to move aside and approach from along the wall. An
arch formed the end of the corridor, and sliding up to it, Liz peeked
out from behind, and into a nightmare.
A large room had been worked out of the raw stone of the
passage. Shelves and tables were filled with skulls, feathers, bottles,
and various items of occult purpose. Candles glowed all around a
dizzying pattern worked in the floor. Whirling designs and cryptic
signs that made the eyes ache to look upon. Lines worked in chalk,
but that seemed to glow with a malefic light all their own. Pulsing
with power, seeming to vibrate through the very air, throbbing like a
pulse, flowing with cruel light.

A woman stood before the circles, and Dina knew she looked
upon Millie.
And what a sight she was.
Dina wasn’t new to the hunt. She and her sister had
accompanied their parents on a number of battles against evil. She
had seen demons and fey and creatures of the dark often and up
close. She had borne witness to the madness and the darkness of
Newhaven and its corruption. She was one of the few that could truly
appreciate the weight of evil that demons did cause.
And even knowing all this, feeling it in her very bones, she
couldn’t hide the sudden quickening of her heart or aching of her
core at the sight of the beauty standing before the rings.
Millie Liberas was not human, but her beauty transcended it.
She was tall, tall as Lukas with all his feral strength and height. Her
skin was tinted a deep crimson and her cow horns curled from her
brow and up in cruel points. Her height lent itself to her jaw dropping
curves, her nipples dark as coal, her quim on full display. She was
dressed in nothing but a dark robe open at the front to reveal her
assets to all the world, her arms raised, her expression blissful with
In testament to how enthralled she was to the busty blonde, it
took Dina a moment to see what was happening at the figure’s feet.
When she did, Dina’s heart clenched with shock, her eyes widening
at the sight of her mother lying on the floor, naked and in the center
of the pulsating ring of magic.
A monster was above Suzanne, and was quite busy.
Powerful muscles moved beneath a thick frame of dark fur. Horns
sprouted from its brow, the thing like a cross between a bull and a
wolf, its lips peeled back in a snarl, its inhuman cock pumping into
Suzanne’s cunt with sharp, brutal thrusts. But the real horror were
the moans escaping the huntress. As Dina watched, her mother
cried and gasped, face a rictus of unholy pleasure as she took the
utterly impossible cock of the monster, reaming her naked pussy,
claiming it, making her pant and moan and cry out.

“Yes! Yes! M-more! Moooore!” Suzanne screamed as she
shuddered, climaxing yet again.
Dina tore her eyes from the unholy sight and back to Millie.
The sorceress was speaking in a tongue that no human should have
known, her eyes glowing red and lost in the enthrallment of power.
Whispers seemed to accompany her words, slithering around the
stony outcroppings and teasing like stroking tongues against Dina’s
“Oh my god! Mom,” Dina gasped.
Dina glanced back. Liz was staring at Millie, fairly drooling at
the sight of the buxom demoness working her magic. Travis seemed
even more far gone, staring in enthralled lust at the woman who had
corrupted her mother, her town. His cock was clearly outlined against
his pants as it strained to free itself from the fabric.
“Huh? Oh fuck!” she gasped. “Is that mom!”
“Shh! And yes,” Dina hissed. “We have to stop her spell. But
before that, we have to get mom out of there. Millie’s casting some
sort of summoning ritual. I think she’s trying to bring Midos into the
“That sounds bad.”
“It’s really fucking bad!”
“Looks like we gotta kill the bitch, then,” Liz said, drawing her
sword, the blade glowing silver in the presence of power it was
meant to oppose.
“Huh?” Travis said, coming slightly back to himself. “But,
um… what about…”
“She’s trying to summon a demon from hell to damn the
whole town,” Liz snapped. “I think it’s a bit late for a feel-good
sharing circle. Don’t you?”

Travis flushed. “Um… Well. I guess. But…”
“Shh!” Dina hissed, staring. The monster fucking her mother
had paused, its huge head raised, sniffing the air. Dina’s eyes
widened as the massive head swung about. Towards the door.
Towards them.
A low growl rose in the beast’s throat. Millie, her lips still
moving with the chanting, tilted her head towards what had drawn
her beast’s attention, her eyes narrowing. With a snarl and a thick,
schlurping sound, the beast pulled its cock from the whimpering
“Oh damn,” Dina whispered.
“Attack!” Liz roared, taking the initiative. The huntress burst
into the open, her sword fairly blazing with magic as she brought it
about. Travis belatedly surged after her and into the vast chamber,
and Dina was swept along, her mind moving twice as fast as her feet
as she tried to think of how to end this travesty.
The monster howled, bunching its muscles and lunging for
them. “Fuck!” Travis bellowed as the beast slammed into him. He
grabbed the pair of sharp horns, his feet digging into the floor as the
bestial mass forced him across the floor, his shoes squealing for
purchase across the rough stone.
Both Liz and Dina were thrown aside, rolling to evade the
monster’s massive claws. Both scrambled back to their feet and
faced the way the monster had carried Travis.
Travis’s muscles bulged as he fought against the monster’s
might. He gave a great bellow and heaved, lifting the monster and
throwing it aside. It hit the ground hard, rolling before recovering
swiftly and rounding on them.
“Help him!” Dina gasped to her sister. “I’ll get mom!”
“Fucking hell!” Liz snapped, her blade glistening silver as she
dashed off to face the beast with Travis.

Dina didn’t waste a moment. Millie’s voice had faltered at the
sudden combat, her eyes narrowed in annoyance, but soon she was
chanting even stronger than before. Her robes whipped about her,
her plush breasts heaving with energy as she raised her arms. The
glow of the runes were steady. They candles flickered in their places.
Suzanna moaned, her hips rocking with desire as if to some invisible
cock still thrusting into her.
Dina hurled herself into the circle. The runes were hot like
molten iron as she dashed between them. She grabbed her mother
just as Millie’s voice rose in a crescendo, and together Dina and
Suzanne tumbled away even as Millie screamed the final
Behind her, Dina felt the ground melt away like it was made
of wax. She frantically kicked off the floor, rolling the rest of the way
as the ground behind her fell into a vast, fiery pit. She and her
mother landed on the edge of the summoning circle, halting with a
“Dammit!” Millie snapped, rounding on her with eyes ablaze
with fury. “Give her back!”
“No!” Dina gasped, rising to her feet. “You won’t sacrifice her
to Midos!”
For the first time, Millie looked surprised. “Well!” she said,
sneering. “Looks like some bitch has been doing a bit of reading.
Hah! Suppose this is what I get for trusting a bunch of brainless meat
heads and bimbos to get the job done.”
“That’s right! Your summoning failed.”
“Failed?” Millie said, raising a blonde brow. She laughed, her
generous breasts bouncing in a way that made Dina’s insides knot.
“Now that’s funny. I didn’t fail. You’ve just made things a bit more…
Dina stared, for a moment uncomprehending. But then she
saw the dark smoke rising from the pit. Boil from it. Twist and coil

into the air. A presence filled the air. Thickened it with a saturation of
pure power. Of raw might.
Dina’s eyes climbed up as Midos rose from the depths of hell.
His horns cleared it first, piercing and tall. Then his bestial muzzle,
four eyes burning with a terrible light. His immense chest cleared the
edge, a giant, a terror, a thing of such raw evil and power that Dina
felt her very soul shrink in fear and awe at the demon.
Midos chuckled, a sound that rumbled like an earthquake. He
took a deep breath, his chest expanding as his eyes slid shut.
“Mmm. The mortal realm always smells so good…”
“Midos!” Millie shouted, euphoric at the sight of the colossus.
“At last!”
“Millie,” the demonic bullman said, glancing down at the
smiling cow slut. “You’ve done so very well. But what,” he added, his
eye roaming to Dina and her mother, “is going on?”
“Huntresses or some shit,” Millie growled, glaring at Dina.
“So they are,” Midos said, leaning forward, inhaling deeply.
“Hmmm. I remember this scent too well.”
Dina stared up at the demon, horror freezing her in place. But
more. For more. The sight of the creature before her awoke
something within her. Something that had only been teased with
Travis. A naked, liquid lust that poured through her like hot wine,
threatening to drown her. Her nipples tented against her bra. Her
quim moistened with desire for this creature. This monster. This
male. Her breathing had deepened, and every gasp inhaled more of
the pungent scent of demonic lust that Midos exuded.
The demon chuckled, and Dina whimpered as her skin
tingled at the sound. “A fine prize for my return, Millie. You’ve done
very well.”
Dina stared, overcome, unable to formulate a reply. A
resistance. Every fiber of her being begged her to strip her clothes,
bare her naked curves, give herself over to the beast before her in

an orgy of desperate lust. She saw the demon grin. His confidence
like a wave of heat to her very core. She had to.
Had to…
“Strip,” Midos commanded.
Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own. She couldn’t
break her stare with those four eyes. Their power over her was
absolute. Her fingers trembled as they touched her sweater, pulled it
up and over, baring her plump breasts bound in the paltry lingerie.
The demon’s eyes flashed and again he chuckled. “Hmm. Not bad.
You’ll make a fine cow. I could use some concubines in the mortal
Dina whimpered as an image filled her mind. Of her, naked,
her plump bottom branded with the demon’s mark, her breasts
engorged with milk as she adoringly kneeled at the dark stone throne
of Midos, basting the inhuman pillar of his cock with her tongue
before she engulfed it with her breasts, joined by her mother, her
sister, slaves to this creature of hell and lust.
Her hands were trembling. She’d undone her belt before she
realized it. Pulled her pants down around her hips. Every article of
clothes she removed surrendered another defence to the demon.
Midos laughed as she shucked off her pants, clad now in
nothing but her bra and panties. “Now, the last,” he commanded in a
voice like a tolling bell, reaching down for the gasping huntress. At
last to claim her.
Travis sailed through the air, thrown by his foe. The bullman
tumbled across the stones, knocking Dina down and breaking the
hold the demon had on her. She toppled, head spinning, and heard
her sister’s war cry.
Midos did too. The immense demon turned, just in time for
Liz’s blade to slash against his gigantic hand. The demon bellowed,
rearing back and looking at the red wound sliced in his hide, a thin
trickle of sizzling dark blood oozing from it. Midos looked back down

at Liz, the slim huntress taking up a stance before him, blade raised,
lips pulled back in a snarl.
“Impudent slut!” the demon snarled.
“Come get some, bull boy!” Liz retorted, grinning savagely.
Dina stared, the danger her sister was in shocking her from
her stupor. She squeaked, covering her nearly naked curves with her
hands, but hastily pulled them aside. No time for modesty. She
scrambled towards her clothes and her book. She beamed when she
found the old leather volume and pulled it towards her.
A foot slammed down on the cover, pinning the book to the
ground. Dina froze, her eyes wandered up and up Millie’s stunning
curves. The succowbus smirked down at the curvy huntress with
eyes burning red. “I think we’ve had about enough of that.”
Dina scrambled to her feet, but Millie swooped down,
grabbing her by the throat. Dina gagged as the succowbus lifted the
huntress to her feet, smirking down at her, revealing fangs that
gleamed in the hellish glow of the pit.
“No more magic for you, slut. Time for you to join Newhaven.
I think the town bicycle would be good. Everyone should get a
chance to ride you. All you need to do… is take a sip…”
With her free hand Millie cupped her plump breast, lifting it
teasingly, corruptive milk drooling from her nipple. The scent made
Dina’s head spin. Her mouth was suddenly so dry. So needy. She
“L-let her go…”
Millie glanced aside. She raised a brow as Travis staggered a
step towards her, breathing hard. Millie smirked. “Really?”
“I s-said let her go,” he repeated, straightening slowly.
“Is that what you really want, Travis,” Millie said, her voice
lowering to a throaty purr, her eyes alight with lust. “Because I think
you want something else entirely…”

Her eyes moved down, affixing themselves to Travis’s pants,
and the unmistakeable bulge that swelled against the fabric. Travis
flushed hotly, swaying a little where he stood.
“D-don’t make me say it again…”
“Oh Travis,” Millie cooed. “You don’t want me to let her go.
You want to stuff her slutty cunt with that big, meaty bull cock of
yours. Don’t you? That’s what all good bulls want.”
Travis’s muzzle had grown flush. His cock threatened to burst
out of his pants with every moment. “I… I…”
“Don’t you remember the good times? The fucking? The
eager cow sluts kneeling before you, sucking your big, fat tool? Don’t
you remember bending over them over, filling them up with your fat
manhood and plowing those fertile curves? I know you do. A stud
needs his sluts. And you’re no different. You’re so horny, aren’t you?
So eager. Don’t worry,” Millie smirked, chuckling. “I’ve got what you
need. And it’s right… here…”
Dina trembled in the grasp of the succowbus, but she could
see that the meager purification she had employed on Travis had
begun to fade. His eyes had grown hot. His nostrils flaring. His chest
heaved with every breath as his cock twitched against his pants.
Dina’s eyes flashed back towards Liz, her sister dancing around the
heavy blows of the demon, a single direct hit would crush the
huntress like an ant. Dina had to do something! Anything!
Her eyes fell back to Millie’s breasts.
Dina reached up, pinched the succowbus’s nipples in her
fingers, and twisted.
“Eeeeeyaaaaaaah!” Millie screamed in pain as her oh so
sensitive nipples were squeezed. Reflexively she released her grip
and Dina to grab her plump, crimson tits. Dina gasped, hitting the
ground, then threw her weight forward and against the startled
Millie took the impact with a heavy oomph! She staggered
back several feet, her arms pinwheeling as her heel met the edge of

the pit. She glanced back in shock, then towards Dina.
“Oh you fucking biiiiiiiitch!”
Millie screamed as the edge of the floor crumbled under the
weight of her curves. She fell, and into the dark flames far, far below.
The subterranean chamber shuddered.
Midos froze. He raised his great horned head towards the
ceiling. Travis let out a sudden bellow as he fell to his knees, a haze
of darkness oozing from him like a mist. A rush of air built in the
chamber, screaming about pillars, tearing skulls and pages and
items free, sucked through the air and towards the gaping maw of
the pit. Ribbons of darkness bled through the ceiling, corruption
drooling down and back to where it came.
Dina gaped, watching as Travis’s horns receded. As his build
shrank to more human proportions. As the bleeding of corruption
began to lessen while the changes worked upon the mortal faded
“No!” Midos bellowed as the air pulled at him, dragging him
back down into the pit, sucked away along with all the darkness of
his demonic might, back to where he came. “Noooooooooo!”
Dina strained against the pull of the wind as the pit in the
floor began to close, returning to what it once was. Midos slowly
sank down, his bellow of fury deafening as his horned head vanished
beneath the earth, as his hand reached up as if to cling to the mortal
realm. But it went too, and with it gone, the floor sealed itself up.
A thunderclap laid Dina low, sending her crashing to the
ground where she lay, groaning. In its wake, a stillness filled the
chamber. And with it, an utter blackness so deep she couldn’t see.
Silence filled the air. Dina blinked against it. “Liz?” she called.
“Dina? Dina! I think I’m blind!”
“Um, no. Liz. I think the candles just went out.”

There was a click, and a beam of light cut through the
darkness. Dina squinted as Liz’s flashlight flicked about. The other
huntress raced across the floor and threw her arms about her sister
in a crushing hug.
“Dina! Oh thank fuck! You’re okay!”
“Liz!” Dina sobbed, tears pricking her eyes as she wept for all
that had happened and become of them. She hugged her sister so
tight she wondered if she’d ever let go.
Dina and Liz looked back to see their mother blinking against
the glare of the flashlight, her naked curves illuminated in the harsh
glow. Sobbing in relief, the two pulled their mother into their hug, the
three laughing and sobbing in equal measure against the terror of
the confrontation.
“Oh fuck. Oh fuck, mom, it was… holy shit.”
“Girls. I’m so… I’m so sorry…” She shook her head, stunned
and horrified by what had happened. “It’s over. It’s over…”
“It is?” Liz said.
“Yeah,” Dina sniffled, rubbing the back of her arm against her
eyes as she nodded with certainty. “The curse was held up here
thanks to Millie. She was the source of corruption, and the
summoner of Midos. Without her, none of his corruption could
remain in the mortal world. He’s gone.”
“I can’t believe you did that!” Liz said, punching her sister
affectionately in the shoulder. “Quick thinking! Dad would be so
Suzanne suddenly pulled back, her eyes wide. “Your father!”
Liz looked back to her mother. “You know where he is?”
“The monster you fought. It was him! Where…”

Liz quickly panned the flashlight about and to the source of
the sound. There, on the other side of the charred remains of the
summoning circle, lay Victor Camillo, his scarred, muscled frame
naked from head to foot, face down on the floor.
“That was dad!” Liz gasped. “Shit. Now I’m glad I didn’t kill
Suzanne smiled, tightening her grasp about her daughters,
pulling them flush against her once more as she bowed her head,
smiling in exhausted joy. “It’s over. Thank god, it’s all over…”

Dina looked about Newhaven as the morning touched it, and
marvelled at it all.
Day had come, leaving behind a night of horrors. As Dina
looked out on the town that just a day ago had been wrapped in the
curse, she was amazed to see the transformation. People went
about their business on main street, no longer the busty goddesses
and muscled gods of the night before, although Dina couldn’t help
but notice more than a few still carried a little extra curve, and a little
more muscle. And yet, not a one seemed to notice the change.
Well, almost none. Looking closely, Dina could see a few
walk about with an airy look on their faces, as if they had just woken
up from a dream.
“It’s like nothing ever happened,” she said softly.
“For the best,” her mother said, resting a hand on Dina’s
shoulder. “It wouldn’t do for them to remember what was done to
them. Or, what could have been.”
Dina nodded slowly, sighed. “I suppose so.” She glanced
back at Suzanne. “Do you think it’s really all gone, though? The
corruption ran so deep…”
“Without the influence of a medium for the corruption, the
curse has lost its power,” Suzanne said. “Like you thought, Dina.”
She smiled at her daughter, giving her shoulder a squeeze. “You and
your sister saved them. And us. I’m proud of you.”
Dina glanced up at her mother and returned her warm smile.
“Thanks, mom.”
The shrill honk of a horn pulled their attention back to the
waiting car. Liz leaned out the window, her short cut hair stirring in

the breeze as she pushed down on the horn again. “Come on! Let’s
go already. I want to beat the traffic and I’m sick of this town.”
Dina rolled her eyes and shared a secret smile with her
mother. She took the older woman’s hand, and together they walked
back to the waiting car. Dina opened the door and ducked inside,
slipping into the backseat and settling there. From her position she
could see her father in the passenger side.
Despite being freed of the demon’s curse, he still looked
haggard. She supposed she shouldn’t be surprised. After what he
had been through, she would have been shocked if he had returned
to a dim incomprehension like the rest of the town. The corruption he
had been subjected to ran deep. Far deeper than anyone else, even
Yet, as Suzanne slid into the car, she exchanged a warm look
with Victor. He reached out and took her hand, giving it a squeeze,
and Dina couldn’t suppress a smile. Their relationship had been
strained before all this, but Dina had a feeling that things were going
to change for them. Being turned into a hulking demon and fucking
each other like animals had that effect on a relationship.
Yet nonetheless, as the car started with a growl and pulled
out, driving down main street and headed to the highway, Dina
looked back on the sunlit town of Newhaven, and sighed. Such a
strange little town. She wondered if everything would be alright all
the same…

Travis stood outside the Liberas household and, for the fourth
time, raised his hand to the doorbell, and let it fall.
He sighed, rubbing his face. His head had stopped aching,
thank god, but things hadn’t much improved past that. Memories still
lingered at the corners of his awareness. Things like dreams but that
felt all too real. He tried to remember the last few months, but only
dim fragments rose to his mind.
But some memories were stronger than others, and those
involved a couch, him, and Francine riding his cock like a champion
rodeo queen.
Those were the most intense of his memories, but there was
another. Something about Millie. Something that filled his soul with
dread and his cock with desire. Something he had done. A weight
like guilt…
Travis shook his head, and started as the door opened and
Francine stood before him.
“Oh! Travis. I was wondering who was out here…”
Travis lingered, eying the busty Francine, and found himself
slightly surprised. Somehow, he felt like she had more curves than
before. Almost without thinking his eyes wandered up and down her
figure, her summer dress outlining her hips and ass to an
appreciable degree. Her breasts were still ample if with that slight
mature heft. He wondered if she’d had work done, and oddly, his
eyes wandered to her brow, and was somehow surprised there
weren’t horns there.
Well, he shouldn’t be. Why would she have horns? And
besides, Francine had always had a firm, womanly figure that any
man could appreciate. One that Travis had long fantasized over,

though never quite found the will to act on. Not until that night when
Francine invited him over, passed him the bottle of milk, and...
He realized he was flushed and cleared his throat. “Ah,
Francine? Hi. I was wondering if we could talk…”
“Of course! Here, come in. Come in…”
Travis followed her inside, reflexively ducking the door jamb
before recalling he wasn’t that tall. He winced and followed Francine
inside, but the real memory came as he walked into the living room.
He paused there, staring. The reinforced couch brought back
a storm of events. Memories rushed in of night after night when he
took Francine on it, fucking her like a bull, making her moan and
gasp as his cock pounded her into a whimpering mess of moaning
mooing. His nostrils flared at the lingering scent of their mating that
hung heavy about the room. He wondered if it would ever be gone.
He wondered if he’d want it gone.
That last thought startled him, but as he stood there he felt
old feelings resurface, his cock aching in his pants. He swallowed
thickly, trying to banish the sensation with little success as Francine
took a seat on the couch. “Here,” she said, patting the seat beside
her. “Sit down. Tell me what’s going on.”
Travis nodded, making his way inside. He carefully took a
seat beside Francine, clearing his throat. He glanced at the busty
milf, her eyes filled with warmth and concern, and he wondered if
she had similar memories of that room.
But that was not why he was here. Millie’s name haunted him
for some reason, and he needed to discover why.
“Ah, Francine. It’s about… about Millie…”
“Oh! Of course. I know I should celebrate her getting into
college, but I can’t help worry about her.”
“…What?” Travis said.
“Oh yes,” Francine sighed, holding her hands before her,
smiling blissfully. “My little girl getting accepted to the big college in

Italy. Isn’t it amazing? A woman came by and told me about it. Her
name was… Um… Suzanne! Yes. Suzanne. I invited her in, but she
only had time to tell me Millie had accepted a scholarship! Said she
wouldn’t have time to talk to me that much, but that’s okay. I support
her decision.”
“Millie did?”
“Mhm,” Francine said, nodding happily. “Such an intelligent
girl. I’m sure she’ll do fine.”
Travis opened his mouth. Closed it. “Um, yes. I’m sure she
“But ah… Travis?”
“I um… you see… With Millie gone I’m worried I’ll be… quite
lonely now. And I wondered…”
Travis found his full attention once more on Francine. She
was blushing hot, fidgeting nervously where she sat, far different
from the aggressively flirty cow of a few days ago. Travis again found
his eyes drawn down to the neckline of her summer dress, where
even without the curse her bust was plainly ample. Plainly hefty. Her
body was shapely yet firm, strengthened by yoga and practice. He
swallowed hard, feeling his cock twitch in his pants. Was he really
willing to do this? Fuck the neighbour again? Watching her take his
cock? Her breasts heaving? Her mouth parted, panting, moaning?
“Francine,” Travis said, his voice lowering to a throaty growl.
He saw a shiver race through her. Her eyes shoot up, lock with his.
He felt again that molten lust at the sight of the shapely milf so eager
for his cock. He leaned over her, pressing her back onto the arm of
the couch, and kissed her.
Francine froze, then melted, her lips parting as his tongue
delved into her mouth, tasting the heat of her. He moaned and
engulfed her heavy breasts in his hands, his thumbs teasing the lacy

fabric, finding a pair of nipples hard and eager for his touch. Her lips
moved against his, falling into a familiar pattern of instinct and long
practice. Her skin sang under his touch as he molded her plump
teats in his palms.
He broke the kiss, breath hot. Francine lay beneath him,
flushed, panting, needy. He grinned down at her, and moved atop
“Francine,” he said hotly, teasing the hem of her shirt up. Up.
“I was thinking… after graduating, I should take a year off.”
“O-oh,” she gasped.
“Yeah,” he said, tugging the fabric up and over her head,
revealing her pliant curves in all their glory, her lacy panties and bra
no longer quite fitting, threatening to fall down with her every breath,
her nipples tenting it with hard nubs. Her pussy so wet she stained
the fabric. “I was thinking I should get a job around town. Stay here
for now. Then… maybe community college. It’s not that far, after all.”
“N-not far at all,” Francine breathed.
“Nope. Especially if there was something keeping me close.
Francine reddened even further, but her eyes were warm
with pleasure and happiness. “I ah… I think I could… could find ways
of keeping you busy. If… if you don’t mind an older woman…”
“Last few months taught me a lot about myself,” Travis said
as he opened the clasp of her bra, baring her heavy tits to the open
air, pink nipples budding and eager for his tongue. “And I think I
should show you a few…”
“Yes,” Francine gasped, then moaned as he delicately kissed
her breast, teasing around her plump breasts, and tenderly sucked
her nipple between his lips.
“Ooooh!” Francine moaned as he sucked at her teat. Travis
felt an odd sensation, like there should be a sudden rush of her
sweet cream. But that was absurd. Francine wasn’t lactating.

Fortunately, the disappointment at the lack of her milk faded before
her moaning pants. She might not be his milky cow, but Francine
was still a full bodied woman, eager for pleasure, desperate for more
from her young lover. Travis felt his cock stiffen further in his pants,
but he didn’t intend to go too far yet. Instead he palmed her mound,
feeling the heat of her pussy through her panties and the dampness
of them. He hummed in pleasure, his thumb moving along her gash,
making her pant and gasp, twitch and moan as he drove her heated
cunny wild.
“Oh fuck. Fuck! Oh Travis… Oh god… this… mnnn… this
He hummed. “Mmm. Learned some tricks,” he said, tongue
swirling around her plump teat.
“Ah!” she gasped. “Ooooh, Travis. Please! Stop… stop
teasing me!”
“So greedy for the best part?” he said, smirking as he nibbled
at her nipple in the way he knew made her toes curl, her breast
shudder, her voice rise in a trebling moan. “Alright. Fine,” he said,
Francine moaned softly at the loss of his touch, but only for a
moment, as the next she was watching eagerly as he stripped away
his shirt and pants. Though he no longer sported the inhuman build
and fur of the beast, Travis remained a strong specimen, his
stomach molded with muscles and arms bronzed and firm. His pants
went next, and Francine bit her lip at the sight of his cock, thick and
ready for her.
“Oh Travis…”
“Francine…” Travis said, hooking his thumbs in her panties,
tugging them down, revealing her slick folds eager for his manhood.
“Please,” she whispered, almost shyly. “Please… take me…”
Nothing would make him happier. Meeting her eyes, he
moved between her thighs, rubbing the head of his cock against her

glistening folds. He leaned forward, and as he entered her, he kissed
her with warm, loving passion once more.
“Mnnnnn,” Francine moaned, quivering with love as his cock
slid into her depths, her inner walls clamping down around him.
There was a strange sensation of familiarity at that moment. A
remembrance of pleasure that ached through her sweetly. A rough
passion that surged through her thoughts, buried again as he began
to thrust, fucking her, kissing her. Her arms moved around him,
pulling him closer. Her hips rocked to his thrusts. Her breasts were
his to stroke and adore as he claimed her anew.
“Oh. Oh! Travis. Fuck. Travis. Yes. Yes! Fuck me. Please!
Fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard! Oh god. Oh fuck! Yes! Deeper! Oh
Travis! Oh fuck yes. Yes! Ohhhh yessss!”
“Francine,” Travis panted, far less wordy, his pants
interrupted only with grunts as her tender folds wrapped around his
cock and squeezed him tight. “Oh fuck. Francine… yes. Oh fuck
“Deeper, Travis. Oh fuck! Fuck me deeper! Fuck me hard!
Make me yours!”
“Francine. Yes. Yes!”
They moved together, in perfect tandem, in perfect pleasure.
He moaned, inhaling the heady musk that still lingered in that room.
That would always be there. Always to remind him of the many times
before this that he had claimed her. Made her moan. Made her moo.
His lovely neighbour. His eager milf. His eager cow. That scent
would never fade. It would be there forever, but it would be joined
with new ones. New expressions of love and passion and eager
pleasure shared between him and the neighbour wife.
“Yes! Travis! Fuck yes! Fuck me hard! Harder! Yes! Fuck!
Francine screamed in ecstasy as she came, shuddering
around his cock, clamping down on him as she moaned and bucked
and wailed in purest pleasure.

“Francine! Fuuuuuuuck!” he roared with her, stiffening as he
came, pumping her full of his hot cum.
He fell against her, panting. Francine moaned, arms moving
about him, pulling him tight against the pillow of her tits. They lay
together, wrapped in each other’s arms, one time of many, and yet,
seemingly more than ever. More important. More lovely and
“Oh Travis,” Francine moaned, looking down into his eyes,
her cheeks warm with orgasmic bliss and eyes molten with love.
“Did… did you really mean that? About… about staying in town?”
He chuckled. “Of course. Where else would I find such a
lovely woman?”
Francine burned with embarrassment and hit his shoulder.
“Hush you!” she cried, giggling before pulling him to her, kissing him
Travis laughed, rolling with her, their kiss soon filled with
moans as they moved against each other anew. Travis smiled, his
worries melting away in the warm embrace of his lover’s arms…

The Bakery
Beckie sighed, leaning on the counter, head in her hands as
she watched the hours tick by on the clock over the door. Business
had been so slow lately! She couldn’t quite figure it out. Where had
all the customers gone? Or for that matter, where had all her love of
the job? She remembered but a few short days ago she couldn’t wait
to go back into work. Every time she thought about, her breasts
would tingle, her nipples stiffening against her blouse.
Then she’d get here, and wouldn’t be allowed to use tits for
anything at all! How weird was that? She sighed, head tilting
“What are you moaning about?” Julian demanded from the
other end of the counter.
“You ever feel like… something’s missing in your life?” Beckie
“No. I’ve always dreamed of working in a bakery,” Julian said
“No, like… you forgot to do something earlier in the day, and
then the day comes and it’s like… what was I doing, exactly?”
“What?” Julian said.
“Yeah, exactly. Like… what?”
Julian gave her a weird look. She shrugged her shoulders.
“…Whatever,” Julian said. He adjusted his small paper hat
and ducked into the back. “I’m gonna go check on the muffins.”
“’Kay,” Beckie said, sighing anew as she tapped her foot
against the counter dreamily. Life just seemed so different these
days. But then, she supposed that was natural. Change came to us
all, she mused. She sighed and stroked her breast through the thin

fabric of her uniform shirt. She’d stopped wearing a bra lately. It just
seemed natural to go without now.
Though oddly, none of her bras seemed to fit anymore. Like
she’d stretched them out beyond belief.
She wondered at that, stroking her teat through the fabric,
thumb tracing slow spirals around her nipple, her teeth nibbling at
her lower lip. Wondered, and dreamed strange dreams that she
couldn’t quite remember. Dreams of glowing red eyes. Sinful lips.
Hands on her breasts.
Beckie shivered, started up as the door opened, and her
eyes lit up.
“Valerie! Hey! Oh wow,” she said, getting a good look at the
woman walking through the door. “You don’t look so good.”
Valerie smiled wanly. She walked with a cock in her hips, hair
thrown back, shirt tied up to expose her midriff and full breasts. Gold
earrings gleamed, her lips a glossy red, but her eyes were dark and
hooded like she hadn’t slept well. “Yeah. I know. Been having a hard
time sleeping. Say Beckie,” Valerie said, glancing casually about.
“Looks like it’s dead in here. Wanna come by my place? I could use
your help.”
“Help?” Beckie said.
“Yeah,” Valerie said, her eyes hot, hungry. Beckie felt her
cheeks warm as those eyes roamed over her curves. “A little
Beckie hesitated, already anticipating the chewing out Julian
would give her.
But, on the other hand…
“Sure!” Beckie said, tossing off her hat and fairly vaulting the
counter to join her sister in crime. “What are best friends for?”
“Totally,” Valerie said, her voice low and deep. She wrapped
an arm around Beckie’s waist, and together the pair left the bakery,

the bell above the door dinging disconsolately in their wake.

The Law
“If there’s no other business, I believe we’ve concluded here.
Well, officers?”
Alexa took in the men and women of the force. They saluted.
“No ma’am!” they said.
She nodded firmly. “Good. Dismissed.”
Men and women filed out of the station to the waiting cruisers
to take on their tasks of the day. Alexa watched them go, and felt a
by now familiar ache deep within her. A shameful sensation of
needing to be fulfilled.
She shook her head, rubbing her forehead. She sighed. It
was a heavy burden to bear being the chief. Especially since she
was having a really hard time remembering what had happened over
the last few months. Like her clothes. She wondered at her uniform,
which had most had the upper buttons missing, and why they all
seemed rather loose about the chest. Vague memories assailed her.
Memories of gasps. Of moans.
Of taking the thick, throbbing cocks of true alpha males.
She sighed, heading back into her office, snapping shut the
blinds. She fell into her seat, staring idly at the screen of her
They couldn’t be real, and certainly those… fantasies, shall
she say, had a certain unreality to them.
She realized her hand was stroking the groove of her pants.
The fabric didn’t quite fit, but she refused to wear the skirts that, for
some reason, filled her closet. Her breasts and hips were still rather
wide, she couldn’t help but notice. Nor did some of her officers fail to
notice. She had felt their eyes on her figure. Tracing it. Wanting it.
Even if their cocks were not up to the challenge of pleasing her. Oh

no. She had a feeling no man on the force had a cock big enough to
sate her, even if fucking her staff would be beyond unprofessional.
Idly, her fingers tapped the keys of the computer. An image
flickered onto the screen, and Alexa let out a long, slow breath.
Her zipper hissed down.
Yes. Utterly unprofessional to fuck her officers.
“Mnnn…” she moaned softly as her fingers glided along her
panties, teasing the hot groove within. And, if her fingers just
happened to slide under the fabric…
“Ooooh,” Alexa moaned, her fingers delving into her
steaming cunt, teasing those dripping lips, rubbing higher, higher, on
and on towards that lovely pearl she knew so well. The gentlest of
“Oh. Oh f-fuck yes,” Alexa panted, her ass grinding against
the leather of her chair. Her hips working furiously as her fingers
delved deep into her sweet cunny. “Yes. Yessss! Oh f-fuck yes!”
She cried out in sweet ecstasy, shuddering as she came,
orgasm sweeping aside her inhibitions. Bringing forth a thought. A
memory. An experience of being surrounded by burly males, all
eager to taste her flower. On her knees, pussy and mouth filled with
cock as she was rutted like an animal before the glory of her mates.
She sighed, easing back into her chair as the warmth of post
orgasmic bliss spread through her like warm wine. Her long lashes
fluttered and she smiled dreamily at the image on her computer
screen, a website showing her a thick, rubber dildo in the shape of a
bull’s flaring cock.
…Wellllll, maybe she didn’t have to be such a hard ass like
before. She smiled, and pressed CHECKOUT.

Missing Mistress
“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Right there! Lick me right there you stupid
cheerslut! Oh fuck. Oh fuck yessssss!”
Valerie wailed in pleasure, grinding her pussy onto Beckie’s
tongue. The shorter girl moaned as Valerie’s thighs tightened around
her head, squeezing her as the busty redhead came in a shuddering
Valerie gasped, leaning back, her full breasts heaving with
pleasure, her head spinning with delight. And yet… and yet…
“Alright,” Valerie said, opening her thighs and releasing her
partner in popularity. “That’s enough.”
Beckie pulled back, panting. “Wow,” she gasped. “Holy shit
Valerie. That was intense.”
“Was it?” Valerie said.
“It wasn’t?” Beckie said, cocking her head.
Valerie rolled her eyes. “Ugh. You look a mess. Here. Go
wash off in the shower before my step dad sees you.”
“Okay!” Beckie said, beaming.
Valerie watched as Beckie bounced off and into the
bathroom. As the hiss of the shower echoed from the other room
Valerie fell back onto the bed with a heavy sigh.
She’d never been hugely interested in other girls before.
Sure, she and Beckie had experimented. But Valerie had always
preferred a cock to a tongue. Fortunately Beckie was always
available when Valerie had that itch to scratch.
And yet…
Valerie frowned at the ceiling of her room. She felt like
something was missing. And oddly, that something always seemed

to go back around to Millie.
It was a strange thing. Valerie barely remembered Millie. Why
would she? Millie hadn’t been anyone noteworthy. Just another face
in the crowd. A backdrop. If she was a flavour, she would have been
So why, then, did the thought of her make Valerie heat up?
Why did she imagine Millie as curvy and tall? Confident and
powerful? Beautiful and commanding? Why did the thought of her
make Valerie moisten with desire? Her heart race? Her finger glide
down her thighs to touch her pussy anew.
“Ooooh,” Valerie moaned, feeling that yearning for a woman
she barely remembered. Or did she? The more she thought about it,
the more she had a feeling. A feeling of desire. Of pure, molten lust.
Of how good it had felt to kneel. To serve. To be a… a…
“Cheerslut,” Valerie moaned as she touched herself,
quivered. She bit her lip at the word. The thought. Of Millie being
over her, smirking down at her. For some reason, the Millie in her
mind had horns and crimson skin. And breasts… oh fuck, those big
breasts. Those big, milky tits.
“Mnnn,” Valerie whimpered as she fingered herself, her lips
puckering as if imagining a fat nipple between them. Her fingers
moved faster, faster, dreaming of that nipple in her lips. Of suckling
that fat teat. Of drinking that warm, sweet cream. Her hips bucked.
Her panting grew. “Mmm. Mmm! Mistress… oh m-mistress.”
Cheerslut, Millie would say, stroking her, letting her drink her
milk. Suckle her like a good slut. A good slave. A good eager cow.
Valerie’s other hand cupper her breast, squeezing it as she furiously
stroked herself. Closer. Closer. Closer to that sweet height of
orgasm. Yes. Yes!
“Mnnnnnn!” Valerie moaned, her orgasm pounding through
her, more than she could dream. Even better than Beckie’s face
between her thighs. “Yessssss!” she cried out.

Valerie took a breath, let it out, soaking in her own lust and
the sweetness of her orgasm. She stared at the ceiling of her room
dimly. Oh… That was… that was something.
And it had felt so real. Like something she had lived.
Something she had known.
Valerie frowned, thinking back. The last few months were…
strangely a bit of a blur. Like a painting smeared. As she lay there, a
shiver coursed through her.
Slowly, Valerie stood up. Not bothering to dress, letting her
naked tits breathe, she made her way to her vanity and hesitated,
then pulled open a drawer. She reached inside and pulled out the old
leather tome, the pages yellowed with age, the buckles brass. Her
hand moved over the cover, and she spoke the title thoughtfully.
“Diabolus Arkina,” she mused.
A breeze like throaty laughter whispered through the room.